Black Money Business Jobs : Is we too late to participate in "The Economic Game"?


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Apr 14, 2012
Hello All,

I ask this question because they are scare to admit that this economy is tittering on the verge of crashing.We as a group economically has it's up and down, but lately it has been taking a nose bleed downward spiral. We are denying the facts here that we are in a state of economic crisis due to a ongoing unjustified systematic structured economic system that benefit everyone other than us.
The "Game" is setup for us to lose at all cost and you are a fool thinking otherwise.
I have seen too many of my people who are righteous and deserving of something better have no other choice but to accept the conditioning to be dependent on others outside their own people for survival and meet their needs.
My proof of this is when I ask a simple question and not a soul responded; that let me know for one that I might need to clarify the question or people are so condition to respond to outsiders before their own.

In this game we are so quick to spend literally all our money, and use their services instead of looking at ways to provide our own services.
Well, I am just speaking my mind on the topic because we are slowly repeating history now a days.
My other question is why we talk about all the wrongs and mistreatment of our people when we are handicapping ourselves in this very sick game?

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