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    Destee, there is a excellent thread about going about a 13 month calendar but there is a guy called Orison that is purposely trying to blowing up the thread and intimidate people from posting information. This type of behavior is borderline racist. The guy appears to be a troll with the goal of harrassing people to scare them away from certain subjects. This type of behavior is aggressive, counter productive and it start fights. Please review Shem Nebejers thread.

    I hope Destee address this concern otherwise I will have to leave this site permanately.
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    :hello: Timbuk and Welcome!

    I can't help but wonder why you haven't registered, when you're already at the point of threatening to leave? It seems you're putting the cart before the horse a bit ... but nonetheless ... i appreciate the level of participation you've chosen to give and will address your concern.

    That thread is really long, and after briefly scanning it, i'm going to need links to specific posts you feel are violations.

    Brother Orisons is generally more difficult to deal with, but he's certainly not a troll. If you actually registered you could put him on ignore, and never see any of his posts. This would probably solve the problem. While he's often contentious, his behavior rarely rises to the level of requiring any consequence from me or the moderating team.

    I encourage you to direct me to specific posts that may qualify as violations of our higher standards, but without that ... and with your obvious desire to not actually register ... i'm a bit perplexed at your complaint. It's the first of its kind, someone caring enough to complain but not enough to help us grow in the capacity they can (by actually registering).

    Please, provide links to specific posts and i'll look at this more in-depth.

    If you have additional questions, concerns, etc., let me know.

    Much Love and Peace.