Black Spirituality Religion : Is This Present Coronavirus Outbreak a Part of Biblical Prophecy (the Pale Rider)?

Because knowledge is what? It's power.
Depends on the Knowledge

Let me tell you something I have said before. On multiple forums I have battled with white people hacking old user accounts to pretend to be black in order to tell us not to take the vaccine. Now how do I know they were white? How do I know they were agents? Was it their support for Trump? No, I was able to expose the fact that they were not the same person as the original account holder. What does this mean?
Tell me

It means that if there is a known conspiracy then racists fall on the other side of the line. It means they knew the vaccine was safe because they didn't want us to take it. Do you understand?
Sure let them take it

I was fighting against disinformation in order to save black lives against those who wanted us to commit suicide by ignorance. Do you know for a FACT that the vaccine is/was dangerous? No.
No One does...
except those who make/design it...who we know cannot be trusted to tell only and the whole truth.
It is too early to say whether it is or isn't.

And against this technology is not new; certainly not newer than Covid-19. So these racists wanted us to be more scared of the virus than the vaccine and they counted on us not to figure out they were lying. They counted on us not to do our own independent research. But guess who would have done that research, who would be immune also to a racist plot against us?
You seemed to be confused..


Did you really think the African Union wouldn't have anyone in the entire continent to figure out if virus was real or if the vaccine was a hoax? If you are a pan-Africanist please believe that our people are not incapable of having the same medical/biological knowledge that Europeans have.

The Virus is real and the Vaccine is Gene Therapy.
We do and I never under estimate Africans.
Africans were some of the first to recommended use alternative treatments and not just sit and wait for the Vaccine.

The problem in Africa... with the vaccine... wasn't an abundance of the vaccine in an effort to kill us with it. You can see here in this article, that the problem with the vaccine was a shortage. Because of the shortage we can see the effect of the vaccine in some countries more than others. That should be enough proof for any smart person to judge. And I believe you are a smart person.
You are conflating issues..
You said that conspirators are racist...i said some maybe.
The Shortage worked to our advantage...we suffered less mortality

Therefore, if racists wanted to keep the vaccine from you... And if you believe that racists in the global community did not do their best to fairly distribute the vaccine to Africa... then they were taking the vaccine, knowing it was safe, while our people... your people... faced death. This matches up to what I personally tried to stop racist agents from doing on black forums. So if the vaccine was so "unsafe" why would racists fake being black to "Warn" you? Bro... Does that make sense?
That whole story is your experience....I know nothing of or about it - so I cannot comment
Now if I were to accept your experience...then I may say that -
My experience is that we were being paid/rewarded for taking the mRNA and penalize for not taking it.
Our experience diverge.

You asked if all conspiracy theorists were racists. Consider this... Let's play demographics. I've already shown you the white replacement conspiracy theory, right?
I consider that I fake story to scare whites and discredit genuine conspiracy...
The nearest the so called replacement theory come to reality is the fact that white fertility rate is falling and they will also not be a majority race in the USA in a couple of years.

How many... and you can give me a percentage that you believe to be fair in your opinion... how many white people in the US are racist?
I would say most are?
As well as many blacks..

Now overlay that number on top of how many conspiracy theorists are Trump supporters. Remember Q and the Shaman? Q is another whole brand of conspiracy theories about the deep state that support Donald Trump, who pretended not to know who David Duke is but who we all know at this point is racist.
Conspiracy theorist and being a racist is not synonymous.
Are there both types supporting Trumps...yes

Leaders of conspiracy theorists, like Alex Jones... who had Kanye West on his show after what krazy-ye said about black people and slavery and Jews... do you think Alex Jones is not racist?
Do not know enough about Alex Jones or Kanye make such a judgement.
In all likelihood they both may have made racist statements

The people who create these conspiracy theories and give them the biggest platforms to spread are racist.
That is your opinion...
I am not supporting every conspiracy....just two Depopulation and mRNA vaccine not being a vaccine but Gene Therapy.
Most industries and businesses in the USA are founded and run/headed by Racist...In other words those for taking the mRNA and those against taking the mRNA - Racist are on both sides.

The fact that some black people believe them is no different from the fact that some black people are Republicans. Black republicans are fully capable of voting against the best interests of their own people, believing the lies told to them by white America. Lies, such as... "oh police don't murder innocent black people." If black people can believe these "white lies" then it has to be possible for black people to believe the lies told by white conspiracy theories. In fact, how many black people accepted a white baby Jesus as their personal lord and savior because white people knew it would make us more docile? And you know this to be true. So I have to ask you. How long will wise and intelligent black people like you, believe the white lies they tell?
It is white people who are telling you that mRNA is a Vaccine and that Africa or regions in Africa is long are you going to believe that???

Unless the information comes from a black person who RESEARCHED it... (real research... not "found on X website") we should not believe what they say just because they say its not from the government.
I do not believe something because it is or isn't from the government or black people or white people....
I believe because it makes sense to me and comports/harmonize with truth as I know it.

The government, my dear brotha, is a system of white supremecy. Why would you ever limit that system of white supremacy to only the government and organized systems? Consider looking at it more like the Matrix. An agent can come in whatever form it takes to destroy you. So what if it appears in a politicians suit? Or that of a banker? It could also be a real estate agent. It could be a teacher. It could be a judge and even the lawyer assigned to defend you. So why couldn't it be the redneck who thinks he was abducted by aliens? Why couldn't it be the poorly educated who think the world is flat when our ancestors knew it was a sphere?
On this we agree.
Marcus Garvey teaches check the info first then the messenger.

I think you believed them because you thought the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
No i do not...
Todays friend are tomorrows enemy and vis versa.
Politics make strange bedfellows and Interest may align and at other times misalign..

And if so, I get it. But what I'm telling you is that the enemy exists both within and without the government.

So you can't believe their alternative facts.
Facts are fact if they be facts

They are not a united force.

That's why most of them will take the vaccine. And that is how I judge its safety.
The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing....there are many factions - they are not monolithic.

Nonsense. Just like Q in general is fictional nonsense engineered to get people to vote for Trump. Think about it. You cannot prove anyone is deep state and you cannot prove anyone is NOT. The theory only survives because it is unfalsifiable.
Define what you mean or understand as by the term "deep state"?

It's no different from Mormonism. As long as you allow people to say things they can't or wont prove it is only to believe them or not; be deceived or not. Just because you can define something doesn't make it any more real than Mormonism.
To define something is to describe its distinctiveness from its surroundings....Thereby making it more readily and easily identifiable.

No. Although this sounds logical, it's more like a light switch. It's either on or off. Either the virus is getting through the mask or its not. If the virus is in the air right in front of you, breathing will pull both oxygen and the virus through the mask and into your lungs. What matters is the size of the particles.
No mask available to the lay public can stop a virus....The mask can only stop the vehicle/carrier/container the virus is in.

When you breathe in its no different from a vaccum cleaner, pulling in air along with dirt. Now if you turn this process in reverse, the stuff inside the vaccum blows out. If you block the vaccum as much as you can, the dirt will travel a shorter distance because its being pushed by the air. When you cough or sneeze you're pushing the air, and whatever it contains, out a further distance. This is why mask wearing only improves the effectiveness of social distancing. It is not protection from inhaling the virus unless other people follow the social distancing guidelines. If they all wear masks then the distance they can safely get to you is shorter because they're not projecting particles from their lungs as far. Do you see? The primary purpose of PPE is to protect. protect the wearer primarily and only the public secondarily.

Period. Cloth masks are not really PPE for covid-19. My company sold cloth masks and were not legally allowed to call them PPE if I remember correctly. So the only purpose of cloth masks were to minimize/reduce transmission. No one should have been calling it PPE. The reason we were using cloth masks was because PPE was in limited supply and needed by healthcare workers.
I have no argument with that as it is in line with what i said.

I see nothing that disagrees with what i have said.

It's not though. Not with wearing masks. Through physics we can literally figure out at what distance the virus will travel before gravity pulls it down to the ground or other surfaces. It's heavier than air so it's not just hovering everywhere. It if were, we would all catch it.
Virus are not heavier than air
Viruses are often contain in respiratory droplets....depending on size of droplets can travel more 15 feet in less than 5 seconds and stay suspended in air for hours

Not to wear PPE because of the shortage. If they said "go buy PPE" the problem is that people would. And there would have been a run on PPE masks that would have negatively impacted the people who needed them most. Also, if I'm not mistaken, PPE masks were designed to keep viruses out, not in. The problem with that is that people were getting infected and not knowing it. Therefore if you got infected and then put a PPE mask on you could still spread the virus.
They lied....full stop.

That is when you CAN. And that depends on PPE. But PPE depends on supply! And like TP, if you grab up all the PPE because you're worried about you-first, then that does not protect others because it puts hospitals at greater risk and people who could have lived would be less likely to. Catching the virus was not an automatic death sentence, but it would have been for more people without hospitals and respirators.
They lied

And how many would die in that process? If you knew your family was going to lose 5-10% of its members until herd immunity was achieved would you not want to save them?
Of course I would....but I would not give false information or force/scare anyone.
Tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth....let them decide

Would you do nothing when you knew there was a way? Many people take experimental drugs all the time hoping they will cure them of some disease or ailment.
The choice is theirs...armed with the truth of the given situations or chances are.

People have risky surgeries done that doctors have to ask them if they want to take that risk. So to say "it was rushed" is to take the right to choose that risk away! Did anyone force you to get the vaccine? No. So why make a big deal about the vaccine being available?
I would not lie and hopefully they were not mislead by a lying doctor of their options.
*Surgery is butchery I know it helps* but (un)like blood letting should be outlawed and or done away with.

Typo. Meant "plandemic".
You are correct. This happened in rural parts of China where there was no old age support. That is not the case everywhere; especially not in Western countries.

Again. You are correct. Of course, and if they are too dense, people can always move out to less populated areas just like how "white flight" caused many Whites to leave the inner cities and develop the suburbs. So why would it be necessary to draw a line around a city and kill a percentage of the population to reduce the numbers?
Ask your very rich philanthropist....
Why he is killing the seed of black people before they are/it born...
So called Family Planning which is really just birth control/population control...condoms pills and abortions etc.

And under the same logic, why would you threaten rural communities less able to function if they loose too many people? The logic behind population reduction is a lack of resources. To believe a capitalist nation would be affected the same way assumes that more people wouldn't simply create more resources; more inventions, more jobs, more housing and infrastructure creating more employment, etc.
True..... so why is pro Malthus people talking about overpopulation...
When the problem is a lack of proper Distribution of Resources and Infrastructure in a few cities.

How long should it have taken? Think about it.. How long would have been too long? If the shoe was on the other foot and the government had a vaccine and SAT ON IT
The government should not sit on a vaccine....nor should it call Gene Therapy a vaccine

... how long could they do that before conspiracy theorists and then the masses started to believe the government was withholding the vaccine in order to use the virus for population control?
Again the government should not sit on a vaccine nor should it lie

You're taking one argument as true as if the other argument wouldn't lead to the exact same conclusion.
No it would not..

Except, more people would have died.
Please i know the official stats for European nations bear this out but not in Africa and prisons.
In prisons mask were rare and vaccine were late and no six feet distances was possible....yet the death rate from covid remained relatively low.

So unless you know for a fact, which porridge is too hot, too cold, and which is just right, shouldn't you err on the side of saving the most lives? Most drugs (if not all) have side effects and still get produced and sold.
Which is wrong...
The Hippocrates rule is ......First do no harm
Now you have big pharma selling drugs that harm and you using it as a justification.

Do you think if people knew what the side effects were x,y,z they would choose death instead? And drugs sometimes do have newly discovered side effects that appear 5+ years later. Maybe you can deal with those effects or treat them with something else. Maybe not. But the reason people still choose is because they get to avoid the immediate threat to their health and wellness. It's never a completely safe bet. You can only manage risk. You cannot completely annihilate it.
Yes and No..
The Choice is not take it away from them or lie to get their consent.
There are alternatives that may work just as well as drugs with less or no bad effects
They trusted their doctors who lied knowingly or unknowingly and...who inflict harm contradicting their fiduciary responsibility....because of what they were taught or protocol the hospital practice.
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Some doctors want Ivermectin approved for COVID-19 treatment​

According to the autumn 2020 seroprevalence study in Juba in South Sudan, less than 1% of infected were actually reported.[15] Similar results were found in 2022 by WHO modelers.[16]

Despite these breakthroughs, Africa is the world's least vaccinated continent.[26] At the beginning of June 2021 the World Health Organization reported that COVID-19 vaccine shipments had ground to a "near halt" in Africa.[27]

The true case numbers are believed to be significantly higher than the confirmed counts, due to low testing rates in many African countries.[37] The mortality rates of African countries, however, are relatively low compared to Europe due to the younger age of their populations.[36]

"This COVID study is MASSIVE and exposes the LIES they told us" | Redacted with Clayton Morris​

Should I Wear a Mask? What do 15 randomized studies say? Cochrane Review 2023​

The CDC recently recommended the use of homemade cloth face coverings in public settings, which raised many questions among in the workplace law community. The two most common questions: Are these DIY cloth face coverings considered personal protective equipment (PPE) pursuant to OSHA regulations? If worn at work, who is responsible for providing them or paying for them?

To be clear, the CDC is not recommending the general public wear N95 respirators or surgical masks. As the CDC states, “Those are critical supplies that must continue to be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders, as recommended by current CDC guidance.”

The gist of the CDC guidance is that the agency is recommending cloth face masks be worn when in public to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus from the wearer of the mask, who may be infected but asymptomatic. To be clear, OSHA has not, as of yet, issued any guidance that cloth face coverings are recommended to protect the wearer, or that they are considered PPE. It’s also clear that cloth face masks are not considered respirators under OSHA rules.

“They are fluid resistant, disposable, and loose-fitting protection that create a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and potential contaminants in the immediate environment. They are commonly used in health care settings for the protection of the patient and they are also often used to prevent splashes from contacting the face of the wearer.

When you add all of this together, there is a strong argument that the homemade cloth face coverings are not PPE because they provide little to no protection for the wearer. On the other hand, if an employer requires employees to wear them, rather than simply allowing them to be worn on a voluntary basis, then there could be an argument that cloth face coverings are PPE.

Although the CDC has advised the pubic to wear cloth face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (and these face coverings could arguably be considered “everyday clothing” or “ordinary clothing,” especially if made from a t-shirt),

It’s worth noting that some state and local governments are requiring cloth face coverings to be worn in public and by employees who interact with the public

Fauci ADMITS Masks ‘DON’T Work’ At Societal Level When CONFRONTED By CNN: Rising​

Face masks provide protection against transmission of respiratory viruses. Additional steps to help the spread of respiratory viruses include hand washing, respiratory etiquette, and avoiding others when you are sick.

N95 respirators offer a higher level of filtration than cloth, surgical or procedural masks. However, they are not necessary to protect people from viruses under normal circumstances.

Experts Warn Masks Can Give Some False Sense Of Security, Encourage People To Socially Distance​

10 Times “Experts” LIED About COVID (And We Have RECEIPTS)​

  • Research shows that under most circumstances, mask wearing has no significant adverse health effects on the people who wear them (CDC, 2021).
  • Masks are primarily intended to stop people from spreading droplets that contain the virus, which is especially important people who are asymptomatic or presymptomatic. These people may feel well and may not know they are infectious (CDC, 2021).

Typo. Meant "plandemic"
It was an Engineered Virus

Former CDC Director Reveals COVID-19 Likely Created by Gain of Function Research Funded by Dr. Fauci​

Lab Leak Liars: How China and authorities deceived us​

Consider what they could be doing with mRNA

BAYER: The SHOCKING Scandal That Gave People AIDS​

How UK doctors infected patients with HIV​

WHISTLEBLOWING IS A DANGEROUS WAY TO LIVE.....honor them by giving their assertations a second thought

'If anything happens, it's not suicide': Boeing whistleblower's prediction to family before death​

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