Black Spirituality Religion : Is This Present Coronavirus Outbreak a Part of Biblical Prophecy (the Pale Rider)?

Time stamp:- 0.21 the video seems to be agree with what I have been saying...the focusing of the waves

You will have to adjust for the distance and the angles

In the Receiver Box.

You adjust for the distance or angle of the reception of the waves coming....That's why there is a "Delay" in the receiving box.

No they will not miss....they would be more scattered/dispersed/weaker but if you introduce a delay - then they become one Beam.

I see what you are saying but I disagree with you.
The video tells us that a delay is need to form the beam..... be sonar radio or radar waves

I do not know the science....what I do know is that they were researching what some people say was weather control
I saw enough to accept that as very plausible and likely.
The Russian HAARP was Different all the Antennas was on one gigantic frame and the other was similar but concave
Put Russian HAARP in your Search engine and check out images
The Newest versions of HAARP i saw it is a ...square based with triangular shaped materials on top.

Hence the reason I said to search up Russian HAARP they went that way and you will see that some even shaped like a dish.
The American went a different direction as I tried to describe above.


You are making a lot of assumptions though based on science as we know it.....what you are missing is that we are not privy to the incremental knowledge gain from research and tests.
My point is the conspiracy theorist said it was weather control among other things been experimented with.
I have enough evidence or facts to say yeah very likely

Who says they aren't....China has one and most likely Pakistan and India


You wont know what heating up a small part of the ionosphere will do till you do the you do the experiments you begin to learn things about the ionosphere.
Again the splitting the small Atom unleash a devastating large amount of energy..

Some thing it is a threat.....I know if evil people get a hold of any advance tech it is a threat
I'm a little salty I lost my response to this due to a windows update.

Basically it was me talking about how you have to factor distance in because there are no receivers in the ionosphere. Therefore that delay and distance has to be controlled on the ground on the part of the transmitters. Therefore, the closer you get to them the less effective they will be because you're not multiplying the energy if those beams are not combining. So when you understand that it makes sense why scientists way smarter than me are all saying HAARP wouldn't work at lower altitudes. This is different from Scientists saying weather modification isn't possible. That's not it. What they're saying is that its not possible with HAARP because of how it work and how the system is set up/engineered.

Each tower has to broadcast a signal that is going to expand. The further it gets from the tower the more it will expand because it's not a laser. But if it expands too much it wont have any strength. So for it to have strength in the ionosphere that signal as to be as focused as possible at the ground level. This means there is a height at which these signals will overlap which is the information you need to program that delay. Right? So that's why distance matters.

The other thing I was saying was that you are conflating "they". The government funds private research because it's not a communist government. That means, public funding in the hands of private institutions. When you get a grant for your business or farm that doesn't mean the government is paying you to work for them. Nor does it mean you are now working with other grant recipients. So just because you have some scientists working on weather modification and getting government funding (because that's how science works - private enterprise generally doesn't fund pure scientific research or inquiry unless it can profit off the result) doesn't mean it's the same team at all these different facilities. Government funding is simply how science, in general, is done.

For example.... Neil Degrasse Tyson works at the Hayden Planetarium which is part of the the American Museum of Natural History

The museums' operational revenue base is derived from public funding, securedby a contractual agreement with the County, as well as private funding, in the form of gifts, grants, and museum enterprises.

Science has to be funded. And funding can be derived from different sources, but often much of it is public funds because the public has an interest in advancing science. Why am I saying this? It's not like I'm assuming you don't know. I'm trying to push against your instincts to treat all government involvement as a conspiracy. Similarly, many people have college loans funded by the government. Many companies get government subsidies, tax write-offs, etc. All these things help encourage economic growth, not necessarily some sinister plot. Conspiracy theories say a lot of things and constantly doubt experts in their fields just because "the government" is "involved". But is it really? Or does it just hold the purse strings? So what's more likely? That most scientists are secretly government employees working on all kinds of weapons to attack their own people or the rest of the world? Or that conspiracy theorists simply think they are because they don't trust anything the government touches without having a credible reason for not wanting the government to touch it when these are the same people who will vote for a party that supports a lot of government spending either on the military or on domestic issues.
If a virus in its normal state can not infect or affect humans is engineered to do so...
IF they are engineered. Intent is important here because what these gain of function labs are studying is the how all those viruses and bacteria in the nutural world mutate through their life cycle to infect their way up the evolutionary ladder.
The more homey discription is getting ahead of the curve.

There are already plenty of bio-weapons that are known, no one needs to make waste time and energy to make more.
I did not mention $'s at all til you did.
I have seen the profit in my life both in terms of quality of life and financially.

I do not have a problem...wearing a mask.
I do have a problem if you in expressing your Rights encroach on my Rights.
In other words do not force trick or lie so as to get my compliance.
Give the honest and true reason why...If I should disagree - give me the freedom to express that Right.
If Not I will push back as hard and as far as I find it necessary.
The rights of the community trumps your right to cos- play typhoid mary.

They wear PPE to protect themselves first and primarily, so as not to get and spread disease....Personal Protective Equipment.
In most cases the Patient is already sick...hence they pose a greater risk to the Health Professional.
If the Health Practitioner is ill...they should not be working
Lastly is they Patient health is so Fragile or immunity compromised...the Patient is either Isolated quarantined or placed in a Insolated Containment.
You do know what an OR and an ER is don't you? A hospital?
Ya think the staff in those places work all day and night dressed like a scene from the movie 'Andromeda Strain' ?
For my day to day I have quite a bit of PPE from eye and face protection with shaded viewing all the way to being able to look at the sun, leather clothing and hand protection from very light kid skin to insulated for handling ready to melt steel, I have respiratory protection designed for particulate capture then others designed for vapor and an in-house carbon filtration when needed.
All and any of it is cumbersome when used and makes it harder to work. but is a nessecary evil to deal with and only used when it's called for. I would think it'd be like wise for all those critical workers out there. They only add layers for self protection as called for but for day to day the protection they wear is to protect the patients via face masks and gloves because the doctor may well be carrying something he/she is immune to but the patient is not. Like wise for any stranger (to you) in the larger community. There's why you wear a mask, to protect the community from your germs and why I wear a mask because of what I may be harboring that may hurt someone else.
It's not a plot to take your rights away.

And just for the record this what the anti-maskers vax denying crew has wrought:

So please share your ideas as to why I was not getting my Nutrition from the food i eat..?
I have no clue......I'm not a doctor.

"Have you ever been curious since to find out why your body couldn't use those vitamins from your metaphorical peas and carrots? Er, your regular diet?"
The above sounds Pejorative....though I am not accusing you of being so.
It was just a question. Nothing meant, nothing beyond curious.
Sorry, to jump in on this but this is an example of conspiracy theorists spreading misinformation and not (not you) doing basic research or following basic logic because there is an overriding cognitive dissonance that makes them ignore the facts that do not align with their beliefs. It's no different from being in a religion that cannot accept even basic truth from a different religion because that information isn't weighed on simply whether it's right or wrong but it is judged based on where it came from. And that is a bias that when it comes to virology has literally gotten people killed. It's the same with anti-vaxxers or Jehovah's Witnesses that can't accept blood transfusion or anti-Abortionists who think the bible is against all abortion. People literally make up such oppositions thinking the bible says what their group thinks while ignoring biblical experts and not even reading for themselves to see that the source of information says the opposite.

Conpsiracy theories themselves are spreading a more deadly virus. It's called Ignorance. It's not about being smart or stupid. It's about ignoring information because one would rather believe the "them" who they think is on their side against "the enemy". The problem with that is you can artificially create an enemy that's not coming after you when your "artificial" mob with their torches and pitchforks are not friends and will go after anything they think is a "monster". Including you, because a LOT of conspiracy theorists are very racist.
Yes....unscrupulous individuals will often spread false information to make to Money, to redirect, for Politics, for Religion etc.

Do you understand what THESE Conspiracy Theorists are saying?
No...they seemed to be Racist in general
Are you saying all Conspiracy Theorist are Racist?

White terrorists are arming up and training in camps based on this theory. So please understand... that when you are creating these imaginary alliances and choosing to believe conspiracy theorists as if they are one group and the government is one group and you believe one group over the other... you are falling into a logical fallacy that you are way too intelligent for.
You are creating "strawman" argument.
The Government is One Group...That consist of many departments....Usually a chain of command or connections - Homogeneous.
Conspiracy Theories and or Theorist can be many groups or individuals of varying types of affiliations, races and Religion etc

Conspiracy theorists, will, if their theory is disproven, create another theory to replace it with. The ones that know that it doesn't make logical sense to indict the entire government,
I do not know of any conspiracy theory indicting the entire government including common being a knowing conspirator....not saying such theorists are not out their - Those theorist are out to discredit or throw in doubt other true or legitimate conspiracies.

which is silly considering how many levels there are of just average people working for the government (tons of black people have government jobs too),
That would be silly.

they simply, instead of abandoning their distrust, create a new theory of a "deep state". And naturally you can see how that theory is almost impossible to disprove because unless you know who is in the deep state, no one, including government officials, can say for a fact it doesn't exist. How would they?
The Deep State....Yes
Depends on what you mean by "Deep State"....
So tell me what you understand by "deep state to mean"?

But I mainly wanted to comment on this mask stuff. Because it's also a perfect example of how conspiracy theories fail to protect those who believe them.

First... I want you to imagine a different scenario and tell me if it's responsible governance.

Let's say the fictional government of Narnia (Fine my disagree) has a population of 40,000. The only masks that can protect you from covid-19 (which everyone should know by now) are N95, KN95 or KF94. Cloth masks cannot block out the virus. NO ONE EVER SAID IT COULD. Let's say that Narnia told its 40,000 citizens to find themselves an N95 mask. No problem, right? Wrong. There are only 5,000 of these 90 series masks in all of Narnia. So just like the run on toilet paper, 35,000 people are going try to find a mask and come up empty. Not only is that bad, but now you also have healthcare workers who have to come into close proximity to infected patients (like my sister). But now they don't have enough masks to protect them and so hospitals get ravaged and more people die. And it would have all started with a very irresponsible message from the government.
First give to those who are most expose
Then to those who want on a first come basis.
The if you are out of reliable mask...then you go into the less reliable

Our government knew these masks were in short supply. Mask companies never had the demand at the scale of an entire population. So why would they manufacture that many? So we literally did not have enough masks for everyone and I have to agree with Ogoun here about the fact that a lot of people only think about themselves and their own survival
Yes as they should...
Thinking for the greater good is also Good for everyone....including themselves.

So many of "those people" dismissed cloth masks entirely because they really didn't care about anyone else. The entire point of the cloth mask, was not to keep the virus out... but rather to help keep it "in".
I Was discussing PPE's primary purpose....
It's secondary purpose....may be to keep it from spreading.

In other words, the reason there is a recommend distance for social distancing is because when you breathe, cough, sneeze, those particles travel a certain distance from the body before being pulled down by gravity. If you already have the virus... then tough luck. The cloth mask is for you. And everyone was asked to wear it because we don't know who has it and neither do the people in the early stages of infection. So if you cough or sneeze through that cloth mask it SLOWS those particles from traveling that far before getting pulled down by gravity
The six feet policy is pure stupidity....all it does is give a false sense of security so society can carry on as usually.

It may surprise you that conspiracy theorists don't have your best interest at heart but them coming out against mask-wearing was exactly that. It was them not caring about you because if they did they would advocate for wearing masks in order to SLOW the transmission of the virus.
I am not against mask wearing.....You should have the Right To or Not To Wear the Mask

But because "the government said it" their suspicions that it had to be a bad thing caused them to not even do their homework to see if it was true or not. They simply found other reasons to be against it based on their own protection. But it was NEVER for their own protection but rather to protect OTHERS FROM THEM.
It was the Administration that said not to wear Mask.....MAGA-Trumpist etc.
The Government(Dr Fauci) did a flip flop....due to political expediencies and or scarcity - They lied..

Now... any smart person has to realize that the more we all do something that protects others the more likely we will be protected by that same action. It is the entire reason for government-led immunization. It's not to protect the individual getting the shot. That is an indirect consequence.
What kind of inverse are living in
Protecting yourself First is protecting others.
So is protecting others a form of protecting self - begin at home first.

The main intention is to keep the virus from spreading.
By Building up individual immunity till herd immunity is Realized

That spread will also affect the same government people and their families who you might imagine to be evil.
If you live by the sword it is very likely you will die by the sword.

But an evil person is one who acts in their own self-interest to the extreme of it hurting other people. So at what point are the conspiracy theorists evil who enable viruses to kill millions of their own people?
Ruling Elites through out History has sent many of their own to death for one reason or the other
Maybe they do not consider them people.....Afterall it just a few years ago blacks were considered human in some circles - In Other words Humanity was denied to black by law custom and culture.

At what point is it evil to not wear a mask and possibly infect your own friends and family because you are more upset about your own personal rights and freedom than their safety?
I can only keep them safe....if i am first safe.

I don't think that's who you are. But I think that is who you are listening to. And even if it sounds like it makes sense, there's a lot of people who Trump makes sense to as well. That doesn't make him credible.
Trump is not credible
But when you right you right you just right..... whether or not the immediate source is credible.
Then you seek corroborating evidence from reliable sources....
The Government initially lie about the mask....They lost credibility on the issue of Masking for me

There was never ONE type of mask. The idea that mask-wearing was simply about cloth masks is not true. The idea that covid-19 was a hoax... not true. The idea that it was a pandemic... not true. The idea that masks don't work. NOT TRUE. It simply works for the intended purpose of slowing the spread because that was all we could do before the mRNA vaccines were ready.
It wasn't a Pandemic?
Just asking cause I thought it was a Plandemic - hence a pandemic

I've already explained what real population control is about. We already saw it in China. Instead of killing people, China adopted a one-child policy. No one had to die. No one had to genocide their own people. And if you actually google: "china encouraging more babies" you will see that the policy was not only successful but overly so. It was so successful that when it ended 3 years before covid they started encouraging parents to have 3 children. And different regions came up with different programs to encourage more children.
You Really body died - Maybe Female Infanticide is not considered Inhumane

So not only does it make ZERO logical sense, that China would work with America to do "population control" by means of genocide, which they hadn't had to do before, they also didn't need less people at that point. They wanted MORE.
Not American......but Western Ideas (Malthus)

The idea that population is too big, is not a GLOBAL reality. It is only problematic in certain regions. But if certain regions don't have enough people that is also bad. Not only that, but a one-child policy is not only effective at managing growth, but it is also easier to control.
Not even regions...
It is the Nature of cities to be so called "Dense"

A virus is not because viruses mutate. And before you say, "but covid targeted old people which would help the Chinese population balance" I already said that China's death toll was one of the lowest in the world. So if that was the case, all they would have needed to do was actually let the virus roam free.
so you have

I wouldn't be surprised if viruses were actually Mother Nature's way of population control. Or, they could just be a defense mechanism of a certain plant or animal that is transferred via biting insects like mosquitos and parasites. The bottom line is that we cannot know everything. And in the absence of that knowledge (ignorance) we should not rush to an assumption that the government, racists, or any other group, is behind something; especially if it is a non-specific threat that everyone (Even government officials can die from)
I was in no rush to arrive at a conclusion.
But mRNA vaccine was certainly "Rushed".

And both Trump and Biden tested positive among many others in government. Some who died. it is reported.


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