Black Spirituality Religion : Is This Present Coronavirus Outbreak a Part of Biblical Prophecy (the Pale Rider)?

Biblical Prophecy when used together in the same sentence is a oxymoron.

The only real prophetesses in the world were "the Siblys"
When the Lamb (Jesus) opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beast of the earth (Revelation 6: 7-8).

But this, respectfully, is why the lies of religion continue to deceive our people.

Did God say it?

Did the bible say it?

So at some point WE (humans), being programmed by these ideas, want to categorize something from our lives and experience as being something that the bible talked about. Sickness and disease weren't new. They were happening all throughout antiquity. And how do viruses work? They mutate. So the longer they exist the more they evolve and the more dangerous they can be.

So what would make covid different? That its global? Honestly, what part of the bible makes anyone think that the bible cares what's going on in China? In South America? The bible doesn't give a crap what happens on the other side of the world because it only focuses on the people it was written for.

So if something happens in a foreign country its not a fulfillment of prophecy. Think about it. The bible never talked about TV, radio, satelites, the internet. NOTHING in the bible predicted the communications network we have today. Therefore, logically, no biblical prediction was ever predicated on events that would happen outside the awareness of the local Israelite population. Make sense?

So if some white dude says that an Angel came to America and give him an addition testimony of Jesus, simply put, that dude is a liar.

But people are so desperate to have that spiritual connection that's why they're willing to believe it without critical analysis.

We see certain predictions in the bible are circular. In other words, many events, just as the world turns, are predictable like the seasons. Why? Because nature itself is predictable. That makes human nature also predictable. I could have predicted the rise of a global power after Rome very easily. Why? Because many major nations were already trying to be that and so if there is a vacuum then someone else is going to rise to fill it. It has nothing to do with "thus saith the lord". It's human nature and our relationship with power and wealth.

Someone thinks its a prophecy just because it happened. I'd be more impressed if it was a prophecy about something happening for the first time, but it never is. They're always things that were already likely to happen whether or not someone made the prediction. But because someone uses the word prophecy, not people think God is the one predicting it because God is the one making it happen. False. It was going to happen anyway but because people trust the prediction their belief is reinforced.

But of all the predictions can you think about how many things that have happened or been invented that have escaped biblical prediction? That's because humans could not have predicted every invention so far in the past. But if God were real, couldn't he? Wouldn't he? The fact he did not should be evidence that he was simply another invention of humanity.


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