Chief Elder Osiris : Is There Such A Thing As A Devil ?

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved sisters and Brothers:

    You know beloved here is a topic we fear, because we accept it as being fact, based on the mental conditioning given by the religious order, as handed down by those who created it.

    As long as we allow the devil operate on the same level as Jesus and we are led to believe that the two are enemies against each other, then it is fine by us to make mention of the devil in a superficial sense of the word.

    The Devil, just as Jesus, does not exist as so portrayed by the white man religion, but its description in behavior and action is what really make the devil real and the creator of the devil knew it to be a fact.

    So Black Afrikan woman and man, Is there such a thing as a devil as so describe by action and behavior by its creator?

    Tell me beloved, who is it that should know better than anyone, whether or not there is such a thing as the devil and if so, who and what is it?

    We might ask ourselves, what is so important about knowing, first whether or not a devil exist and secondly, what and who is it, if there is such an entity that move among Humanity?

    Well when a crime is committed the first thing the police want to do is create a profile of the crime scene and from such, a profile of the criminal is established.

    So tell me Black Folks, do you feel that a crime has been committed against the Black Afrikan Nation and such a crime, is it still going on against Black Folks in the world?

    If you do not, then you need to hit the delete button right now and remain as you are, in how you view the Black self.

    Black Woman and Man, take a look at the Black Afrikan Nation, no look not with the white man eyes, as we presently do, for one Time, look through your own Black eyes, both sensual as well as Mentally and go beyond the white man history and tell me what you see of the Black Afrikan Nation, before the white man and all others came into our life, can you see yourself for the first Time without the presence of all those who participated in the destruction eventually, Of The Black Afrikan Civilization?

    Just bear with me my beloved, because I am about to show you the Devil, whether you like it or not or acknowledge it or not and yes the Devil is real to the black Afrikan nation, because he has shown himself to the Black afrikan nation.

    Now, the white man religion tell you to believe that the devil has horns, wear a red suit and has as a weapon, a pitch fork, is that not right?

    Now that part you can either take it or leave it because it become up to us Black Folks as to how we dress this Devil up, in cloth that I speak of.

    Well does not the white man religion go on to describe the behavioral attitude of the Devil and the action he is capable of performing, against that which is godly and Just?

    Well now, I am going to pause and ask you again, Is There Such A Thing As A devil To The black afrikan nation? because it is the Black afrikan nation that I am concern with at the present time, because I know, as the Black afrikan nation go, so goes the world.

    Beloved, does not the white mam religious book, you call the bible, describe and show the action and behavior of the devil?

    Is not the Devil so described to be the opposite of what we consider to be good, which we call bad and is not bad, that we relate to, as being a behavior, which is unacceptable and prevent us from experiencing a peaceful and Just life?

    So tell me, is that which is full of injustice, conning and the lover of inflicting pain upon the Soul of Mankind and in this instance Mankind being the Black Afrikan Nation, worthy of being referred to as the devil?

    Tell me beloved, did not Beings, referred to as Caucasian ( white people ) come into our Black Afrikan House and did destroy all that they saw, that was Good and Just, Didn't They!!!

    So is it not a fact, to this day, the white man hold no respect for the Black Afrikan and do have the Blood of the Black Afrikan Nation, both liquid and Spiritual, on their hand and in their Mind?

    Am I imaging the fact that the white man and all others, mentally and physically destroyed the Black Afrikan and our theology about God, Universe and Being, and replaced it with himself, as they being that which we Black Folks are to honor and worship as God?

    Am I making all of this up, my dear beloved?

    Hell No!!!

    So is it not reasonable to accept what the creator of the Devil has so presented to us, as being the Devil, and does not the white man action and behavior fit his own description of the devil, to the nano degree?

    Yet we quiver every time this Devil is so accurately identified, how pitiful and shameful weak we have become, as Black Afrikan people, a people who have learned to be dishonest when being confronted about the white man.

    I do not refer to the white man as the devil because someone told me he is, I call this Devilish white man the devil because I know he is that to me, the Black afrikan Nation!!!

    So I will call the white man by what he has so vividly described himself to be toward the Black afrikan nation and do portray himself to be and that is the devil, personified.

    So beloved, until this devilish white man decide to change his behavior toward the Black afrikan nation, which require him to be repentance, Just, and Honorable toward the Black Afrikan Nation, as he pay the Reparation owed to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, to me he remain the devil he is.

    The start must be for the white man to acknowledge his wrong, which he perpetrated against the black afrikan nation, when he created that most devilish institution ( Chattel Slavery ) to suppress, depress, oppress and murder Black Afrikan People and referred to us by treatment, of being only a fraction of an entire Hue - Man Being, not to mention all of the other evil he has and still doing to us Black Folks.

    Is there such a thing as the devil, you bet it is and it is the white man action against the Black afrikan Nation.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie and elevate The truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble Against All Devils, ( With The Truth,) Until Our Liberation!!!

    A Race Without Power and authority Is A Race Without Respect!!! (Garvey)

    I come, I share, you Have the Option To accept Or Reject, I move On.

    Completely Loving The Carbon Afrikan Nation.


    Chief Elder