Black History : Is There Indian In Your Family?


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Sep 27, 2005
Question: How long will we deny the accurate origin of our true selves? Not everyone will fall into the DNA basket of Indian roots, yet Eye bet there are enough to warrant a through investigation of WHO and WHAT We Really Are!

Reparations will only come when you are able to prove that your DNA is indigenously tied to the continent of North America. The use of "Black" - "African American" - "Negro" will not get you there because these terms have no legal significance what-so-ever! Reference the "Black Laws Dictionary" for verification.

Black is a term that describes your biological ethnicity
African American is a term coined by Jesse Jackson in 1988 that ties you to slavery
Negro is a term that replaced Moor and means "dead thing"

Africans were on the continent of North American b4 anyone. There is proof that dates back to 51,700 years ago in Allendale, South Carolina. (ie See Dr. Goodyear listed further down in this thread).


1. "The First Americans Were Africans" by Dr. David Imhotep
2. "They Came Before Columbus" by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
3. "Tracing Your Family's Genealogical History" By Records by Dane Calloway
4. "Africans and Native Americans: The Language of Race and the Evolution of Red-Black Peoples" by Jack D. Forbes



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