Chief Elder Osiris : Is There A Time When Evil is To Be Justified And Respected?

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    Is There A Time When Evil is To Be Justified And Respected?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    To my knowledge as so taught by our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors and is verified by those who Think with a Divine Mind, there is only One Divine Essence(GOD) and it is not in need of support from anything or anybody and it does not need a messenger or a son or daughter to represent its existence, why? because it is all of that which we require it to be, in the action of all things and we Beings are not in a position to qualify or disqualify the Divine Essence, as we attempt to elevate our status to being the creator of GOD.

    The Divine Essence is not in need to be created it reside within the Divine Reality of Infinity, a Divine Truth that need no beginning or ending to substantiate its existence, so all of this finite Human Being talk about God being the creation by the Human Being is no more than the expression of the arrogance , Ego, and Vanity of the Human Being in attempt to measure yourselves on a scale of Religious parity with that which you are not in the knowledge of and that is why you attempt to reduce the Divine Essence to the level of having finite intelligence with a Human Being conscious that dwell on measuring the action of the Human Being, based upon a set of Guidelines so established not by the Divine Essence but by the Human Being which you contribute to the God you have created to be for your vain Religious Purpose.

    Here is a thought for you to know, there is no present religion that the Black Afrikan need, all present religion and past religion does not precede our Ancient First Way Ancestors Theology, so it is reasonably to Think that our Ancient first Way Ancestors came to this planet way before the coming of Religion, therefore Religion is no more than an After act of a created version of our Ancient First Way Ancestors Divine Theology, meaning there is no Religion, Greek, Jew, or Gentile that the so call Black Afrikan is in need of, because Religion is not a creation of our Divine First Way Ancestors, they who brought the Knowledge of the Divine Essence with them, religion is a creation of those who did not know of the Infinite existence of the Divine Essence, the God of all Space and Motion, the God of Both Universe and Time which dwell in the Bosom of the Infinite Energy whose Essence is Divine Intelligence, the cause for all things that are and is to be.

    So you see beloved, there is no justification in trying to extend respect with an act of justice to that which is Evil, it is Evil to try and protect Evil and to extend respect to Evil, and all Religion in the presence of the Black Divine Being is Evil, and need to be revealed for what it can not verify to be in the Circle of Divine Truth and Reality.

    So what ever Black Folks have allowed ourselves to be a friend, follower, and believer in the Human Being Religion and is Faithful in the Hope that it will one day produce the Religious Jesus that will come to save what he has allowed to be in need of being Saved, a verifier of being a failure to keep the Black World Safe, Jesus being only a symbol of the Mind of the Human Being, used to destroy the Mind of the once Divine Black Being.

    Jesus is the Star and has the starring role in the Human Being Religious Drama, a Religious Drama that verify the slaughter of the Black so call Afrikan Nation, Jesus Robe dripping with the Blood of our Ancient Ancestors, Jesus being the foundation upon which Religion stand, he being the personification of all of the Evil done against the Black World yesterday and today.

    Yet just because of the believers in the Religion of Jesus Christ, that should be enough to protect those Religious Believers from being revealed by the Divine Truth, simply because the Human Beings came out with a slogan that a person Religious Belief is beyond being reproached and should have immunity from Divine truth Prosecution, only a Fool of the Black World would dignify such a slogan proclamation to protect the Evil wrought by Religion upon the Black Nation.

    Today, at this Time Of Divine Awakening, the Evil of Religion no longer can hide under the cover of Sovereignty, an Evil with a reputation of Lying and Deceiving the very Black Nation capable of bringing Peace and Respect back to the Nature of this Planet Earth.

    Our Divine Cosmic Ancient First Way Ancestors were in the Know of the Divine Essence, the Meaning and Purpose of Both Universe, and their relationship to the God Essence, and The Infinite and Finite Universe, and how all verify the Divine Energy Intelligence of Infinity, such a Theological Knowing and Understanding way precede the coming of the Evil of Religion, no matter in what form of human Being Mind it came to rape the Mind of the once Divine Black Being.

    Therefore, all Religious acts are an act of Evil because it is predicated upon the Mat of Lying and Deceiving the Black World, the Black World with a Reputation of Civilizing the World of this Planet Earth, using not the Fallacy of the Evil of Religion but the Divine Theological Truth and Reality that verify The Divine Essence and all of ITS Divine Attributes, Religion being not among Them.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Therefore in these Enlightening Time is when it is blasphemy to Justify, Respect, and try and Defend the Evil Religion has caused to come within the Mind of a once Divine Black Nation.

    It Is Time For The Divine Truth To Rise, Taking not A Low Status To The Evil Of Religion.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved, I Mean Only Evil, Harm.

    OsirisChief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    I am a Christian. I do not believe that my belief system is beyond reproach. In other words, I am not offended by someone who challenges the validity of Christianity in any way shape or form. I do not believe it is required to check your brain at the door of the church. I am very practical in my choice to be a believer in biblical Christianity.

    That being said, by the same token, I expect the same of any callenges to Christianity as well as supporting proof of alternative and opposing views. So far, your statements have essentially been made in the form opinions and unsubstantiate claims. Understandable. It is not expected that you would provide such substantiating information in your initial post.

    Although I was "brought up" in church, I did not become a Christian until I was 31 years old. My choice was made based on practical reasoning rather than emotion or fear. So, it is only practical reasoning that can demonstrate that my belief is wrong.

    At the root of my belief system is the debate over the begining and creation of life. For the purpose of this conversation, you can consider this the debate over creation vs evolution, or some alternative explanation for the origin of life, species, and man. Where did we come from? How did we get here? This is vitally important to any defense of, or argument for any religion or spiritual claim.