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Oct 4, 2003
I don't write with music playing,
it normally interferes, but this mellow
riff coerced me into scribing on the scroll
within my mind. As I listened to the radio
I closed my eyes, envisioning
two dancers swaying slow
in unison fervently following
the snazzy syncopated flow
the kind that
you know
makes you wince while
murmuring, Umph,
cause you know that man is
playing the **** out of that horn
blow baby blow
I feel a subtle glow
as I start gettin jiggy, jottin down lines right
along with those imaginary dancers as we flow.
By this time they must be gettin
kinda tingly and warm
drippin with sweat under the heat
two bodies grooving into one form
rhythmically releasing moving to the beat
I put on my "dancing face", squeezing my
already closed eyelids even tighter while
smirking a wry smile,
yeah, I enjoyed this vision. Releasing a sigh
I watch my fictitious dancers fade to black
returning to the back
of my mind, waiting for their next cue.
I don't write with music playing, I wonder
what will happen when I do...


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