Black People : Is The U.S. Killing African Farmers?

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    "...In July of 2006, Terry’s views on US farm policy began to broaden when he went to West Africa with Oxfam America, an international development agency. Terry traveled with four other farmers to Senegal and Mali and met with African farmers and public officials to discuss the impact American farm policies have on the rest of the world. They all delivered the same message: “Do something about your country’s farm subsidies…they’re killing us!”

    “We were all stunned by what we experienced,” he said. In one of the numerous newspaper clippings about his trip in the Lincoln Courier is a striking picture of Terry with local residents of a Malian village eating rice and meat with his bare hands from a communal bowl of food.

    “I had only been aware of African society from TV or in the news,” Terry said. “The poverty was so extreme and widespread.” The experience was life changing, especially the new knowledge that farm communities around the world are affected by the decisions of U.S. policymakers.

    "...On a hot day in the village of Dafara in the West African nation of Mali, an entire community, in a well-prepared presentation, explained to Terry and his travel companions that US farm policy is decreasing their cotton prices. One villager stood up and said, “The only thing we know is to work hard. Is there something you can do with your government so I can get something out of what I do?”

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