Black Spirituality Religion : Is The Name '' Israel '' The Name Of A Tribe Or People ?

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    Because The First Time The Word Israel '' Appears In The 5 Books Of Of Moses Is In Genesis 32; 28 , There Jacob , The Son Of Isaac And Rebbeca , The Second Of A Twins , Whose Twin's Name Was Esau , Was Having His Named Changed From Jacob To Israel ,, The Next Time We Hear That Same Word Israel '' Is In The Exact Same Chaqpter , But In A Later Verse , Genesis 32; 32 , Where Is Refers To The '' Children Of Israel '' . This Would Mean, According To These Scripture , Not Interpretations , But Factually , That The Chrildren Of Israel Are Jacob's Immediate Family , Meaning Jacob's 12 Sons And I Daughter Who Also Because Known As Tribes Of Israel , Are Simply The Children Of Jacob ; Nothing More .. It Is Clear That The Name Israel Is Not Describing A Tribe That All Of The Descendants Of The Bible From Adam Down To The Present Day Can Claim They Are Members Of . In Fact , The Statement '' The Tribe Of Israel '' Can Not Be Found In The Bible Anywhere ! However , We Do Find In Genesis 49 ; 16 The Tribes ( Plural ) Of Israel . And This Can Be Found 52 Times Throughout The Bible . This In No Way Negates The Fact That Nobody Before Jacob Was An Israelite Or Of The Tribe Of Israel . In That Respect , To One Was Called A '' Hebrew '' Before Abraham , Who In Genesis 14 ; 13 Was Called A Hebrew . This Leaves The Question ; '' What Was Adam To Noah And All The People Between , If There Was No Hebrew Before Genesis 14; 13 Where Abraham Is Called A Hebrew .. And There Was No Used Of The Word Israelite '' Before Numbers 24 ; 14 Or Anyone Being Called Israel Before Genesis 32; 28 , As Many Have Been Deceived Into Believeing For So Many Thousands Of Years , But Again , Just Like In The Case Of Abraham And The Word Hebrew , The Word ' Israel '' Is Describing An Incident Of A Messenger Of God Or Angel As You May Say . Prevaling Over Jacob In A Fight . So To Say '' The Tribe Of Israel '' Is Incorrect . There Is No Such Thing As The Tribe Of Israel Mentioned In That Form Anywhere In Their Bible . And There Was No Land Originally Called Israel . There Was No Land Name After Jocob In Is Time . The Land That Is Being Called Israel '' Is The Land Of Canaan Name After A Son Of Ham , Son Of Noah , In Genesis 9 ; 18 The Land Of Canaan Was Given The Name Israel May 15 , 1948 A.D. [ To Further Deceive People Into Thinking That Is Was Their Land By Right Because Their God , Yahweh As They Call Him Gave Them The Canaanites Land , In Leviticus 25 ; 38 And Genesis 17 ; 8 In This Quote Their God Takes The Canaanites Land And Just Gives It To Abraham's Family . First Genesis 11; 31 Where Terah Abraham's Father Takes His Family Into The Land Of Canaan First , And Again In Genesis 13;12 , Where It Confirms That Abraham Lived In These People's Land , And Now These Same People Who He Lived Amongst , He Schemes To Take Thier Land . So There Was No Original Land Of Abraham's Or Isaac's Or Jacob's There Was No Israel .. Israel Is Stolen Land And It Went Down In History As Being Original , Just As Other Lies Have Gone Down In History As Being Facts
    Were The Descendants Before Abraham Hebrew Israelites ?
    I Mean These People >>> Adam Genesis 2; 19 >> Eve Genesis 3;20 >>> Cain - Son Of Adam And Eve >> Abel - Son Of Adam And Eve Genesis 4; 2 >>Enoch - Son Of Jared Genesis 4; 17 >>Lamech - Son Of Methuselah Genesis 4 ; 18 >>>
    Seth - Son Of Adam Eve Genesis 4 ; 25 >>>Enos - Son Of Seth Genesis 4; 26 >>>
    Cain- Son Of Enos Genesis 5 ;9 >>Mahalaleel - Son Of Cainan Genesis 5 ; 12 >>Jared - Son Of Mahaleel Genesis 5 ;15 >>> Methuselah - Son Of Enoch Genesis 5 ; 21 >>Noah - Son Of Lamech Genesis 5; 29 >>Ham - Son Of Noach Genesis 5 ; 32 >> Shem - Son Of Noach Genesis 5 ;32 >> Japheth - Son Of Noah Genesis 5; 32
    >>> Elam - Son Of Shem Genesis 10; 22 >>> Asshur - Son Of Shem Genesis 10; 22 >>> Asshur - Son Of Shem Genesis 10; 22 >> Arphaxad - Son Of Shem Genesis 10; 22 >>> Lud - Son Of Shem Genesis 10; 22 >>> Aram - Son Of Shem Genesis 10; 22 >>>Salah - Son Of Arphaxad Genesis 11 ; 13 >>> Eber - Son Of Salah Genesis 10; 21 >> Peleg - Son Of Eber Genesis 11; 16 >> Reu - Son Of Peleg Genesis 11 ; 18 >>> Serug - Son Of Reu >> Genesis 11 ; 20 >>> Nahor - Son Of Serug Genesis 11; 22 >>Terah - Son Of Nahor Genesis 11;24 ... What Was The Religion Of These People ? All Of These People Were Before Abraham Genesis 17;5 , So They Are Not Hebrews. So What Were They ? The Childern Of Jacob Because Based On Genesis 32; 28 , Jacob's Name Was Changed To Israel And Anyone Who Was Born Genesis 32; 28 , Jacob's Name Was Changes To Israel And Anyone Who Was Born Before That Was Not Of The Children Of Jacob , Thus They Could Not Have Been Israelites . As I Already Explined , The First Time Out Of The 2,293 Times '' Israel '' Appears In The Bible .. In Genesis 32; 38 AndIt Refers To Somebody Changing Jacob's Name To Israel . The Next Time It Appears Is In The Same Chapter , In Genesis 32; 32 And You Get The Chrilren Of Israel . This Is Talking About Jacob's Chrildren Only . His Immediate Family .
    Are Hebrew And Israelites The Same People ?
    They Will Lie And Say They Are One Same .. However , As I Just Explained To You , To Call Yourself a Hebrew Israelite Would Be Saying One Who Crossed Over , Because God Prevailed Over Them Or Won Over Them . . And That Doesn't Make Sense . Not To Mention What You Just Real And If An Israelite Is A Person That Lives By The Law And 1Commandment Of The Scritures To The Letter . Then There Are None Today That Are Following These Scripture And Every Law In Them To The Letter . The Will Tell You . It A New Day And Time And We Wear These New Modern Clothes And We Eat This New Modern Way And We Don't Have To Keep All Of The Old Laws What I'm Saying Is They'll Make Up All Kinds Of Excuses To Justify Their Created Form Of Living .
    Now You Can Ask The Hebrew Israelites What Is His Or Her Nationality .
    They Will Say That They Are Hebrew , Or Hebrew Israelites !
    However . If They Can Stand It , As I Just Proved To You In Your Own Language That Most Of You Do Not Not Speak Fluently . The Word Hebrew That Translates To The Aramic Word Ibriy From The Aramic Hebrew Root Word Abar Means To Cross Over . Which Is The Same As The Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic Word Abara . Which , As You Can See Hebrew Was Just An Action That Took Place . Just As What Abraham Did Was Cross Over A River . And The Canaanites Call Him And His Family Chaldeans . Hebrew In Their Own Language Genesis 14; 13 . That Wasn't His Nationality . So Why Is It Yours ? If You Follow Abraham And His Family . You Are Really Chaldeans As He Was Genesis 11 ; 31 Genesis 15; 7 ..
    Is The Word '' Jew '' Used For The Descendants Of The Tribe Of Judah ?
    The Name '' Jew '' Is Really A Yiddish Word . This Name Was Created By Two Groups Of Jew; The Sephardim And Ashkenazim . The Ashkenazim Were Originally Khazars From Russia Who Coverted And Picked Up The Name Ashkenazim ( Genesis 10; 3 <<>>>The Gomerites ; Descendants Of Gomer '' Completion ; Ashkenazites ; Decendants Of Ashkenaz '' A Fire That Spreds ; Rifathites ; Descendants Of And Rifath ( Riphath ) '' Spoken ' And Togarmaahites ; Descendants Of Togarmah '' All Bone , Strong '' << Original Aramic
    And Used It As Their Own When In Fact They Were From The Seed Of Canaan , Not The Seed Of Gomer Meaning '' Completion '' And Riphath Meaning '' Speaker Or Spoke '' And Togarmah Meaning '' Bony , Strong '' Ashkenaz In Hebrew Is Meaning '' The Spreader Of The Fire '' He Was The Son Of Gomer , Son Of Japheth .One Of The Triples Sons Of Noah . Ashkenaz Was The First Son Named Of The Three Sons Of Gomer , The Son Of Japheth Genesis 10; 3 And A Kingdom Associated With Ararat ( Turkey ) And Minni . Now - A - Days The Name Is Falsely Applied To The Jew Of Germany ( Aryans ) Europeans Of Northern France ( France )
    Europeans From The Tenth Century On . In The Middle Of The 16th Ceturt . The Term Ashkenazim Came To Include The Jews Of Eastern Europe As Well . . The Fake Ashkenazim ( Khazars ) Have Developed A Set Of Distinctive Customs And Rituals , Different From Those Os The Sephardim ; The Fake Jews From Spain , Portugal , The Mediterranean Countries And North Africa . They Mixed With The Seed Of Joktan Who Was The Son Of Eber ( Hud ) Son Of Salah , Son Of Arphaxad . All Of The Sons Of Shem ( Genesis 10 ; 21 - 32 ) . The Original Shemite
    ( Semetic ) One Of The Triples Sons Of Noah , Had Very Dark Brown Skin With Woolly Hair . ( Gomer Son Of Japheth And Ifat ) Genesis 10; 2 ... Ashkenaz Son Of Gomer Genesis 10 ; 3 ... Salah ( 2335 - 1902 B.C.E. ) Son Of Arphaxad Genesis 10; 24 ..... Eber ( 2305 - 1841 B.C.E. ) Son Of Salah And Barra Genesis 10; 21
    Joktan Son Of Eber Genesis 10; 25 ...Sephardim Comes From The Word Sepharad Meaning '' Separated ( Refer To Obadiah 1 ; 20 ... Sephardim Is Said To Mean
    '' Spaniards '' . They Want You To Think They Are Real . They Are The Jews Of Spanish And Portuguese Origin Responsible For The Slave Trade . The Customs , Rituals . Synagogue Services , And Hebrew Pronunciation Of The Sephardim Differ From Those Of The Ashkenazim . So You Have One Group , The Spaniards Saying They Are Of Shem's Sons And Use Sephardim And They Are Liars , And You Also Have Europeans Of Many Other Lands Saying They Are Of Japheth's Sons And They Are Also Liars . They Are The Temples , Or Synagogues Of Satan Revelation 2 ; 9 . They Were Expelled From Spain By The Inquisition Of 1492 A.D. The Fake Sephardim Were Scattered Throughout The Mediterranesn World , Along The North Coast Of Africa , The Turkish Empire, The Balkans . Where Even They Went , They Established The Sephardic Ways And Rituals . The Marranos , Or Secret Jews , Transported Their Customs To The New World . The Real Sephardim Are In Yemen , Morocco , Sudan , Ethiopa , And America As American Negroes And The Real Ashkenazim Are In Ethiopia And Mixed With The Nigerians ( Ebo ) And The Ashanti And Also In America As American Negroes As Well As All Over The Caribbeans , This E mail Is Not To Be Take As Racism For If One Truely Want Truth And Knowledge Of History All One Has To Is Research For Themself [ Keyword Here Is Research ]
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    A tribe is a people, and Israel is the tribe, people, land, and Jacob.

    Canaan was a thief and took that which wasn't his, and Israel had all right to it, being promised of the Father, and even with Noe and his Sons, Shem was given that portion alone, not Ham, so Canaan shouldn't have been there.

    He liked the land, so decided to take it bringing yet another curse upon his seed. However, it doesn't mean all who are seed of Canaan are beyond redemption as with faith and belief in the Holy Son, none are, but can have salvation if they trust He died that we'd be cleansed of our iniquity and that He lives sitting at the right hand of the Father, after His resurrection.

    But all who deny truth, haven't a well end at all for breaking the oath made long ago before the Most High.
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    I am sorry you feel that way. I know you take your instruction from the bible and verses contained within, but I think is unfortunate, in my opinion. I see Israel's takeover of Canaan as nothing more than a nationalistic and ethnocentric fervor that sought justification through religious fanaticism. I view it similar to "Manifest Destiny" or "Divine Right" which was used by conquering Europeans to dispose of, take from and enslave the "pagan" and "heathen" peoples of Africa and the Americas.