Black People : Is the Congressional Black Caucus a Target of the Pro-Israel Lobby?

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    Members of the Congressional Black Caucus Have Been Particularly Vulnerable to the Pressures of the Pro-Israel Lobby.

    By Margaret Kimberley

    As the presidential campaign season heats up every day brings news of endorsement one-upmanship. In one week we witnessed Al Gore endorsing Howard Dean; Charles Rangel and other Black elected officials endorsing Wesley Clark; South Carolina Black Congressman James Clyburn endorsing Richard Gephardt; and Al Sharpton angry because no one had endorsed him. It was expected that Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, would soon endorse Howard Dean as well.

    But Cummings’ endorsement hit a temporary snag. The Baltimore Sun reported that the Cummings endorsement was in jeopardy because leaders of Baltimore’s Jewish community were concerned about Dean’s commitment to Israel. Dean made headlines in September when he said that the United States should be “even-handed” in dealing with Israel and the Palestinians. One would have thought from the response that Dean had expressed love for suicide bombers. It didn’t seem to help that Dean’s wife is Jewish and that his national campaign co-chairman, Steve Grossman, was formerly president of the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC). Anyone who steps outside of pro-Israeli orthodoxy gets the cold shoulder, even if his credentials are otherwise acceptable.

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