Black Spirituality Religion : ***IS THE BIBLE REAL?***

Altered and transposed

beyond belief! :qqb003:
Fine1952 said: so-called authenticate itself. Wrong!

Yes, its pages are definitely full of contradictions, doublets, and generally sloppy errors.

Correct you are,

"...Evidence of other people's myths and folklorein the biblical narrative shows that one thing the ancient Afrim (e.g. Dr. Darkwah's word for Jew/Hebrew/Semite) scholars of the Bible did quite well was to take other people's Gods..."

Page 222
African's Who Wrote The Bible
Dr. Alex Darkwah

IMHO, Gospel means God spell or hypnotic lie over the masses.

The bible was "unjustifiably" used to justify slavery
The bible is "still" used to demonize women
The bible is anti-Afrikan

Sad, collectively we seem to have forgotten how to metaphysically break down the science of KMT which "indeed" has been shrouded in Egyptology's misunderstood definition of what actually took place in the ancient world...of our ancestors!

Try as they may the were not able to destroy Ma'at and that's a good thing!

Thanks for responding!

They haven't destryed Ma'at but unfortunately too many of us have little knowledge of it's precepts in their entirety.
istlota said:
No, you are mistaken.

God is beyond the physical realm. But, pretty much of us are not. Or, at least, we think we are not.

God communicates to us, in this physical realm, via _flawed_ mortal vessels, and _flawed_ physical books because, for pretty much all of us, those are the only channels on our psychic TV that we don't have blocked.

Yes, the bible is deeply flawed in certain passages, particularly some of the more barbaric verses in the Old Testament dealing with "God" commanding the Hebrews to kill the women and children among their enemies. Any one with any enlightened understandings into the Sermon On The Mount gets that God could not possibly have given such commandments.

Keep in mind that the bible is what you get _after_ the infallible, immortal, Word has been filtered thru fallible, mortal, vessels.

There is NO physical holy book, written by mortal men --- not the Quran, or the bible, or the Gita, or the Tao, or the Metu Neter --- which is beyond error. But, what you do not understand is that the Master uses these flawed, physical, holy books to lead us, with the urgings of the Holy Spirit/Purusha/Flow, when we let go and let God, to an understanding of "groanings that can not be uttered".

Romans 8:26
"Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered."

This is Eurocentric garbage!
What Bible?


Is the Bible Real?

The answer is No.

Ware was it when the ancestors founded Kemet?

There was no such thing ever...called bible any ware on the planet until white folk showed up!

At what point did the Bible come into exist and through who...what group of people of Kemetic decent? The answer is none. MA`AT is all that is needed and the only thing that matters today in reality of Universal Laws.

The answer is none and it did not ever exist among any Black people until Europe/Aryans made it up for crowd control of the masses. This is the reason for the word "Mass"...they hold Mass...Mass of what ?...Mass of people...and for what purpose?...To indoctrinate their minds so that they will be easy to control after they have been brain washed and made Stupid by its (Bible) myths/fabrication and distortions of some truth to make it seem real but only with a white face to support the system of white supremacy and racism.

The Bible can not exist with out the "Lie" of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The Holy Qu`ran can not exist with out the "Lie" of the Gospel of Jesus Christ...even though the prophet of choice is Muhammad.

One supports the other and it is a Universal Law that Corruption only leads to Corruption.

Until we are truly ready to totaly and absolutely wake up and through off all of the shackles of mental slavery that was only given to us after our unfortunate contact with the evil and wicket "Slave-Trade"...then we will forever remain lost in "Biblical-Myths"..."Ignorance"..."Slavery"..."Suffering"..."Shame" and "Spiritual Death".

There is nothing...nothing...nothing what so ever that can or will ever free us and liberate our minds to the Kemetic People we are born to be as long as we continue to worship in "False" concoctions of white supremacy called "Bible".

to be continued



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