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    My definition of a Curse is when something or someone has been made to become attached to the Mental Processes of your Mind and it serve to take control of your life, serving only to the detriment to your Life living, and in that vein of what a Curse is, the question is a valid one, after you observe and study the attitudinal Behavior of Black People, as we relate to a person of Fantasy, by the name of Jesus, I am referring to the Jesus as so portrayed in White Folks Bible, they being the creator, inventor, and author of that book portraying Jesus as its main Star Character.

    As the saying and old belief goes, a Curse is a wish of Harm and discomfort to come to the Life of the person being Cursed and such an affect from the Curse, can in fact bring Death, not all Time in the Physical action that we associate Death to be, but it can also be on the mental conscious Level of the Life receiving the curse, and many time the Curse does not have to be clandestine placed upon the person or people being cursed, because you See, being cursed is a Mind action, meaning it being an action that has taken control of your Life way of mental functioning, taking away your ability to Think for your Life Self, and turning to the curse of Belief, concerning your life Self, and under such a Cursing Action, you cease to be able to Think Independently Rational and Logical in support of your life activities.

    So we become a willing participant in a belief system having the power of belief over the mind that is cursed into believing in things and someone that does not require Profound Divine Rational Reasoning, using Logical Mental Steps to verify that which is either Divinely True and Real or not, in and to our Life, or is just believable in and to our life, one step require Empirical Thinking in reaching a conclusion about People, Places, and Things to be a fact of Life, while the other step has no requirement of Divine Sequential Thinking, just erratically believing what ever is presented to your life to be the assumptive act of acceptance without the need to reason logically about People, Places, and Things, that which require only your acquired behavior to believe, over the Divine Act to Know what is Divinely True and Real, in and to our Life.

    When it come to Black People, and Jewish, Arabs, and White Folks Religion, as Religion affect the Life of Black People in a Mental deteriorating way and it serve to reflect a Mental action that indicate, that such a Mind is under some form of a Curse, because have you ever notice that the Jesus Believer take their belief in Jesus to the level of a mental absolute in their belief in Jesus, and to indicate a belief in Jesus does not carry the weight of Divine Truth and Reality, causing such a Character to be only a Fantasy,.

    Yet such a belief in Jesus bring on the response of pure belligerence coming from the Jesus believers, which reflect the Spirit of the Jesus believers to be under some form of a Mental Curse, because the action displayed, is not driven by Profound Divine Reasoning and Logic , where the Jesus Character is concerned, meaning, being beyond the ability to Reason Rationally about the Jesus Character.

    Therefore, the Jesus Believer take such an absent of Divine Thought, not to be that of a Mental defect, but to be a personal right to be deceived, characterizing such a belief in Jesus to be an association with what has been cursed to be perceive to be True, having no Empirical Facts to support such a Cursing Believing Claim, because the Jesus Curse is driven and based upon the acceptance which is based upon Belief, Faith, and Hope, principles serving to be evident that when associated with that which is Divinely True and Real, only reveal the depth of which the Curse penetrate the Sense of the Religious Christian Believing Being.

    Now, does this mean that I have no respect for the innocence Jesus believer, most certainly not, it serve to mean the opposite of how I view the Jesus Innocent believers and I view them with Divine Compassion, does such a view of the Jesus believers reflect that I am being some what condescending toward the innocent Jesus believers, no, I am not being patronizing of the innocent Jesus believers, I just know the effect Mental conditioning can have upon the victims of such a Mind act of manipulation, which end up serving as a Curse, because the Jesus Believer will, many of them, Die in the name, not presence of Jesus and to be willing to give up your Gift of Life for someone you know not, nor have ever seen proof that Jesus once Lived and walked this Planet as he has so been portrayed to have done, and yet to believe to Death, in that Someone, give off every sign that such kind of religion, serve to be a curse upon the believers in Jesus.

    Now, as I have indicated many Time about Black People Believing Relationship with Jesus, none has been more devout in expressing and displaying such a Jesus belief, you know, carrying all of the Religious Jesus baggages, Belief, Faith, and Hope, Crown with the Charity of Love, none rival Black people in up holding their Love for Jesus, I mean from the First Lying Deceiving Christian Missionaries Presence in Afrika, Peddling Jesus, Black Folks have been none other than Loyal in their Love and Faith in Jesus, you know I am Right about what I am sharing in describing the Love of Black folks for Jesus, but then, tell me this, in what state of the Black Life Living, is Black Folks Life today, in this Evil World ?

    Tell me, does the Life Condition of Black Folks, the Lover of Jesus, reflect a cherish reward that come for Loving and Trusting in Jesus, on this side of our Life, because Life is only present in the Living in the Physical and is not Transference, it is given to the Physical and it leave and become no more, with the Physical, if you know what I mean.

    Well, I know how much you despise this Divine Truth, but you see, there are some Black Folks out there that are rejoicing because of the Fact I am Committed to Revealing the Truth about that Made up Fantasy, portrayed in the personage of a Man name Jesus, a White Man at that, which show you how confident and arrogant White Folks of Power are, when spreading their Lies and acting out their deceit about Jesus.

    Allow me also share something else with you that you will not choose to Know, because someone Black and do know is sharing with you, do you not know that Religion was created specifically for the purpose to deceive the Black World ( No, We Did Not Create Religion ) and to send the Religious Curse into the Mind of Black People ?

    No, you do not choose to know that, because we black Folks have been made to believe that there is not one thing that is special about our Black behind, which serve as evidence that we Black People operate under the Lurking Power of a mental Religious Curse.

    You see, when dealing with the truth, it begin by being the Truth and even if some where in the Middle of your Life Journey, Lies are inflicted upon you, Maintain consolation in knowing that a Lie is incapable of defeating the Divine Truth and the Ending will be as the beginning, the Divine Truth, but not so with a Lie.

    If you start out with a Lie and even in between there are effort to masquerade deceit as being the Truth, the end result will always end up being a Lie, so I invite you, take the book you refer to as God Word, which is a Lie right there, but go to the Genesis of that book and behold the way it begin, with a Lie, and I invite you to the Gospel of the New Testament and behold the way they brought to you the coming of your Savior, Jesus, which is a Lie, so that book claiming to be of the word of God, is no more than a Lie and all who believe in it become a slave to the Author and Finisher of that book of Religious Lying and Deceiving, the attributes of a Curse in progress, start out with a Lie and you will end with a Lie, negating any divine truth to be in that fable of Fantasy about Jesus.

    Beloved, not until Black folks come back into the Knowledge of Whom we are, we will remain a stranger to getting to know with understanding What God Is, and without that Divine Knowledge, we reap the Life we now are exposed to, and if Black Folks are joyful in our Life present state of condition, then I rest my Case of how powerful the Curse is, that control the present day Black Human Being So call Afrikan, Mind.

    Be Kind To Your Self

    The Divine Truth, Black So Call Afrikans Despise the Divine Truth, when It Attack The Lies Of The Deceivers Of black People.

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
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