Black Money Business Jobs : Is that Harriet Tubman on a bank debit card, throwing a Wakanda salute?


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Jan 21, 2020
Of course there's going to be a negative reaction to black empowerment. It was only when MLK was talking about economic justice that he got shot. I actually love what One United is doing with their debit cards. They are unapologetically black. And if they wont put Harriet on the $20, why shouldn't we put her on a debit card that we use more often than paper money anyway?

And if she was alive today, I think she would have loved the idea of Wakanda and probably would do the salute herself. I see nothing wrong with it. Moreover, I think what the bank is actually saying is that economics is the pathway to freedom. And they're right. If you're money aint right it will be hard not to feel like a slave. And if you have low or no credit then your ability to make money by borrowing is almost nonexistent and life will be more expensive with higher interest rates. Once you have good credit you can buy property or open a credit line for a business. But again... its a good metaphor and we should never wait or get mad at the government to do something for us that we can do for ourselves.

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