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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Black World, why is it that you do not know this time that we are now living in?

Why is it that you fail to recognize the dynamics of this Time from a position of Past experiences, a Time embedded in Divine Reality, yet here you are, unable to recognize your very own that is among you and is qualified to share with you that which you once KNEW ABOUT ABOUT THE DIFFERENCE OF being AND NOT being, AND SUCH FORGETFULNESS, IS WHY THE BLACK WORLD CAN NOT ACCEPT THE DIVINE FACT THAT THERE IS A FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE IN being SPIRITUAL AND being HUMAN.

I know that you Black so call Afrikans have been made to be unworthy to Self and such a happening has caused the Black World to not now Know what Time it is today, and I am not referring to Man-Made Time, because the only True Time, is Divine Spiritual Time, a Time in which will reveal our re-awakening, the re-awakening of the forgotten Black World.

Beloved Black People, all that you believe that you know, is what verify, that you do not know that which you should know, about the Black Life Dynamics, and it is those events that reveal the distinction between the Divine Spiritual Being and the Profane Human Being and when the Divine Truth come to awaken you to your Divine Black Self, you take such a revelation to be that which is predicated upon Race, as you have been conditioned to deny your Black selves, not knowing that such knowledge has nothing to do with the Prejudice that ring True in the Racial identity of a Divine People, whose every impulse, tell you that the None Color of your Being, has nothing to do with the Social Stratification of Beings with a different Dimension of Conscious, but has all to do with you knowing the difference in being Divinely Spiritual as oppose to being Profanely Human.

Beloved, the Divine Essence, that which the Human Being has set up to be referred to as GOD, do you not See, Feel, and Hear the coming of the Universe extended revelation, do you not recognize what is about to happen in this Life Time, a Time that has been before, and yet you do not recognize this Time, because of the fact that your Divine frequency is no longer vibrating as it should be, so now you live in a Time you know not, as you submit to profane Teaching, a teaching that tell you to believe that being Human is a Universal order, when in fact you serve to be the evidence that Humanity is of UN-natural happening and is in conflict with Divine Spirituality, a quality that verify that Black People are Divine Beings and is not a member of the Social Creation of the Human Being.

Beloved, have you not wondered why in this Time, you are witnessing the Anti Divinity of a Being that appear somewhat as you do but in actuality is not as you are and that is why the Human Being Family has come to embrace this Being of a Dual Nature and call out to be neither Fact or Fiction, telling you that he has come amongst you as a Blind Human being, one that Lie and Deceive the once Divine Beings, you who has grown to not Know whom you are and without such Divine Knowledge, it prevent you from knowing the difference in being Divinely spiritual and being Profanely human, one is of a Divine Order and the other is of a Profane disorderly perception, full of Disrespect toward those that carry the sign of a Spiritual ingredient, the Non-Color of a Being that is without the Knowledge of Self, caused by a People referring to themselves as Human Beings, an object that teach you to be submissive to all that it Profanely teach you to believe about God, Universe, and your None Color Self.

It is the Being Without Color that is of a Spiritual Nature, a sign of a Conscious that is qualified to go beyond the Human Being conscious dimension and enter the Dimension of Divine Spiritual consciousness, a Dimension that enable you to hyper-communicate with your DNA composition, the internal Electrical Element that contain and consist of Divine Intelligence, a Process that reveal to you all information that flow through the Mind of the Conscious and the Super Divine Conscious Dimension, coming from your DNA, qualifying you to See that which can not be Looked upon and do dwell on the Internal Dimension of your Divine Spiritual Level, a level that have you to know beyond the Science of learning and enter the internal Dimension of Intuitive Knowing, a Divine Quality that far exceed the physical external level of illusional Believing to know.

Barack can come to be an instrument of Enlightenment or can come to be an instrument of Lies and deception, because to deny the Rise of the Black Divine Being in This Time, a Time that has come to be a Time of Divine Re-awakening and it is the Black World that only qualify to inter-relate with this Time and for Obama to deny this Time, Meaning, and Purpose, is to Deny the Divine right for the Resurrection of his Father Linage, an act that will serve to become Woe unto Him, because you See, even the Human Beings know, it is Time for the Rise of that Divine Star again, but such a Rising Star must Rise up out of the East, ascending from the Midst of a Revealing Divine Darkness, the Black Nation.

Let Those Of you Who can see, Know that Which Has Been Revealed To you Today !!!

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

Chief Elder
First way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism/Repatriation/Reparation


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