Chief Elder Osiris : Is Religion An Obstacle To Afrikan Liberation?

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    How can religion be an obstacle to Afrikan liberation, some of you might be
    wondering and some may think or say, it is religion that keep us sane and in
    our right mind and if we did not have faith in God, there is no telling
    where we might be.

    Beloved, does such statements ring true to your ears and is it not a fact
    that is the way most Afrikans think about our life and about god?

    So let me show you why such thinking is an obstacle to the liberation of
    Afrikan people.

    All that you believe about God is predicated on what religion has and is
    teaching you and it is that historical book call the bible that we put all
    of our life trust in and we get pissed off if somebody come and challenge
    its apparent true purpose, not realizing that such a book loaded with
    symbols and codes for the mere purpose to deceive the mind of the Afrikan
    and all else who consent to sign on to believing such deceptive lies,
    presented clothed in threats of damnation and eternal burning in Hell or if
    submissive and obedient to its instruction and command, eternal life in
    heaven will be your reward, I have come to tell you that there is no greater
    lie has been told than that which the bible present to you, my dear beloved
    and such keep you meek and humble in your oppression and suffering.

    As I speak, there are two different version of religion being presented as I
    speak, one presented by those people who call themselves Jews and the thief
    and devil of Rome people, commonly known as Caucasian and Christians.

    Of course there are many other religions around today and the next that is
    close to the two prime religions is what is called Islam, a religion that
    attempt to straddle the fence in some Islamic circle by neither accepting
    fully or rejecting fully the religion of the Jew and the religion of the

    But for sake of clarity for the moment and consistency, let us remain on the
    culprits who stole the concept and ideas about God, Universe and Being from
    our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors.

    Listen, let me say right now, I am not sharing this truth to generate a
    debate with anyone, the truth need not to be debated and so I say, if you
    are really comfortable in submitting your life to something that a known
    thief and a robbing murder has so created in the name of God and presented
    to you, then that is sad but yet it is true and such a choice is yours alone
    to make and live with.

    Beloved, so call Judaism had been going on about approximately four
    centuries before the religion of Christianity as presented by the Vatican
    catholic church.

    Some of you might be wondering, where is the Chief Elder getting all of that
    information from and you know Black folks, if information is not originating
    from white folks then it ain't so, especially if it is coming from an
    Afrikan and he is not basing what he says on the white man information.

    You know how we are about each other when it come to information when we can
    not find it in the white man books, the first thing we love to yell, where
    did you do your research and I say in the very depth
    of my Black Afrikan soul, using from time to time this devil books to serve
    as a base on a particular subject that is of interest to me and then I
    surpass and extend the information that the book is giving, and such you
    should begin to practice as I speak and what I am speaking about.

    Beloved, remember, whenever you are reading somebody else book, all you are
    doing is reading the thoughts and, ideas and opinion of the writer on the
    subject matter at hand, sure he may have done some back ground research and
    references on and against some of his colleagues or other white folks work,
    but basically it remain within the realm of white folks, information I am
    speaking of.

    So when I read, I think as well, forming my on hypothesis and thoughts and
    ideas about that particular subject matter, critiquing this devil as I read
    his lies, some times mixed with truths, pertaining to the subject matter and
    in this case, the subject is religion, a belief system that the white man
    created in order to conquer the minds of the world.

    As you know, well I will assume that you know, the Jews think differently
    from the Vatican about this character name Jesus, one view him as a regular
    Human Being with Human urges and desires, this is the Jews perception of
    Jesus and the other view him as a divine Human Being, claiming him to be the
    son of God, who came into this world not by Natural birth using nature
    requirement of opposites, but he came to this world by immaculate birth,
    needing not the union of opposite to create him and that process of belief
    hangs on the doctrine presented under the auspice of what is called
    Christian religion.

    In 325 AD I think if my memory serve me correctly, King Constantine summon
    his so call holy scribes, cardinals and bishops together for the purpose to
    compose a document laying out the lies about Jesus and god, with rules and
    laws as well as commandments that will subdue the minds of the world, using
    one of the more sophisticated scare tactic ever devise my man, which so
    demand today that you either believe in them or die a horrible burning death
    maintaining feeling and will suffer that horrible pain through out all
    eternity, such is the basis of religion, to scare and deceive the Hell out
    of you and bring Heaven into you.

    The main motivation of the Christian church is to forever debase and demean
    the Feminine Gender, goddess that she is and all through the Christian bible
    it show forth an effort to show the Feminine gender in the most deceiving

    The crusade was all about defacing and debasing the Feminine goddess gender,
    sacred and divine that she is and they the Christians know who it was that
    knew the divinity of the Feminine gender, our ancient Afrikan Ancestors, the
    people whose knew Theology about God, it was the Jews and Christians that
    did use our Ancestors knowledge to create their religion, for mere purpose
    to control and abuse the laws of nature, which teach to honor life, children
    women and men by obeying the natural law of opposite, which is to bring
    harmony, balance and order, such is not the objective of the Christian
    religion or any other religion for that matter.

    The Knight Templar of the fraternity of the priory scion and the fraternity
    of Opus Dei, two factions that is still at war with each other today, a
    struggle that involve the freeing or continue confining by hiding the truth
    about Jesus and the feminine goddess gender.

    The Rose is the symbol of the Knight Templars and it hold many deep hidden
    secrets about Jesus, and the Feminine goddess.

    Beloved, this is to be continued, I might have gone a little to long for
    some of you who have interest in knowing the Truth about the most deadly
    institution there is, religion, and the Christian religion, which serve as
    the main culprit in deceiving the Afrikan Nation and the world about this
    factious character name Jesus, they so projected him to be the son of God
    and savior of the world, yes I speak of the white world that is responsible
    for such lies about God and Jesus.

    Next, part four.

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Honor,Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant,Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
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    For some I would say yes. As many peoples minds and views have been corrupted by the europenized way of thinking. Take the chains of your brains my brothers and sisters don't allow your minds to be clouded.

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