Black community Empowerment, was something engaged in from , every major city from the 60s , until COINTELPRO, destroyed all the Black Movements during the late 80s , and by the 90s infected the Black community with a Cultural Virus , that would create a subconscious disdain for Black unity , Collective Economics Collective Politics, Community Love, extended family love and by the mid to late 90s, even the simple Love between Man and Woman!

Now that we know the problem, it will take a cadre of 30 Conscious and Tech savvy Sisters and Brothers, to create a Cultural revolution t go viral to be the antivirus to Gangsta Thug Balling Drill Culture, that has decimated the basic urge towards Black unity, and the Pimp and Trap Culture, that has caused so much mysogeny on the Black woman to the point where relationships , no longer have the longevity they did back in the 60s 70s and early 80s, and the marriage rates , have drastically dropped !
If we are quick to clean up a Virus or Malware from our computers, so that it wil function correctly,
how much moreso, should we have enough Love for our people , to get rid of a Culture , that has us poltically and economically malfunctioning
I think her country says the USA, but in that context, my beef with the comic book movie , up for the Oscars, was that in the minds of too many Black children unaware of Garvey or Malcolm or Nkhrumah, it made the concept of something we should all be working towards, look villainous instead of heroic; Global Black Unity, and regarding ourselves as a Global Black community! Not as the movie puts it under Killmonger as terrorists, but under Garvey, as working with each other for Economic Empowerment!
Obviously he, she or it's using a fee trial version IPA hider because the original flag was French and to continue using an original global IPA hider on free versions is difficult at best because paid members get first choice on available IPA's. Could be wrong but let's wait and see.
If she or he or whoever came from Mars, isnt the question an important one in regards to what we have to face as a people , for the next 2 years??
I wholeheartedly agree with you Ndugu but when a supposed new member who like all of us members here should've read the TOS and/or at least lurked a bit to get the flavor of the site jumps right over the Kitchen Table or the Hi It's Me Chat Box or whatever the Introductory Sub-forum is called and ramps right up to some serious socially significant issue without some semblance of merit seems odd, wouldn't you agree? Or could be a sock. Like I said, let's just wait and see.
at over 60 years old, born in Brooklyn, attended lectures of Dr Clarke , Dr Ben and Dr Amos Wilson in the 90s, if darn sock , came to any social media and dropped this , I would not even check the size of the sock, or brand or fabric , I would thank it ! As you see on the side bar it says over 157, robots are here right now! What does that tell you??


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