Black People : Is Racism a Dirty Game


Jul 2, 2003
Is racism a dirty game?

Played on and one of the lowest tricks known about man.

Is it the act of triggering your basic instinct to fight or flight?

Well if it is then then it is brilliant.

When faced with hard times or a dangerous situation.

We fight or flight. Neither is bad. It is a gift to man for protection.

Having tough times economically, one tend to collect the causes.

Is it those who are greedy that are causing this, holding one down or back from advancing?

Is it that race over there, them… you knowing that group?

Who always having needs, wanting, or those who believe they are entitled.

Could it be those who believe they deserve this or that because they exist?

That race blaming this race. Saying they are on assistance or they are the reason.

In summary they are all fight related.
It is easy to blame or fight with someone close to you, on the same playing field in many respects and part of the team, the makeup of the human race or equation that make up a whole.

We are not runners. So the dilemma lingers in the mind differently from perspective to perspective.

All the while the manipulators are winning again.

Then the alarm clock goes off and the routine we all know well commences. Get up… drag another decade under your belt and get to that job.

Have we mastered the fight or flight mechanism in our brain?

Enough to stay focused and know. Or understand that there are ways to change anything. A way in has a way out. Not always pleasant but it does.

A box or room has a way in and out.

Shall we continue to play or get a grip on to this situation?

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