Black Sports : Is Pro Wrestling Still Entertaining?

Discussion in 'Black Sports' started by UBNaturally, May 28, 2016.

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    I used to watch in my youth until it became too scripted and unoriginal, and all this was before it was officially exposed as being more or less a stage act.

    The conflict with me was where to post this, in Entertainment or in Sports?
    Considering what these actors have to do in order to put on these performances, I'd consider it an athletic event either way.

    But my question is, does Pro Wrestling still have a sort of draw that it did, even if we know how it goes down?

    Here are a few matches that I consider entertaining and still give moments of "did they really just do that", on the more mild level of course. Those cage matches from WWF were border line suicidal.

    Feel free to post some moments from Pro Wrestling (not sure if backyard wrestling is in the same category, but those too) that would be considered entertaining.

    Shanna vs La Rosa Negra

    La Rosa Negra vs Hania

    Hania vs. Eric Corvis