Black People : Is personal opinion and ideology getting in the way of progress / unity?

Barry Irving

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Feb 19, 2015
...Social / political advocates have their education, experience, insight...references...but can they really speak for all?...The Race?

... How many community gatherings have we seen that erupted in shouting and name calling? many "experts" have we seen on the evening news disagree vastly on points that are crucial to the community?...seems like more of a face saving or one up competition. How many non African American "experts give their "ANALysis" uninvited by us?...the resulting fallout is always conflict and heated disagreements from us and among us...on something that we should have been defining or had defined to the degree possible? American Free will is a Constitutional pillow that we all sleep on.

...The rights to authority that we don't have in society in general are population, history and experience based. It seems that in everyday life, we seize that right most with each other or when someone gets shot! American Free Will is the Constitutional supporter of our ardent's law so we have that confidence. Even if we are wrong or not ethical, people say The Constitution is to protect "ALL" expression , even if it's Racist...which is absurd...

...The Constitution is a protective agent. To have it protect your Racism with all that it represents lawlessly and historically is a corruption. It takes ethics and character to uphold a law if you understand that Law has to be subjective. African Americans straddle this same contradiction with the ethnic label of BLACK!...Black like White is a color based Social construct, no matter the reason that it was adopted. This subject is where FREE WILL wreaks havoc on our conversation on any Race related subject. I can't help but see how much more our race could have if we could over ride the urge to disagree...but then, what I see is just my opinion!


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