Black Poetry : IS PERFECTION 2 much 2 ask!?!?! Poem

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    Searching 4 perfection

    Question Is Asking for perfection asking 4 too much??

    u seee...

    cuz I have This tendency

    to date Girls amazing at the surface

    dimes with nickel insides some worthless

    And id use the excuse "like nobodies perfect"

    but God Didn't Create the Heavens and the Earthes

    and say(hand movement like eeeeh) give me some time 2 rework it

    so why can't i find a girl who's worth it??

    See In my past id generally attract models 2 hood chicks

    Ones who pop bottles or ride good ****

    Id be the pig who'd build his house with wood not brick

    and slowly we'd sink like sand that's quick

    But c that was the old me

    I've chilled the devils holda me

    A war was waging inside me

    Found worth in pretty women

    Cuz I had no pride in me

    my bestfriends name was misery

    made me want 2 do the opposite of chivalry...

    and yes I know the law of attraction

    But it's hard! when the ugly duckling finally getting action

    so i guess I overlooked half of the fraction

    Cuz Before theyd walk right past em

    now im runnin! from my exs! jus hoppin i out last em

    The hole in my relationships, was jus below the navel

    Id try 2 save this girls like Prince charming of the fable

    Hoping my charm could keep us both entertained

    Cuz their Minds would Bleed thru my shirt leaving stains

    and in 3 months id know if they were worthy of my Name

    but maybe i jus need 2 relax on some Hendrix purple haze....

    and stop making the excuses like.. "They'll change it's just a phase"

    cuz Like Twins Love can be mistaken 4 Lust at First sight
    especially when u've never know love but u and lust are so tight

    confusion happens when the sex is so Good u cant Tell Left from Right

    cuz we all deseve 1 deserving of our 25 to life

    someone who'd go 2 hell and back 4 us twice
    and me!>!

    I want perfection from her soul 2 her touch

    I want Beauty that chockes like a cobra clutch

    A mind that keeps me confident yet Humble
    that provides food for thought when my mind starts 2 rumble

    I want a woman WHo would Speak Her Mind even if Her mouth was tapped shut

    who uses her intelligence 2 get what she wants Not her Butt

    I want her Conversation to Pierce my Brain

    Like a Surgeon Untrained im tired of dumb dames

    when i hang up the phone i can't even remember my name

    I want a woman who shoots for what she aims

    who wont say **** In Vain

    whos her simple words woould keep a stressted man sain

    and I wanna love a HER Like mc's love Hip Hop

    and **** cliché we'd be 2 peas in a pot

    Wearing matching outfits like Kris kross

    and if earth went back 2 the stone age

    We'd be happy jus kicking rocks

    and aaaallll that irrelevant ****,

    would no longer matter

    She wouldn't want 2 empty my pockets but make em fatter

    We wouldn't need a stairway 2 success we'd take Gods Ladder

    a smile that could brighten my world like sunshine

    the type of woman u want 2 see in your suns eyes

    cuz if shes gonna hve my love or Rock my ring

    she'd have 2 steal not half my heart but the whole THING

    Rob my soul and leave me shook!

    cuz "aint no such thing as Half way crooks"

    BUT Maybe im just 2 young 2 be thinking like this

    cuz i've been taught to follow my bliss

    And Maybe I should be satisfied with jus being sprung?

    Stop searching for substance And jus have fun?

    Maybe I Should be happy with lust?

    Date alotta woman and be a man u can't trust

    I MEAN **** is perfection asking for 2 much??

    I mean I know I'm not perfect

    But each 1 of my imperfections

    2 her would be a service

    And her negative times my negative

    I'm positive it be worth it

    id need her Like an Poet needs 2 write

    Like a Boxers needs his Right

    Like a Plant needs its Light

    Wed be like 2 interlocking hands

    Fall together because for each other we stand

    And im smiling now but some Men laugh when they mean 2 cry

    And I just want my missing rib That was pulled from my side

    And if she out in the crowd and she's listening

    ur the reason why my skin is glistening

    BUt if u can hear me clearly I jus wanna apologize

    Cuz when u asked those Men for the truth

    I had God have them Tell u True Lies

    so ud go cold from such a numb feeling

    and u wouldn't get sleep u'd jus stare at the ceiling

    U'd be silent but ur lungs keep weezing

    ur heart would slow and ud wanna stop breathing

    and a piece of ur soul end up leaving

    and All u could think 2 Do was Cry

    and u probably wondering why

    i did it so u could appreciate a man of integrity

    so u could feel the warmth from my soul as u standin next 2 me

    and the weezing was the sound of my prayers being answered

    ur heart would slow so Mine could learn 2 be beat faster

    so when we meet I could Be your souls missing piece

    and ud never wanna say GoodBye cuz u'd finally feel complete

    I did it so u could know the lowest of lows

    so i could take u 2 the highest of highs

    i did it so i could worship each fallen tear like heaven rest in your eyes

    and IM sorry im so late cuz like white people im usually early, if not on time

    But God was working on me like I work on rhymes

    Cuz my Mind was weak like every pick up line,

    multiplied a thousand times

    And I didn't want u to have 2 carry 2 on such a treaturous climb

    I had 2 be perfect 4 u in order for our Lights 2 intertwine

    but whats ironic

    is now that i found u i wanna take things slow

    make more room in my chest 2 allow our love 2 grow

    I wanna be the 1 man God ment 2 lay between your thighs

    and when i finally do! ima be the one that cries

    ima cry cuz it would mean I was married

    and all the Searching was killed and barried

    it mean the Breeze at my Back lead me in the right direction

    And I finally finally !! Have… my… perfection.

    Now figure out what Your Settling For???
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    True, no one is perfect, but we can set standards such that an attractive package is just not enough. Experience is such a great teacher. Really enjoyed the word play within this lesson well learned. Welcome back, poet!
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    Thank u much love!
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    BUSINESS owner
    perfection is not being perfect but setting a power standard to be perfect
    nice write
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    wow brotha Timmytim!!! thats the kind of love i've found and i hope u get exactly what u asked God for!!! Thats some true love if you could write about it!!! Im proud of u!!!:toast:
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    nobody is perfect

    but it doesn't hurt to be the best you can be

    and if the "other" person can't meet you have way then..................

    you must move on

    peace poet
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    Student by day, Poet by night
    That was an amazing write,poet!!!
    :wave: :wave: :wave: