Black Relationships : Is our lack of knowledge of self, the reason we seek outside companionship?

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Dec 20, 2004
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this was originally for the "why do black woman....." thread, but by the time i clicked 'reply' it was closed. So i really want to find out just how much we know about what we, both black female & male were put thru at the hands of white people that some of us still today, would seek them out for companioship.

Now, i'm not talking to anyone personally. I am speaking in general, so I DON'T WANT ANY PERSONAL STORIES OR EXPERIENCES to avoid going to the same route the other thread did which is the reason for it no longer existing. I just want us to post some things that we have read and researched and just what we think has changed so much in them that we think we can trust them with our bodies and bare 'fruit with them. So i would humbly ask that if you can't post without speaking personally, not to post unless you have a question about something you may read here from a historical perspective. Thanks in advance!




No disrespect meant to anyone, but after seeing the title to the above book, a question suddenly appeared in my 'thought' box. (remember this was originally meant to go in the other thread)

Could the reason some of us, black male & female see no problem with dating white people be the lack of a firm grip on our 'history'?

Do we not know of the atrocities committed sexually against us, both male and female by the parents of the one's some of us seek today?

(see a thread titled: 'slave documents')

Do the brothers not know how the white woman would set the black woman up to be murdered when she found out that her husband had been creepin' round the slave quarters late in the moonlight hour? Do you even know that this is where the term 'CREEPIN' comes from? The white woman would thoroughly abuse some of these black woman mentally by inviting her into the house to be shown butt naked to other whites from nearby who were also invited for whatever type of party they were having and she was introduced as a wench. Sometimes, even being rented out to other slave masters and overseer's for their enjoyment before being returned only to be killed a short while later as an example to the other woman to stay away from 'massa'.

Do the sisters know that there is more than one definition of 'breaking a buck'? Do they know that the white man is by nature, a homosexual and could never FULLY love or give himself to any woman, not even his own? This is because before the so called white man made his so called white woman his wife, he was already mating with other white men. Do the knowledge. Take a look around you, it's not the black man who has set up these tv shows glorifying homosexuality and effeminizing black men on tv since the absence of James Evans!


This absence of the strong black male is in direct correlation to the decline of black on black marriages and the rise of IR relationships, as well as black homosexuality, due to the subliminal messages that these shows purposely send. Tyler perry didn't rise out from under the ashes with a dress on by accident.


So if we're going to do statistics, i'd like someone to look up those stat's highlighted, i just mentioned to see if that is not right & exact.

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Sep 29, 2005
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This is just what I think.

I think that some of us ARE conscious, aware and knowledgeable about our his-story but choose to exercise options outside of our cultural group for personal reasons.

There is no single reasons thus there is no single mindset or explanation that I can give.

I leave the rest for those concerned.

Jan 22, 2001
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hmmmm ... :thinking: ...

generally ... when a thread is closed because it is too disruptive, disrespectful, etc., opening another one immediately after so the discussion can continue ... does not fare well.

I closed the other thread so i would not have to deal with the babysitting, disrespectful, juvenile behavior found in the other one ... i don't want that work to do ... so i closed the thread and removed the work from myself ... but this thread puts the potential of that same work right before me again ... i don't like it ... as you've virtually undid my entire decision.

Those that got a free pass, some time away from the volatility, are now subject to it again = more work for me.

I'm really not feeling this ... sorry ... this thread is closed too.

I love you Brother Info and know you mean no harm ... it's just that it's more than you and i ... my responsibility.

This thread is closed.


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