Is our Inner Parts keeping us in Dis-Unity w/universe/Nature

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    Beloved One:

    Is our Inner Parts keeping us in Dis-Unity w/universe/Nature/Ancestors?

    How is not knowing about our Inner Parts is keeping us in Dis-Unity with Universe/Nature and ourselves?

    Can we say we know All about ourselves when we do not know about the Inner workings?

    Can we truly Be all that we are meant to Be without knowledge, understanding over standing of all our inners.

    Do our children know this information, or do we leave the teaching of this information to others to teach them?

    How much of knowing about our inner will keep us from having to go to doctors?

    With all the technology available, the University in our homes, libraries, dictionaries, we do not need to go to a school to know this.

    The researcher and Physician in us need to wake up and get busy.

    What part of our inner parts are not part of our mind-thoughts?
    I Honor and respect my Beloved Brain that houses my conscious/subconscious, and I feed it with Divine Right Thoughts
    I Honor and respect my Beloved heart that is the Key to my Last Breath
    Human body - Wikipedia

    Human body
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The human body is the entire physical structure of a human organism. The human body consists of a head, neck, torso, two arms and two legs. The average height of an adult human is about 1.6 m (5 to 6 feet) tall. This size is largely determined by genes. Body type and body composition are influenced by postnatal factors such as diet and exercise.
    The human body is often called a "body". The body of a dead person is called a "corpse" or "cadaver".

    Basic Anatomy - Tissues & Organs
    Human skeleton - Wikipedia

    Bone Marrow
    Bone marrow - Wikipedia

    I honor and respect ALL of me inside and outside.

    I Am still learning :baby:
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    Mother Goddess, you say you are still learning, but your knowledge is constantly teaching me and reminding me.

    Dis-Unity and Dis-ease go hand in hand.

    "Unity" implies that we are whole, complete, unified, as one with ourself, with the Earth, with Universe. There is no separation. We are the closed fist, fingers held together tightly. Secure. We are a comm-Unity.

    Unity is like a car in perfect working condition. All the parts operate and work like the original design. The car accelerates as designed. The brakes work, the windshield wipers work. Everything is in good working order. The car is in unity with its original design, and "designer."

    Years later, the car starts acting up. Its slow to accelerate. Smoke is coming from under the hood. It backfires from time to time. We take the car to a mechanic, he says "this car is in disunity with its original design, a part needs to be repaired, or even replaced."

    A simple part on a car can cause it to fail and malfunction. So what is true for a car, which is a machine- is true for the body which is also a machine.

    For most of us, our bodies are not in unity with its original design and "designer", and this doesn't mean what the body was like when we were children, even though those results factor in also, but it really means what our bodies were like originally in Africa.

    The unity we experience with our bodies has to do with our breath, our blood, our skin and our thoughts. Through our breath we have unity with the Earth. Through our blood, we have unity with our Ancestors. Through our skin we have Unity with each other. Through our Thoughts we have Unity with the Universe around and within us.

    Dis-unity and Dis-ease is provided when somehow these functions are disrupted. For example, foods that overload the circulatory system, corrupt the Unity with our Ancestors. For this reason highly spiritual people usually fast for days before prayer or to channel their Ancestors. I myself will refrain from eating and only drink water if I have to channel information.

    Our breath is disrupted by toxic air. Its even worst if you smoke, but if you live in a big city, you are already smoking. Which means we are disconnected from the Earth. People who live away from Big Cities, near water, near large bodies of trees, forests etc., usually have a better relationship with the Earth than people who don't.

    Our skin is how we interact with one another, how we identify each other as family and tribes, how we interact socially as well as sexually. Yet the skin is like a tongue. We eat through the skin too. The skin is the largest organ and our security system. When we are in dis-unity with each other, it is because of how we "define" our skin and how we have allowed our skin to be defined.

    Our thoughts connect us to the Universe. Thoughts are like the flesh of the spiritual world. "Divine Thoughts" as you have mentioned Goddess, produce Divine fruit. To program into us Divine positive Thoughts, we were given music, poetry, song- all of these things- help our Unity with the Universe, some might say with God or with Spirit.

    I am a golden sunflower in the morning, and a bright sliver rose at nite-
    rivers are my blankets in my darkness, forests are my clothes in light

    The rhythm of our thoughts helps to create the unity to heal the dis-ease.
    We summon the power for healing from the Universe.

    Heal what is connected to our breath, heal what is connected to our blood, heal what is connected to our skin, heal what is connected to our thoughts.
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    Beloved Mwkg Divine Seer a True brother, MS writes: Mother Goddess, you say you are still learning, but your knowledge is constantly teaching me and reminding me.

    Beloved you see the edification, inspiration, motivation, and the equipping of Divine Truth in that statement. That is a perfect example of how we are to unite in Mind-thoughts with each other. You and like minds knowledge is constantly teaching me and reminding me too.

    MS: Dis-Unity and Dis-ease go hand in hand.

    Full of deadly poison, pressed down within with the Hot Iron of lies and deception.

    I bow to all of our people who have let go of their Ego and handed in their Playa cards.

    I remain humble.

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