Black Poetry : Is Love Still Needed?


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Bishop walks the halls of the House of Light
No one here to share in his comfort or delight
For the Sea of Love is calm and empty
No one needs the Master of Extasy
My book is closed, my pen is down
Turn off the jazz music, as Bishop looks around
All is quiet
Love has gone on a diet
No need to be freaked
No one’s heart willing to be reached
My mind reflects on those that know
The power and anointing of the poetic flow
Hear the bell toll at the stroke of midnight
Hear the swooshing winds of Rich in flight
In the poetry house Ubzorbshun is being extreme
While N2urSoul tries to make men’s heart sing
Blakverb and GQ moved on to different levels
And Natasha is being quite the devil
Heartbeat keeps beating and Afri keeps dancing
Cindy wants someone to be accountable and twofish is looking for romancing
Baller is giving women tribute
While Watcher’s pen is moving yet his voice remains mute
Garlicsalt provides a different flavor
For his words are the ones that the ladies savor
Then you have the great ones Amun & Alyce
Whose scribe gets deeper and their flow increase
But yet and still I have no new inspiration
My pen is dying, needing resuscitation
Is there still room for extasy
Is there yet room for intimacy
Tis the dusk of another day
And I have no more love to convey
I lay my head down and my eyes close
I often think will this be the final prose
I kiss ya mental

for love is always needed
you being her favorite son
knows this for fact
final prose
no one knows
do what you must
your soul

love is always needed
thats why you shine
somebody gotta
keep that beacon
burnin so we can
find out way back home
and share of the places
where we roamed

:heart: ya
taking Bishop's pen in hand
then to my mouth as much as i can
it's so big and thick and sweet
oh my, i'm not suppose to eat
this pen that flows so great
Destee! remember resuscitate!

ok ok let me try this again
into my mouth i place his pen
never wanting its flow to end
breathing life into the tip
mmmm taste so good upon my lips
i feel it throbbing!
there is a pulse!
oh my i think i felt it thrust!
as the ink begins to pour
the pen's alive once more




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