Chief Elder Osiris : Is Life Really Such A Mystery?

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    Is Life Really Such A Mystery?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    What is fate other than you causing your living destiny, which is determine not by predestination but is caused by you who is living while in possession of your life.

    What is it that is so complicated about life, or is it that we confuse Life with living, one has a destiny with infinity, because it is infinite in its existence, but living, well you can determine its fate.

    I would even venture to share that life is so simple to know and understand until a fool should not error in knowing its destiny, life destiny, well it is to be lived and the fate of your life living, it is determine by the way you choose to have the will to live your life, meaning that destiny and fate is not synonymous to each other, but is the antonym to each other, appearing to be the same when it is not, just as life and living.

    There is a saying that comes to mind when dealing with the dynamics of destiny and fate, as they apply to life and our living of it, the saying goes like this; when I was a child I spoke as a child and I acted as a child and thought as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things, meaning in life, there is a destiny attached to it that apply, and the destiny is, in life there is two things that are inevitable, and they are, advancing in its action of motion, and moving in a cycle of continued change, advancing in each frame of motion, changing as life advance from one frame to another, meaning that there is no death to life, only to living.

    When living you mature from infant child, to adolescence, to adulthood, death being the crown to living, the finite to living, but not to life, because life is eternal infinite motion, having only a destiny and not a fate..

    To live, there must be attached life, and life, there is attached its destiny, which is continued change and motion, so when you are conceived, your life is with a destiny from that moment of conception, which is to be for ever changing while in eternal motion.

    Therefore life in and of itself does in fact has a predetermined destination, Infinity.

    Now, not all time do we experience the play out from the time of conception concerning the process of living and maturing, and when not, one can say that was a premature destiny in the progression of life, while in the act of living, not fate but an abbreviated act of our life reaching its destiny.

    The fact that life present to you an act with a predetermine destiny, whether your life is lived out to its fullness or not, then in the way you live that life, it become one of fate, and you can determine what to be the out come of your life living condition.

    There is nothing that is inevitable about the out come in the way that you live your life, you determine your living fate, which is an out come set in your life by the way you live your life, and the way you live your life, is based upon not some prophecy or fortune teller or a crystal ball reader or a made up God action, but by your choices that determine the decision you make while living your life.

    Your living decisions does determine and effect the way that you live your life, which cause it not to be a mystery but cause you to be aware of the way that you are living, while in possession of your life.

    Now, the beauty of all of this in regard to living, is that it come with what is referred to as a Mind and the fact that there is the ability to Think and reason your way while in possession of your life, done so for purpose of making decisions that will determine the fate of your life living condition, it tell me that our life living is not predetermined, not premeditated by somebody or something, but is based upon the decision we make during the time allotted to the time for us to live with the possession of our life, which has a destiny.

    Our living condition is immediately unfolding, based upon the way we Think our way through, during our course of living, while attached to life, which does determine the way that we live during the time of our life, and it is that mental process that become the fate of the living ways in our life, with you being in charge of your living fate.

    The quality of your thoughts are what cause the inevitability of your living condition, which become the fate of your living, and not your life, and on the living level of life, the inevitable out come, come from you living, which can be changed, when dealing with the decision you make while living, but not when dealing with life, life is just the provider that give you the opportunity to live, and in living, you make choices to determine the way you desire to live, while in possession of your life

    What we must come to understand is that there is a difference in Life and living, you can not have one without the other, but you must know the difference between the two dynamics.

    Living is because of life and is spread out over the progression of Time, but life is without the experience of living, while engulfed in the stability of the presence of Time, moving in term of advancing from one stage of living condition to another, while the fate of living is that which life require the process of Thought, which come from the mind of the living and not life, life is divine ethereal motion, living is physical in motion.

    Because life is for the body, so it is that the body essence has a destiny, and the living of that life, well the living has a fate to be determined by the decision you make, which will determine your living condition.

    There is nothing mysterious about living, it is three dimensional, body, maturity, and death, the mystery is in living Divinely, so in the Divine presence of Life, as in each moment of Time, we constantly play out the scripted thoughts that is in the entertainment of us living, while life is present in the body physical.

    Living is as a movie and its bodies are the actors acting out the script of life, through living, as our living is made to be manifest in the mind and displayed by the body action.

    Therefore, to appear on life canvas, living is done so, frame by frame, with the mind being life projector, making visible the living condition of each frame of our living action, with fate being a part to each frame of our living, so fate apply to the living condition of each of our life and not to life, because life has a predetermined destiny, which is revolving infinite Divine motion.

    You can know the condition of your mind by your body living condition, and the quality of your mind is what determine the fate of your living condition.

    Life is the entity of the Divine Essence, it is an action that is without the need to be measured and is beyond all action that is physical, so when dealing with Life, you are referencing the infinite reality of the Divine Essence, and since it is wise to know that such a Divine Intelligence is without the need to be created, then it has no need to be a creator, and since the Divine Essence is the Divine Action of Life, then Life is not present because of a creation.

    All things that is Life, is of the infinite Truth and Reality of the Divine Essence, the Divine Infinite Energy Intelligence, that which give life to the body with the ability to be lived, but life is not of the living, but is of the Infinite Existence, meaning that there is no such a thing as creation when referencing the Divine Essence.

    All things of life is that of a continued motion and Life is Motion, and motion is the Energy of the Divine Essence, and the Divine Essence is without the need to be created or to create, so life is not a creation by the Divine Essence, it is the Divine Essence, and all things of a continuum, is without a beginning or an ending, it is just what it is, Life motion continuum.

    Life is with a destiny that flows into infinity, but living is finite, with a fate caused by the act of living and not life.

    It is the living that Die, not Life.(motion)

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self,Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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    greetings chief,i think that we have it wrong,it's not the living that's the mystery it's death because although most folks think they know what happens after we die,the truth is that nobody knows and for all our postering about the afterlife i don't think we're even close to knowing what awaits us on the other side...always good talking to you chief,keep teaching.
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    Beyond my own understanding
    my opinion

    Life is only a mystery when you do not know Self. Know this and then you will know your purpose in this life. Free will and Fate factors in as well. I am starting to realize more, by experience not someone else opinion, that I am programmed. I am a movie lover for example, and at times I fanatisize my life to fashion off of what I see on t.v. This fools me into believing that my life should play out a certain way based off of what I saw on t.v maybe today or in the past. Thats why I observe speech critically because some of things that are said and seen are not what they appear to be, if this makes any sense.