Black Spirituality Religion : Is Jesus/God Real?


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Feb 26, 2013
Now i have religion issues man. My brothers and sisters man its insane. Everyday i think about this. It be on my mind and its likei be afraid if i live my life doubting that i will go to hell. But then wonder if hell is really all that bad. But then wonder if all this stuff is even true.

Some days i feel it is others i do not. Its like an off an on thing. It kinda crazy we have to serve a higher being who do not even know exists but on the same token i feel the other way around.

So what do you people think?

I say the Father and the Holy Son do indeed exist. No one on earth created themselves and none can salvage themselves from the fire which be prepared for such a wicked generation. One can conclude that the Father is our Creator and KING and the Holy Son our salvation and King.

It's not at all crazy, but is definitely perceived this way in a world where truth is view with disdain and lies flourish. Anything rightly and goodly is quickly rejected in a world that favors corruptible and wicked things, so one should put their mind at ease and recognize that it's just a need to overcome what is right now a majority, but won't be for long.

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