Black Poetry : is it you!

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    it is you i see on my screen
    day and night
    it is with you that i want to take that flight
    out of my misery and into your love
    where i can truly be me and where
    love is just simply love

    it is you who i hear
    on my speakers at night
    your voice rides through me
    like a cool breeze
    on a hot summer night
    that carasses me gently
    and makes me smile
    like u do my mind
    with that intellect that u feed me

    it is you of which i cant get enough
    yet i refuse to be graced by your touch
    i think i am scared
    of all the potential u possess
    and actually the thought of being happy
    and puttin my po heart at rest

    it is you whom i contemplate about
    with the what if's and what could be
    but i dont think i can really handle
    the reality of what me and you could be

    it is you that i am not used to
    and well dont know
    if i can take all of u in
    cause you r just so healthy for me
    lack of you
    may make me sick

    it is you who i dont want to leave
    and you who i dont want to stay
    can i get dat in between thing
    cause with you that dont play
    well see i know u have been patient
    and i really want to open up

    it is you though
    that has just got me stuck
    stuck in this place
    of an adrenaling rush
    fear that feels so dangerously right
    but then why in da back of my mind
    i keep tellin myself that nawww
    " now that ***** know he aint right'"

    reflex i guess
    of my past loves
    that have come and gone
    so i am scared to neva
    and always left
    and kept
    wonderin' why

    is it you!
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    it is i who fly da sky
    feeding love
    without a why
    it is me da love so free
    just come take dat
    flight wit me
    as i grace yo place beside
    my heart
    it is i from da start

    u really express self openly to who ever he be
    allow me to say ya heart is da pit of yo love
    relax and be as u be soon he will see
    coz what u vision that could be in yo mind
    as da voice of his call mesmerize
    be not afraid look inside and see his love
    might be of thee............nicely scribe of yo feelings !