Chief Elder Osiris : Is It Some Kind Of Game Black People Play With Ourselves?

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    Is It Some Kind Of Game Black people Play with Ourselves?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear you.

    Black people are the game players with our lives, more so than anybody as a ethnic group in the world.

    When it come to trust and honor for each other, it is not there, gaming is our interest.

    Black people play game socially, educational, economically, politically, religiously, and in personal relationship.

    Because of that destructive handicap, Black people have no clout, no influence in the world, and you need such power to be taken serious in this world.

    Black people play game pretending to be a Nation fragmented, playing countries without a base of respect.

    So, in the world there is no item of interest to Black people that is included in the world agenda of issues to be discussed seriously.

    Black people have been made to be just a game playing satisfied people without a cause that will secure our freedom.

    So, any so call Black Afrikan who would take it upon yourself to disagree with this Divine truth, is doing nothing but playing game, because there is no experienced facts that contradict that which I m sharing with you Black people.

    The basic expereinced fact which I base this truth about Black people, is the present state of conditon of Afrika and there being in this world, a Divided Black Afrikan people, such being the epereinced fact that Black people have been made to be a people who do nothing but play game with our lives

    Listen, this is a very serious question I am proposing to you, not a rhetorical one, I do not play games when the security of Afrika and the lives of Black people are hanging in the balance.

    Let me share this with you beloved, When dealing with Afrikans and America, you have the Afrikan who has come to America and is in America with a visa, and you have the Afrikan in America that came with chains tied around our neck, and you have that Afrikan who has gone through a Mental transformation to become an Afrikan American.

    So you must be able to see, there is a natural fundamental difference in the three strata of Afrikans, now in America.

    So it take the Afrikan with a Divine mind to be qualified to analyze and interpret the presence of the Afrikan in America, and in view of what constitute an Afrikan in America and the Afrikan American, which has nothing to do with the Afkikan visa American.

    You must have a clear understanding why the Diaspora Afrikan make a clear and distinctive difference between the Afrikan in America and the Afrikan American, which is different in usage and meaning from the way the Visa Afrikan in America make such a distinction, when referring to the Enslaved Descendant Afrikan American - Afrikan In America.

    Be that as it may.

    I am only who I am, and I do what I am moved to do, and that is share the Divine truth with Black people, and I do so not worrying about how what I share is going to be reacted to, by Black people.

    That is my least concern, my most concern, is that I have this compulsion, this obligation to share that which I know that is in reference to a people who do not know who in this Hellish world that we Black folks are.

    I personal seek nothing from you, because what I need, you Black people do not have, and that is freedom for my Black Afrikan life.

    So, rest your troubled mind, believing that you have the capacity to affect me with the caliber of Mind you now wear, yet my affection for Black people is not reduced, not at all, Why?

    Because, I know who we are as Divine Beings been Transformed to become Black Human Beings in Afrika, and in the World in general, and Black American, in America.

    Allow me to share this as plain as I can, Advancement and progress, and treating the symptom that verify the serious illness of Black people.

    Such does not impress me, because I have been given to be qualified to know, that there is no substitute for freedom, when living a life.

    Because, all of the attributes that come with that freedom that sustain the Mental equilibrium of the spirit that come from such peace and joy, is never meant to be ignored.

    So, when operating in a free and stable environment, an environment that breed an awareness of what the Divine Essence is, and why the universe is as it is, and what the meaning of life is, in relationship to those two entities in action.

    Then such a requirement for having such knowledge and understanding, forbid the urge among serious Black people, from playing games about the state of condition of the continent of Afrika, and of the lives of a once Divine people, you who were in Afrika, civilized with Divine intelligence, but no longer is there today.

    Today, Black people have been made to feel comfortable in our lack of freedom, and will attempt to justify why it is that Black people should display a spirit of satisfaction, pointing out limited achievements and so call gains of advancement, such a Black life status is what Black people are acceptable to today, and we run out to make merry, while the lives of Black folks hold no redeeming value, not in Afrika, and not in America, or any where else we are, in this world, being made a fool of.

    So, no, no beloved, do not attempt to confront me with heirs of progress, advancement, achievement limited and the objective is not Reparation and freedom away from America.

    The goal and objective must be for freedom to be enjoyed in Afrika, which require work for you to do in America, but not to remain in America, but to be Free in Afrika, your Mother and Father Land, a land you have cause to be proud of and have no obligation to justify such land as being our own.

    Any so call Black Afrikan, who would attempt to point to the illusion of accomplishment in America for Black people, in lieu of not facing the fact of the matter that we are not free as a Black Afrikan Nation, nor is our Land, Afrika is free.

    I have only to conclude that such Afrikan Americans are just playing game with themselves, having an effect upon other Black American Afrikan, those who do not Think for themselves, but the evil is in those who willingly mislead other Black Afrikans about the Divine truth about our status and life potential in America and always in the act of conditioning Black people, encouraging us to settle for second best, which prevent us from ever knowing that we are the best, and was the First in the action of introducing Civilization to Afrika and the World, as Afrikan Black Divine Beings.

    Such information is no game, but is the fact of experience gained by the Black life upon this planet Earth, before the coming of evil, which now have us nit picking around freedom, and is not willing to embrace freedom today..

    There is no creditable defense against the Divine Truth, such a quality of Truth need no defense nor offense, it remain as it is, regardless of how stupidity attempt to degrade such a quality of Truth, by insulting it by presenting a profane truth to be its competitor, and that is what I would label as game playing in the presence of the Divine Truth, beloved.

    You in your nasty habit of grouping with each other against each other group that is in a difference in belief and approach to the things infecting our lives, or is upset with somebody of another group, neither of the groups members qualify to be a worthy foe against the Divine truth, but need groups to be in congregation when spreading lies to our people, as if grouping in the telling of Lies give a feeling of security in the presence of the Divine Truth, when using a profane approach to attempt to justify a evil and distorted view or position in relationship to the Black life living condition in America and in Afrika, and the world in general.

    Such a spirit is the spirit of game playing with the self of Black people, causing Black people to be disrespectful to self, by the game we play concerning the status condition of the Black life in America, all for the sake to ignore Afrika and the Black Afrikan living condition, collectively in the world.

    Such a behavior indicate that we all have a responsibility to each other collectively, whether we like it or not.

    It is because of Human Beings habit that we have adopted, that have Black people believing that it is the individual that is more Divinely important more so than the collective all of black people.

    Freedom is absolute, and so is the Black Afrikan Nation, a Nation been made to be Divided and is full of game playing about the Divine Truth concerning our life status in the world today.

    Be Kind to your self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]