Black People : Is It Smart For Blacks To Have Babies With The White Races?


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Dec 31, 2009
s It Smart For Blacks To Have Babies With a Dying Race (Races)?
I'm not trying to hate but I must question why it seems like more than ever that Blacks are pursuing more and more interacial relationships? There was a thread on this board not long ago that stated through a scientific study that the White Races are dying off.
Buchanan says, "Peoples of European descent are … aging, dying, disappearing … among the peoples of color who will replace them, the poorest and least developed nations are reproducing fastest." He notes that in 1950, Europeans and North Americans accounted for 28% of the world’s population. In 2050, that number is expected to be 12% with a median age close to 50. The author cautions that in First World countries, the birth rate is as low as 1.3 children per woman—pathetically below the 2.1 level necessary just to maintain even current population levels. In contrast, Africa’s population will double to 2 billion by 2050—under-achieving nations such as Niger will quintuple its population; Uganda, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, et al will triple theirs.
Why do Blacks continue to have babies with races that are dying and predisposed to all kinds of diseases like cancer, brain tumors, poor immunity etc...
In 50 years or so according to an article in the National Geographic the United States will be mostly a bi-racial nation. But with all the diseases that the White races have will we also be a sick nation?

Schoeller's photographs capture "the changing face of America," a trend that is no doubt picking up speed with the increase of both interracial marriages and the births of biracial babies. The images also challenge traditional ideas of identity, providing evidence for the fluidity of racial and ethnic classification, which is explored more deeply in the magazine


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