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    This Is a Response to the Missive Below My Missive.

    Hoteph Beloved sisters and Brothers:

    Beloved, you have so eloquently presented the case that signify if we continue to ignore the facts as you have presented them here, the Black Man demise in america and even though the Black Woman may not recognize it now, it also signify her demise as well, even though the america deceiving system attempt to camaflauge its intent regarding the BLACK WOMAN, by allowing just enough social welfare crumbs to fall from its table in the Black woman favor, driving her further and further away from the Black Man, causing her to acknowledge him with disrespect.

    I have from the first day arrival on the internet, been sharing with you the need for our departure from america and the Divine Right we have to establish our own Nation State in Afrika, as been so provided by the Death and Suffering of our Enslaved Ancestors, but no,black folks of a few means do not care to hear anything about Afrika, our Enslaved Ancestors or the facts you my brother have presented to us today, revealing the True condition of the Black under Class within the Black social structure of america and the drowning level the poor and disadvantaged occupy in the main stream of america Socio-economic structure.

    Here is our Black Folks problem, we refuse to accept the fact that all of that garbbage about a chicken in every pot for everybody in america is not true and there being no limit to opportunity in america, and all Black folks have to do is grab ahold of those boot straps and pull, and there is no limit to the height you can ascend in america, and all of the goodies you see on TV is yours, just go out there and get a good education from an education system that is loaded against Black folks, with all of america Corporate structure anchored in Racism against Black folks, having a quota of Black folks they are going to allow to come in and you know what, Black folks rather ignore these Truths and wallow in the quick sand of illusion concerning the opportunity we Black folks have in america.

    Brother you have presented the facts that support my claim, there is no justice to be gotten for all of us Black folks in america and Racism has a hold around all of our neck, even those Willie Lynch Negroes that feed our Sisters and Brother the Crock of DO'DO about how the Black Poor and Disadvantage in america have only themselves to blame and every time they push that hocky, they get a slap on the back from that Racist crook.

    The question you pose brother is phrased in such a way that we have a choice concerning the question, the question is to indecisive, it implies we have a bonified alternative to what the question is asking and I say we do not, so there should not be a question in that regard, there should be a conlusive statement in that regard, stating that It Is Nation Building Time for the Children of the Middle passage, eveidence of the need of that fact, well brother you have just presented the evidence, but yet and still, Black folks ignore evidence just as we despise the Truth when it come to the facts that verify our state of condition in america and we go running merrily along condemning ourselves for being victims in america and praising the very cause of our condition in america, never willing to face the Truth and Reality of the Black problem in america and such a disease Black folks have all over the World, yes even in Afrika, the Birth Place of our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ebonite Ancestors Civilization.

    In the world, there is a war going on and has been in action every since the Human Beings appeared upon this Rock of a Space Ship call Earth and the war is against the poor and disadvantaged, the Class of people created by the very forces waging wara gainst them and they do so for purpose to not ever to allow the poor and disadvantaged get into an advantage position and the way they do that is to keep confusion going on, so that the poor disadvantaged do not have Time to Think, just believe what is told to them by the very one that keep wars going on against them.

    So what happen, low and behold the evil among us allow there to be structured a secondary social economic class system among Black people, with those in the so call higher class been given the instruction to lie and deceive Black people and especially those of us that have been made to occupy the lower socio-economic stratum within the Black social Structure in america, telling the disadvantaged of our people that it is all of their fault for being in the perdictament we find ourselves, here in america, the same tactic they use when the issue of Chattel Slavery come us, lying about it being our Ancestors fault for being Enslaved or lying about they now being exempt from the commission of that action against our Enslaved ancestors and we end up buying that garbbage of Lies, which the oppressors are so good at doing when it come to the state of condition of Black people in america and why, and the Willie Lynch negro come along an back up this lying deceiving devil of a white/Zionist/Arab Human being in power.

    It is past Time for our New Nation, yet that Time is now back around, so I pose the question, will we ignore the sign of the Time once again, that Time which call for our departure from america and return home as the next established State in Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation ?

    Yes, you black folk is the determinative factor as to wheather or not we will receive our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation !!!

    Wake up Black folks, it is Nation Building time, a Time that call for Black Power and a Divine Mind that proclaim Black Nationalism.

    It is Time to Rally the Troops of the Lost and disadvantaged of Black People, therein lies the power and strength of the Black Nation, capable of Rebuilding the Black Nation.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism / Sankofa Repatriation movement

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    Greetings & Peace:

    My dear beloved Brothers & Sisters,

    Whatever happened to our strong Black Nation?

    Black men in the United States of America face a far more dire situation than is portrayed by common employment and education statistics, a flurry of new scholarly studies warn, and it has worsened in recent years even as an economic boom and a welfare overhaul have brought gains to black women and other groups.

    The share of young black men without jobs has climbed relentlessly, with only a slight pause during the economic peak of the late 1990's. In 2000, 65 percent of black male high school dropouts in their 20's were jobless -- that is, unable to find work, not seeking it or incarcerated. By 2004, the share had grown to 72 percent, compared with 34 percent of white and 19 percent of Hispanic dropouts. Even when high school graduates were included, half of black men in their 20's were jobless in 2004, up from 46 percent in 2000.

    Focusing more closely than ever on the life patterns of young black men, the huge pool of poorly educated black men are becoming ever more disconnected from the mainstream society, and to a far greater degree than comparable white or Hispanic men.

    Especially in the inner cities, finishing high school is the exception, legal work is scarcer than ever and prison is almost routine, with incarceration rates climbing for blacks even as urban crime rates have declined.

    Although the problems afflicting poor black men have been known for decades, the new data paint a more extensive and sobering picture of the challenges they face.

    "There's something very different happening with young black men, and it's something we can no longer ignore".

    "Over the last two decades, the economy did great, "and low-skilled women, helped by public policy, latched onto it. But young black men were falling farther back."

    The plight of black men, especially when it comes to determining the scope of joblessness. For example, official unemployment rates can be misleading because they do not include those not seeking work or incarcerated.

    "If you look at the numbers, the 1990's was a bad decade for young black men, even though it had the best labor market in 30 years".

    In response to the worsening situation for young black men, a growing number of programs are placing as much importance on teaching life skills -- like parenting, conflict resolution and character building -- as they are on teaching job skills.

    These were among the recent findings:

    The share of young black men without jobs has climbed relentlessly, with only a slight pause during the economic peak of the late 1990's. In 2000, 65 percent of black male high school dropouts in their 20's were jobless -- that is, unable to find work, not seeking it or incarcerated. By 2004, the share had grown to 72 percent, compared with 34 percent of white and 19 percent of Hispanic dropouts. Even when high school graduates were included, half of black men in their 20's were jobless in 2004, up from 46 percent in 2000.

    Incarceration rates climbed in the 1990's and reached historic highs in the past few years. In 1995, 16 percent of black men in their 20's who did not attend college were in jail or prison; by 2004, 21 percent were incarcerated. By their mid-30's, 6 in 10 black men who had dropped out of school had spent time in prison.

    In the inner cities, more than half of all black men do not finish high school.

    Terrible schools, absent parents, racism, the decline in blue collar jobs and a subculture that glorifies swagger over work have all been cited as causes of the deepening ruin of black youths. Scholars  and the young men themselves  agree that all of these issues must be addressed.

    "Many of these men grew up fatherless, and they never had good role models," said Mr. Jones, who overcame addiction and prison time. "No one around them knows how to navigate the mainstream society."

    All the negative trends are associated with poor schooling, studies have shown, and progress has been slight in recent years. Federal data tend to understate dropout rates among the poor, in part because imprisoned youths are not counted.

    With the shift from factory jobs, unskilled workers of all races have lost ground, but none more so than blacks. By 2004, 50 percent of black men in their 20's who lacked a college education were jobless, as were 72 percent of high school dropouts.

    First, the high rate of incarceration and attendant flood of former offenders into neighborhoods have become major impediments. Men with criminal records tend to be shunned by employers, and young blacks with clean records suffer by association, studies have found.

    Arrests of black men climbed steeply during the crack epidemic of the 1980's, but since then the political shift toward harsher punishments, more than any trends in crime, has accounted for the continued growth in the prison population.

    During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Black Power Movement provided the dominant ideological framework through which many young, poor, and middle-class blacks made sense of their lives and articulated a political vision for their futures. The legacy of the movement is still very much with us today in the various strands of Black Nationalism that originated from it; we witnessed its power in the 1995 Million Man March, and we see its more ambiguous effects in the persistent antagonisms among former participants in the Civil Rights coalition. Yet despite the importance of the Black Power Movement, very few in-depth, balanced treatments of it exist:

    Therefore, Brothers & Sisters, I Would Like To Know, Is It Nation Time?