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Jun 18, 2004
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How about this, as long as we keep giving the White people power over us by not accepting any of our own responsibility in the problems we create, we will never get out of the quagmire we are in. Victim mentality never solves problems, all it does is serve to perpetuate itself. King and Malcolm understood this, so did the Black Panther party. They were all actively working to better the community.

You can continue to pursue your very Feminist like rebellion of only following prescribed narratives, and trying to silence opposition. Me, I prefer looking at all of the issues and seeing exactly what things we can change to make things better for us and what things we will have to fight others to stop them from doing to us. I've seen enough of what the generally accepted paradigm has done to our people in this country, and I think perhaps we need to find one that actually works. Perhaps, just perhaps, we need to work on our oppression of each other too while we fight the oppression of the white man. Perhaps we need to work against what the cops are doing to us and what the homicidal in our community are doing (mental health issues, gangs, drugs), because focusing on just one-side of this equation is not solving the problems.
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Jan 20, 2015
White People Commit the Most Heinous Crimes, So Why Is America Terrified of Black Men?

Underlying much of that subconscious racial bias is the most enduring, corrosive racial stereotype in America: the black-as-criminal mindset. Historian David Levering summarizes it: “Whites commit crimes but blacks are criminals.” While whites can and do commit a great deal of minor and major crimes, the race as a whole is never tainted by those acts.

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    May 13, 2014 ... It would never enter my mind to wish that a bad guy not be white, because no matter how sick the crime, other members of the white race are not impugned. Remember Zimmerman's false syllogism? A few blacks committed burglary, Trayvon was black, therefore Trayvon was a criminal. Similar logic is used ...



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Jan 20, 2015
Like Many Parts of American Life, Violent Crime Is Still Largely Segregated

From 2012 to 2015, victims and offenders were of the same race in 51 percent of cases of violence. White victims were attacked by white perpetrators in 57 percent of cases, while black victims were attacked by black offenders in 63 percent of cases. Eleven percent of the violent crime committed against black victims was committed by white offenders, while 15 percent of the violent crime against white victims was committed by a black offender.

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Jul 2, 2003
Hello Louise Cosper
Welcome to Destee.
This topic being about Black people playing ( feeling like ) the victim in America and from your postings. You seem to be stating our young people are being taught to be, and play the victim. Am I wrong in that analogy?

"A victim mentality is one where it is always someone else's fault for bad things happening to you. Further than this, it can be an expectation that things will go wrong, because `bad things always happen to me'. A victim blames others for their circumstances - when something happens, they don't take responsibility for their actions."

I have a few questions. Do you have children? I have two and I raised them to take responsibility, for their actions. As well as hole others accountable for theirs. They both finished college and now are working in their filed of study. They now see that there are road blocks to advancement, and a mentality of some departments ( people, managers ) to block your advancement because as stated by my daughter. They don't want to loose someone that knows the position she is in, because it was hard to fill. So she is looking to leave the organization. ( It is about up or out ) as I taught them. If someone keeps you from moving up, in a company. Then seek upward mobility with another. That company not only losses you, they loose a good worker. In my entire life I have never seen a black person not justified in speaking up about an actual wrong. What the argument is, some people violate others constantly and those people don't want to be called out or told that they are wrong or have stepped into someone else's business and should not have.

The man who spoke to those teens and told them to stop smoking stepped into someone else's, business. How they wanted to be, live or otherwise. He probably meant no harm. I know others like him that feel they should go around telling young men and others to pull up their pants, stop this or stop that. This person has been warned for years to stop doing that. She had raised he own properly to be respectful, and many others have as well. Free will and social influence in many cases changes what we teach our children. Many children have become followers instead of leaders. Wanting to fit in, ( go along to get along and be accepted ) and doing what everyone else is doing. I taught mine not to be that kind of victim.

Share any solutions, work you may have done are were involved in. Related to the social ( disrespect ) or victim mentality that is concerning.
There are sixteen questions within this quiz.
Are You Living With a Victim Mentality?

Attached is a Quiz / Test listed online that supposed to categorize to the taker weather they are lost within a victim mentality. I took it twice. I scored both times a (-4) negative four. The test criteria is the higher the number above zero I presume you score lets you know you may have some victim mentality issues.

When I blame someone for something against me they did. I blame the correct responsible person, not taking a societal view but the actual person responsible for betraying me, setting me up, cheating me etc... and I let them know it is unacceptable, and will not happen again. I live with my set-backs and make sure they don't happen again especially as bad if they happen to still not pan out. ( All plans will not ripen to fruition ) even well laid plans.

I don't have a victim mentality at all. What I find is some people are good at shifting the blame, back onto the victim in a way. Twisting the issue and truth of what really is taking place or happened.

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