Black Christians : Is it BARABBAS, JESUS, Rudy...or AMANDA KNOX; Another Black Man Bites the Dust

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    Is it BARABBAS, JESUS, Rudy…or AMANDA KNOX; Another Black Man Bites the Dust
    The Saturnalia Ritual Continues~
    If we live in a world in which there was once a time that even if a young fifteen year old Black African fellow could be tortured and brutally killed by White men at will just for flirting with a White woman then it would seem like automatic that Black African people should do something about teaching appreciation and awareness of our presence on a cultural and global level. If the law and courts can uphold this kind of evilness then I just don’t understand why any Black African would want to be apart of such a system. I can definitely understand that because of my ancestors, I am now a captive but at least I have that understanding and therefore, I choose not to sign on with a kind of government that would at first hold me in captivity and then have the nerve to try and appeal to me to agree with their system. Since their system began in Europe under their Leagues then this recent story that involves the killing of a White European girl that was in the news brought some of these thoughts to my mind but also, since this killing actually happened in Italy the day after HALLOWEEN, it also caused me to go back in time to the very beginning of this European system of which just happened to be in Italy. Also, since this story revolves around the time of Halloween, a festival that was based upon the ritualistically killing and sacrificing of a Black man every year of whom supposedly was found to be guilty of a crime, it strikes my attention due to the fact that it was a young Black African man that became the target as being the sole guilty person for this particular crime and the two other suspects that were also implicated, Amanda Knox and her lover named Raffaele Sollecito were completely set free. The victim, a young White woman at the age of twenty (21) named, Meredith Kercher, was found dead in her room on November 2, 2007, and about two weeks later a young Black man also at the age of twenty (20) named Rudy Guede was arrested, charged and convicted of the crime.

    Regardless of this particular case, this very holiday marks that it is the very foundation of the set up of this World Europeanized government and court system which was on the basis and justification of human sacrifice and therefore, I believe that the circumstances that revolves around this recent case correlates to this foundation. This original ritualistic festival of Halloween of which goes thousands of years back before even the Roman Empire times though, is actually A DUAL THEMED observance that technically begins on the night of October 13 and the day after the lunar October moon on October 14 and coincided with the Jews Passover Week that also began on October 14 the year of the Crucifixion but, it was later changed to be observed on October 31st and was continued into the next day of November 1st of which was also a major holiday that became known as ALL SAINTS DAY. Again, this Summer’s End Festival [ie. Saturnalia Festival, Samouin Festival, Samowen festival…] was a dual festival and was known distinctively as HALLOW’S EVE in regards to the female aspect of it and HALLOWEEN[HALLOWED OWEN] in regards to the male aspect of it and each distinct term comprised other duel themes as well. Over the course of time however, the names and dates varied especially after the Roman Empire times and the dual aspect of it has been suppressed. Now too after hearing about the riots that broke out all over Europe only days ago on October 15 which was the very day that Jesus Christ actually died, it makes me wonder about the spiritual aspect of these recent happenings.

    Perhaps my feelings are out of sort and my passions about the young Black African man that has gotten pinned for this crime has been misdirected but it doesn’t change the facts so I will just put my thoughts in words and let it be until God comes. Perhaps Black African people are silent because we’ve been totally subdued and feel we don’t have any resources to rebut wrongdoings, or perhaps most of us just don’t care anymore about things of this nature when it involves a Black man who obsesses over white women and therefore some may feel that ‘the Negro got what he deserves’ or, perhaps some may feel that he was actually guilty of the crime, but after I looked at what was presented, I agree that he was with the girl on the night that she was murdered, but I don’t see the evidence that would make him guilty of murder at all. They convicted him on circumstantial evidence! This very month of October 2011 and a few weeks ago and almost exactly four (4) years ago since the murder was committed, they freed the White couple and on the basis that the DNA evidence could have been cross contaminated but it was the very same circumstantial evidence used to convict the young Black man!!! So why is he not set free either!!!? Why then is he the only one to be blamed for this murder? Due to the fashion in which the appeal trial was conducted, how they presented arguments about how the evidence could have been tampered with, and the issue of cross contamination that was raised, I am not completely convinced that the two White suspects are actually guilty either but I also believe that there was a cover up, not only byway of the actual murderer(s) but also byway of the court and for a specific reason. I believe that something is wrong with this government and their court process and that they will do whatever they can do to preserve their system even if it means to free a guilty person and that was just what happened when Jesus was Crucified. The Romans knew that Jesus was innocent but yet, in order to preserve their White Supremacist system that the Jews believed in, they went ahead and murdered Jesus and set a guilty man free of which was Barabbas!

    My condolences goes out to the family of the victim, Meredith Kercher. However, because this crime actually involved two White women, I suppose it made it an especially difficult case to process in the eye of the public and even though they have now settled on just letting the blame go to the Black man, because of so much other unanswered issues that revolve around the case, I believe that there will always be doubt until the total truth surfaces. I believe that after the two White suspects were at first found to be completely guilty on all counts, for the appeal process though, the defense team presented a propaganda that geared towards ‘the White Woman in distress’ and this kind of appeal would be based upon White Supremacy, therefore it presented the feeling and atmosphere that ‘No matter what a White person does they are not guilty simply because they are White!’ When all else fails, they played the White card. Wasn’t that the outcome of the Emmit Teal trial? Therefore and in my opinion, I believe the defense team played to the supremacist nature of this world government in order to reverse the first courts decision and therefore no matter what the evidence for or against Amanda Knox and her White lover Sollecito, they were freed just because they were White. This would mean too, that the family of the White girl that was murdered has also been dropped but not completely. For the common good of White Supremacy, the victim’s family might have been paid off, pressed to accept that at least they do have somebody, and therefore are now pressed to keep quiet on behalf of the preservation of the government, a government that has been set up to serve the people, the majority rule, White rule. At any rate and after I looked at what was presented, I am not satisfied in my spirit about this case because in my opinion, the punishment does not fit the crime in regards to that young Black man. If they set the Whites free then why have they not set him free? What is their basis for blaming him for the murder other than circumstantial evidence because he still maintains that he is innocent?

    My thoughts are in how the defense team played to the public emotion about Amanda Knox and her White lover in that they had never before been guilty of such a horrible crime before therefore they did not fit the profile of this kind of ruthless act of murder. Well, I say the same for that young Black man too! Like Amanda Knox, Rudy was only twenty (20) years old and he too had never been found guilty of committing any brutal crime of that nature! When this news first broke and was aired on television years ago and after I saw a Black African man in handcuffs, I immediately felt frustrated and turned the channel but now after realizing that the very man that was flashed across the screen was actually falsely accused, it makes me all the more frustrated and validates my initial feelings of anguish. However, I don’t want to be apart of a lukewarm pool of African Americans, so I have become moved to share my passion about this public case. After they could not pin this crime on that first Black man, they were able to find another one whom was eventually convicted for this crime and again, some issues that revolve around his conviction seems to also show some significant discrepancies. So I will just present what I have seen in regards to what happened, pose some of the questions I have about this case and share what I believe might have happened and continue to hope that justice will be served.

    The White girl that was murdered, Meredith, at the age of twenty-one, was from London and went to Perugia, Italy where she first met Amanda Knox in August of 2007 and they became housemates in order to go to college. Amanda Knox was from Washington State in America and in September that next month, the two young women went to some musical affair where they met the White man named Sollecito of whom was twenty-three years old, and by the next month in October 2007, Amanda and Sollecito had a close relationship. The day after Halloween on November 1, 2007 and somewhere between 9:00 PM and 4:30 AM that next morning, the scientific tests proves that Meredith was murdered in her room in the flat [house]. The town of Perugia, Italy and the area where they had lived was described to be a rich and wealthy college town. Days later on November 6, 2007, Amanda was arrested for the murder and later so was her lover and they were held on a high bond and not allowed to be released until the duration of the process of the case of which when it came in 2009, they were found to be completely guilty on all charges and they were given life sentences. Some of the issues that came out of the investigation and the case that I found to be pivotal are as follows:

    (1) A knife was found in the White man, Sollecito’s apartment that had both Meredith’s DNA on it and Amanda’s DNA was also on it. Amanda’s DNA was on the handle and the victim Meredith’s DNA was on the blade; (2) Around 8:00 PM on November 1, Amanda’s cell phone registered a text from Amanda’s boss that evening around 8:00 PM. She was suppose to go to work but he text her and told her that business was slow at the pub where she worked and that she did not need to come in to work; (3) around 9:00 PM, a witness said that Amanda was at her lovers apartment because she opened the door at that time. However, at 9:10 PM both of them turned their cell phones off and proof shows that they both turned them back on around 4:30 AM that next morning; (4) Both Amanda and Sollecito were under the influence of drugs as they had smoked marijuana (hashish); (5) Hours before 9:00 PM that evening, Meredith was not at her flat but she was with three other friends place, watched the movie, Notebook, and had dinner (pizza) with them. So neither Meredith nor Amanda was at the murder scene at 9:00 PM. In addition, this house was shared by a number of other college students but none of them were there on November 1, 2007, but were completely out of town. Below the girls there were some young men who lived in the flat and the men too were completely out of town that day; (6) the young Black African man, Rudy Guede’s DNA was found to be in a bloody handprint of Meredith and inside Meredith’s body; (7) Rudy testified that he went to use the bathroom and DNA test proved this as a fact because Rudy’s DNA was proven to be there in the form of excrement; (8) Amanda’s DNA was in about five blood spots in the house; (9) the White man, Sollecito’s DNA was found on the bra clasp of Meredith; (10) Both Amanda and Sollecito had been reading comics about violent rapes that came from a collection of Sollecito; (11) Sollecito told police that he downloaded a movie and watched it that night but proof revealed that his computer was not used at all from about 9:00 PM until after 4:00 AM that next morning; (12) receipts show that Amanda and Sollecito had bought bleach early in the morning of November 2, 2007; (13) bloody footprints were found of Sollecito’s in the bathroom of the murder scene; (14) Amanda’s mop was found to be over Sollecito’s apartment; (15) around 12:00 PM, noon time, Amanda called one of the roommates and told her that Meredith’s door was locked; (16) Sollecito calls the police around 12:50 PM and tells them that there seems like a burglary had happened; (17) the police arrive with Meredith’s two cell phones of which they found to be near a house. They wouldn’t break in the door and waited for the other investigators; (18) three other roommates arrive and kicked in the door and there was Meredith’s body in a pool of blood on the floor and her room was in disarray.

    When Amanda and Sollecito were brought to the police for investigation, they were captured on video smiling, caressing, being affectionate, kissing, and etc. and Amanda was captured doing a cartwheel in the parking lot of the police station just after her friend and roommate was found by them completely murdered, dead and lying in a pool of blood. When she first was questioned about the death of Meredith on November 2, 2007, she testified that another Black African man had met Meredith that evening and she named her very boss, Patrick Lumumba, and said it was him. Therefore the police arrested him, a man who was actually from Congo South Africa before he came to Italy to make a living, and they detained him for two weeks before he was released and cleared from having any connection to the crime and murder of Meredith. A witness came forward independently and reported that had seen him in a public place at the time duration of the murder. Lumumba was married and had a child and he later said that this act of Amanda had ruined his life. Amanda later said that she only offered his name because she was being unfairly treated by the prosecutors and that they deprived her of food and water and etc.… My question here would be that even if she falsely accused him, did she not admit that she was at the house? Apparently, she retracted this statement too and later said that she was at her lovers place the whole time of the murder duration. Sollecito said that Amanda had left but then he retracted and said that he was not sure because he was on marijuana. The police later found out that Rudy had left Perugia and was in Germany. He was arrested and brought back to Italy. The prosecutors believe that Sollecito was guilty based upon evidences and the fact that when he called, he said that he believed it was a burglary and there was no evidence to support that until the door was actually opened. In addition, the police recognized that there was a staged burglary and could tell due to the window being broken and the way the glass laid in comparison and contrast to the disarrayed room.

    The prosecutors believed based upon the evidence that they had collected, that Meredith was murdered by Amanda Knox and Sollecito and the courts believed that Rudy was also apart of the crime. They believed that it was a sexual engagement that went wrong and therefore the prosecutors went forward to trial with this basis and won their argument completely. However after their appeal the White couple were completely cleared of all charges and set free this month of October 2011. But I have some questions and thoughts on the matter in regards to Rudy of whom is now serving a sixteen year prison sentence. If he were guilty then, where is his DNA or blood on the knife? Rudy did testify in his trial that he did have sex with her but it was consensual. Because we know that Rudy was there, he would be able to shed more light on some crucial issues, but perhaps this could be why he had a speedy trial. Witnesses prove that the victim Meredith knew Rudy before the crime as he had been at the house before and met her byway of the other men he knew initially. Given Rudy’s background in association to him being poor and homeless at the time, what could have possibly been a motive for murder? What gain would he get for the murder of this White woman? If he was a known burglar he could have had this kind of a motive but nothing a value was missing. He was deprived of the basic necessities of survival so would a person in his lot do such a crime for nothing? If Rudy, as the only Black participant, was apart of a ‘Menage toi’, a foursome, planned rape, or whatever, what would be his gain? Would it not be money? Why would he participate in a murder for no gain? There does not seem to be any logic as to why Rudy would be apart of a sex game or even murder with those kind of people for no gain and therefore, perhaps his conviction gave this system what they wanted ultimately of which would be to scapegoat on him and free the American woman in order to preserve the balance that has existed between America and the European Union.

    The media has portrayed that America’s court system is markedly different from Italy’s court process but, the minor distinctions are no different from our State court process versus our federal court process in that they are all designed to be unique but at the same time, they all ultimately have a check and balance system so that no matter what, the union is preserved. Therefore it seems that the Italian courts released Amanda Knox and the White man and convicted the Black man because it was for the good of the European and American Union and not because they had a bad prosecution team who went after Amanda Knox and used the media to portray her unfairly. She was doing a cartwheel outside of the police department, did not even go to the memorial and showed no sign of compassion after this girl, her roommate, was murdered. The Prosecution team did say that the motive for the two White suspects was anger and this agrees with what Rudy had said as well and it sure does fit her behavior after the crime was committed. Rudy said that after he was intimate with Meredith, he got up and went to the bathroom and while inside he heard Amanda and Meredith arguing and when he came out he saw that Meredith was bleeding and he held her but then he decided to flee. He said that as he made his exit, the White man called him ‘a Negro’ and basically said that Rudy was going to be blamed for something and then Rudy fled. The DNA proves that he did use the bathroom so based on this account, why would he pause to go to use the bathroom and take a crap if he was apart of a violent crime of passion on this level!? It seems obvious that he had nothing to do with any plan that involved a gang rape, group rape or having the victim murdered. Therefore, his punishment does not fit his crime, what crime!? He had sex with the White woman, and that is the only crime that I can see he is being punished for doing!?

    I believe that this young Black man has been sacrificed and what’s more alarming was the reaction of the other Black African man, Lumumba, after Amanda and Sollecito was just recently released. He basically said it was a shame and believes that Amanda is a good actress! Wow! At any rate, I believe in the importance of at least sharing a little background about the young Black man, Rudy. When he was just alittle fellow around the age of five (5) years old, he was living in Africa in the Ivory coast but his father took him away from his mother and went to Italy, Europe, where he took a job as a stonemason, and there was where Rudy had been for many years. His father would put him out of the house at times and he was found sleeping in the streets. When he was about ten years old, he went back to Africa and saw his mother one brief time before he was brought back to Europe but when he was about sixteen years old, his father abandoned him and his common law wife and left Rudy with her and she did not like Rudy. So as a teenager Rudy spent the rest of these few years struggling to survive on his own until that fateful day. During that time and even when he was younger, it was people from certain agencies that had attempted to provide necessities for Rudy. Someone found some wealthy people of which adopted him but later, they cast him away because they believed that he was not able to be saved. Their account though was that he failed at school and when they gave him a job as a gardener, Rudy would turn up late often. So there was the life of Rudy, a young man who was offered no consistent structure in his young life and of whom became homeless and desperate. One morning the police found him sleeping in a nursery school where he had broken into in order to sleep and have shelter and they arrested him for breaking and entering. Prior to his day of fate that was the nature of the crimes he had committed. When he was arrested for breaking and entering, they found a knife on him and collected his DNA of which was used to compare with when the White girl Meredith was found murdered.

    So now, Rudy testified that the White man Sollecito was there when he was there at the flat of Meredith and Amanda’s, so why then would Amanda not admit this when she was investigated but instead called out the name of Lumumba? Wasn’t this in the least , an obvious admission that she was at the house? Why would she not say anything about Rudy? More importantly, the prosecution believes that the guilty party is Amanda Knox and Sollecito and after the appeal trial and their release, they still believe as such! One author of an account of this case believes that had it not been for the bad forensic job performed, the guilty verdict would still remain and for this reason, I have included some interesting you tubes of reporters stating as such. However, based upon the evidence provided to the public, I will share what I believe might have happened on that evening of November 1, 2007.

    Meredith was at three of her friends house eating dinner around 6:00 PM and she told them that because she was feeling tired, she would leave. Then she left with one friend and walked back towards her flat but went and had gotten a book and then continued onto her flat and arrived there around 8:55 PM. That reminds me to pose this question; Was there any testimony about the relationship between Meredith and Amanda, and the answer would be yes. Meredith’s friends have testified against Amanda and this only supports both the prosecution and Rudy’s story in that there was definitely friction between the two women. Was Meredith alarmed about an earlier behavior with regards to Amanda? Did Meredith agree to Rudy’s presence when she had planned to arrive back at her flat? I believe that Meredith was definitely not receptive to her roommate Amanda and Sollecito and may have had reservations about them probably even before that time. I believe that because Sollecito’s DNA was found to be on Meredith’s bra clasp, he may have had a relationship with her at an earlier time even but, Meredith may not have wanted to continue the relationship and this might have caused some friction between the two women and Sollecito might have also used this issue in the form of retaliatory actions as well. I don’t believe that the dismissal of DNA evidence based upon faulty forensic methods is total proof that Sollecito and Amanda was not there the night when Meredith was murdered. I don’t believe that all of the DNA found between the two of them which would include the knife was all due to a mistake. It seems like Amanda came to the house at an inopportune time with Sollecito as a back up and addressed Meredith about something and Meredith became defensive and the altercation turned violent quickly and caught Meredith off guard.

    I believe that Amanda may have came over armed with a knife because she was already aware that Meredith was not happy about something significant that had already caused friction. It seems to me that Rudy and Meredith happened to be victimized and they were both at the wrong place at the wrong time and caught in a position of which sparked an evil racist act against them. I believe too though, that after Meredith was at her three friends house eating dinner around 6:00 PM, she may have lied. It seems to me that she did not leave because she felt tired, but she left because she had a date with the young Black man and she may not have wanted to tell them the truth, and had to also wiggle out of the other friend of whom walked her back to her flat for safety reasons. It seems like Rudy and Meredith were invaded just after Rudy got up and went to the bathroom. Rudy’s presence doesn’t seem to be anything other than to make a pitch to Meredith in hopes of gaining some type of security from the relationship and Amanda obviously knew about his presence as he was a frequent visitor. He may have provided the marijuana and was a drug dealer looking for constant business. Perhaps Amanda shared the information with her lover about her roommate Meredith’s lover Rudy and they may have decided to cause some friction. I believe that they left Sollecito’s apartment after 9:00 PM and that possibly, they had planned to walk in on Meredith and the motives of their activity may not have included murder but, it may have been due to mockery. I believe that perhaps, Rudy may have been desperate enough to have made a pitch to a White college girl and ended up becoming the victim of an hate crime. I believe that perhaps, after he and Meredith engaged in sex, he got up and went to the bathroom and during that time, Amanda and Sollecito walked in and confronted Meredith and caught her off guard and Meredith became hostile about it. Sollecito may have been slighted by Meredith and mocked her about her Black lover out of spite and perhaps taken it even farther. If they came armed with a knife then perhaps they did have premeditations to harass her about her love affair with a Black man and make a proposition and put her under a threatening situation.

    I believe that Amanda might have panicked and knew that she had to say something and did not implicate Rudy but called out the name of Lumumba because she may have feared that if Rudy was brought forward, he would also spill the beans on her. Most of all, I believe that Black African people should come together and do something definite to try and stop our young people from becoming pawned by the system of White Supremacy. I believe that Rudy was failed by Black African people when he was five years old. When Black men become adults and are sought after and alleged or charged for doing awful crimes against human nature, it may be too late to intervene but we should still try. It may be difficult to understand too, that Black men have been victims of being sexually exploited and raped byway of women too, is not that what Solomon wrote!? But no child should have been abandoned and cut off from being nurtured at that young of an age. I believe that if Rudy was found guilty of the crime of murder by more definite proof then, he should be convicted and bare the punishment, but he was convicted on circumstantial evidence that was thrown out for the other suspects. Therefore I believe that he has been sacrificed for the sake of the big government, a sacrifice that was already made about 2000 years ago, but that Black man was definitely found to be completely innocent yet he was still Crucified…for the sake of Big Government.

    Because it has already been proven long ago that the Roman Empire system held an execution on Halloween for a man that had a speedy trial and that they knew was innocent, then that man becomes the mark of that government gaining the authority to rule over Black people by their manmade laws. However Jesus was also willing to give up his life to mark that very pagan holiday and government in order to give people the opportunity not to become supporters of a system like that. Even though the common thug and lawbreaker Barabbas was released and could even be compared to the life of Rudy, Jesus was sent by God to actually take his place in hopes that this pagan human sacrifice ritual that was conducted under the authority of the Roman Empire could be exposed and cause mankind to not support such a system that thrives off of human sacrifice. It is one thing to be in captivity but it is another thing to choose to be in captivity because then it will be forever. To condone a system that would foster an environment that would cause a child to become deprived, exploited and dependant on sporadic charity, and know that the chances are high that as an adult they could become a menace to humanity and then to sacrifice them is wrong. But what can anybody do when such a soul becomes an adult and commits heinous crimes against others? This would be the very foundation of the Saturnalia Festival [Halloween] in that in its essence, it was designed to prey upon innocence and reward bad behavior. Its’ origins are based upon deception and can even be compared to the popular greeting and phrase in regards to this holiday, ‘Trick or Treat’, and marks the very definition of innocence deceived with the significant presence of little children and how they are taught to enjoy this dark ritualistic holiday.

    The Halloween holiday has an incredible history with regards to sexual rituals of the distant past. This ancient Samouin ritualistic festival [ie. Samowen; ‘Black Owen’ Festival] revolves around a Black dark figure, Owen, or a representative of Owen who commits a ritualistic sexual act with his subject and over the course of time it has varied from civilization to civilization. It is originally based upon a reenactment of the sin in the Garden of Eden and originally revolved around the rape and exploitation of Black women and little Black girls as being a representative of Eve. But when the fertility sex cult of Ashteroth became set up in the land of Canaan, this ritual became based upon the elevation of Ashteroth. The beginning of this Samouin ritual again, began on the lunar night of October 13 every year but in its origin the sexual ritual correlated to an occultation on the day and evening also dedicated to this god Owen which was WEDNESDAY. Therefore, Wednesday was also called ‘Woden’s Day’ [Odins Day], ‘Wedding Day’ and etc. and it was the day in which Black Owen [Sam Owen] came together with his subject. Due to the elevation of Ashtoreth, his subject became a White Women as the representative of the goddess Ashteroth. It would be from this concept that so many other terms stems from one of which would be ‘the Bride of Frankenstein’, and this observance forms the basis of elements that have become apart of a traditional western wedding such as the tradition of wearing a white wedding gown as being the symbolism for virginity. But the entire holiday observance is carried out over days and has other elements and evil acts that are carried out and other various forms of suffering and human sacrifices committed based upon the civilization, such as rape, decapitation, drowning, passing through fire, and of course, Jesus Christ came and proved the issue of being hung on a tree [lynched].

    It seems so uncanny that this case involved a Black man of whom was caught having sex with a White woman and was later convicted for her murder based on circumstantial evidence, and that the murder was committed on the Halloween holiday and processed under the courts in Italy which was the very court system that this very holiday marks about 2000 years ago. Equally interesting would be that just days ago and on the very day that Jesus Christ died during Passover Week and the pagan festival, there was breaking news of masses of people known as ‘Incidents’ of whom have started a protest in Rome calling for unity all across Europe because of issues they have against the system. Wow! But in regards to this recent case, under Biblical law and in regards to this crime of murder, it cannot be judged in completion based upon circumstantial evidence based upon my understanding, but because ancient Black people including the Jews shouted and chose to submit to the government and manmade laws of the Roman Empire, well here we are today…


    Mr Lumumba said: ‘I feel so angry. When I heard the verdict I was shocked for poor Meredith. I have always said that Amanda is a fantastic actress and that’s what she will always be for me.​

    Meredith was the first victim in all this and I was the second. Because of what she said I lost my livelihood. I lost my job and now I have nothing.’​

    Convincing: Mr Lumumba said that Amanda Knox is capable of putting on an act​



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    The third defendant in the case is Rudy Guede, who has almost disappeared from media coverage after he was sentenced to 30 years in prison, to which he later appealed and got his sentence shortened to 16 years.

    Rudy Guede

    Wow! Really Good Youtube, live interview with Patrick Lumumba [won't embed]


    …Guede said he heard Kercher scream while he was in the bathroom, but had not heard the killer enter the flat because he was wearing [U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3]iPod[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U] headphones.[U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][134][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U] Guede said that, emerging from the bathroom, he had found a shadowy figure, holding a knife, standing over Kercher, who lay bleeding on the floor. Guede said that they had struggled.[U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][89][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U] He was cut on the hand,[U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][133][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U] and fell to the floor, but picked up a chair.[U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][19][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U] Guede described the man as an Italian with light-brown hair, without glasses,[U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][133][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U] and shorter than him. The man fled while saying in perfect Italian, "Trovato negro, trovato colpevole; andiamo"[U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][135][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U] ("Found black, found guilty; let's go"). Guede's version of events did not account for Kercher's stolen mobile phones, which were found in a garden about ten minutes' walk from the house.[U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][U][SIZE=3][U][U][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][133][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U][/SIZE][/U][/U]

    The crime scene & earlier you tube of first trial


    Meredith at a past Halloween Affair [She also went to a Halloween party the day
    before she was killed]


    Meredith's Family; Her Sister, two brothers, father & mother

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