Chief Elder Osiris : Is It A Good Thing to Have Solace In How Far We Have Come In America?

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    Hoteph My Dear beloved sisters and brothers:

    Beloved, come now and let us reason together and though our Pain has been
    made to be unbearable, we can cause them to go away, if we allow sound
    reason to prevail.

    For the Black Afrikan to operate on a vehicle of irrational emotion, as we
    attempt to eliminate the load of distress and hardship, brought upon us by
    someone other than ourselves, will cause us to become our gravest enemy to

    When a people who have been in mental bondage for millenniums and is able to
    take solace in how far we have come in our state of mental captivity and is
    comfortable in measuring by degree, how far we have come, in our pain and
    suffering, such reveal a certain sick level of mentality we have reduced
    ourselves to.

    By looking at ourselves in such a way and by believing such a mentality so
    expressed is normal, clearly verify the reason why the Black Afrikan is the
    butt hole of civilization today.

    Tell me beloved, how can and why do a people who emanated out of the Sun
    Dark Core, with the brilliance of such a profound knowledge, allow ourselves
    to sink so low in self awareness and self respect, to the point that we now
    have solace in measuring how far we have been allow to ascend from a state
    of mental degeneration.

    For a people to have solace of how far we have come out of a pit of despair,
    disease, hunger and ignorance about self, imply to have no knowledge about
    where we should be desiring to go, that will give us comfort, and such is
    where we already been, and that is what our solace should be about, giving
    us the drive and determination to return, not by degree but at the instant
    we reclaim our right divine Mind, back to Afrika and the Afrikan original
    state of Mind.

    Only a contented slave take comfort in how far we have come in a state of
    disease and oppression and such a life become a life of gradualism, desiring
    to see no immediate end, just progress toward such an end and not realizing
    that such an end is perpetual servitude with no respect.

    Get away from me with such a slave mentality of having solace of how far we
    have come in our miserable state of being, it only remind me of how far we
    have fallen and how long we have been in this miserable mental state, that
    allow us to just take solace in how far we have come in this wretched state
    our Black Afrikan lives are in.

    The Black Afrikan is entitle to freedom of thought, mind and spirit and such
    freedom, if was taken away from us, must be taken back by us, you see
    freedom does not come by degree, nor is it given as a present, to a people
    who started out with the highest enjoyment of freedom.

    How does a people who once occupied the status of goddess and gods but now
    take solace in measuring how far we have come in an environment of
    oppression, is measured now, before the world?

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I move On.

    Completely loving the black Afrikan nation


    Chief Elder