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May 28, 2005
It is good that you have responded against the injustice and for the justice. If possible, you should also think the best that can be done by you either by taking up some practical step or by taking up some theoretical step through suggestions and propaganda of right concepts. You should always try to support the justice and condemn the injustice whether it is the case of an individual or a community. Such reaction is very important part of your worship to God. God will be highly pleased by such effort from your side involving in the establishment of justice and destruction of injustice since God feels that this is His primary responsibility towards His creation. Your practical participation in trying to help the primary duty of God is highly appreciated always by God. If one fails in this aspect, any quantity of personal worship of God is useless. God says that He incarnates on this earth mainly to protect the justice and suppress the injustice. This is very important divine quality and contributes mainly to your achievement of divine nature. Therefore, you must develop this attitude within the limits of your capacity, knowledge and analysis. You must live always maintaining this divine nature irrespective of the defeat and success of your trials in establishing the justice against the injustice.

All the above concept is one side of the coin only. The other side is regarding the actual mechanism of the system arranged by God that involves the history of the case related to the future birth and previous birth. It is also related to the nature of the judgment of God based on several special and specific points of each individual case. The actual proceedings of the system run by the constitution created by God may sometimes differ from your analysis based on limited knowledge. You are not aware of previous and future births (Natvam vettha… Gita). The actual direction of the running of the case depends on the previous and future births known to God alone. The analysis of the Almighty is also far superior to your limited and inefficient logic.

However, you should not be discouraged by the actual proceedings of the case. You are totally justified within your limits. In fact, the proceedings of this entire Universe are beyond your capacity and about which you need not be worried. When the contradiction arises between your effort and the actual direction of a case, do not become emotional to find fault with the proceedings of the Universe, which are based on the direction given by God only. Thus, by criticizing the administration of Universe, you are criticizing only God, Who is the Universal Administrator. In case of the contradiction between your effort and the path of the world, God is not blaming you since you are putting sincere effort within the restricted limits of your knowledge and capacity. On the other hand, God appreciates the behavior of your good psychology as per the divine expectation. In the case of such contradiction, you are only blaming God by condemning the universal direction and you are not realizing that this is the result of your incomplete knowledge. Therefore, your duty is to support the justice and oppose the injustice within the limits of your knowledge and not to blame God directly or indirectly in case of the failure of your effort due to contradiction by the universal tendency directed by God.

The Gita says that the practical nature of the activities in the Universe is very much complicated and every case is highly specific like the thumb impression. If Prakash is beaten by Manohar, the punishment given to Manohar differs in several ways depending on very minute details of the case and the possibility of psychological transformation of the sinner. For this sin, Manohar may be beaten here itself in this very birth by somebody or may be beaten by Prakash here itself in this very birth or may be beaten by the servants of the Hell in the upper world or may not be beaten by any one at any time since it is the reaction-punishment as Manohar was beaten by Prakash in the previous birth. When the fact is the last option, people misunderstand that good Prakash was beaten by bad Manohar and nothing happened to Manohar. Your effort to beat Manohar fails if it is the last option. Now, you will start blaming the universal tendency and thereby blaming God indirectly since the direction of motion of any activity in the Universe is totally under the control of God only. Due to the existence of so many complicated options of the deeds of the souls, Lord said that the analysis of the three dimensional network of the deeds and fruits is very much complicated (Gahanaa Karmano Gatih).

The essence of this message is that you should try to uplift the justice and reject the injustice within the limits of your knowledge and analysis. But at the same time, when your such good wish and effort are repelled by the forcible universal direction controlled by the divine system, you should not be emotional and should not get any pain or depression. You will be appreciated by God for your behavior within the possible limits since the change of the attitude of the soul towards the right direction is the main aim of God since He does not require even a trace of the contribution of your effort as help or assistance in His administration. The Lord said in the court of king of Kauravaas like this “If certain people (like Bhishma, Drona etc.,) here have neglected the justice allowing the injustice to win, this does not mean that justice will be defeated and injustice will win. Anyway, I am always there to protect the justice and destroy the injustice. Moreover, such people shall also be punished by Me”. In fact, Bhishma suffered by lying on the bed of arrows and Drona suffered while his head was cut.

In the above given options, the selection of the choice is mainly based on the nature of the psychology of the human being to be changed. According to the suitability, the option is selected by God since the main aim is only to transform the soul and not to revenge through the punishment. The punishment gives only temporary suppression and the permanent transformation can be brought only by the powerful knowledge. Once the human being is convinced through the logical steps of the analytical knowledge, the practice will be spontaneously affected. For this purpose, God comes down in the human form again and again. Of course, God is engaged always through such activity and this aspect is totally different and should not be linked in the context of the present level. The human incarnation is such Leader as expected by you and such divine program is already going on and you are the best witness of that.

The concept that you should not hurt any living being is totally wrong and the concept that every living being is God since awareness is God is also wrong. Awareness is a property existing in certain created items called as living beings. God also has this property since all the properties of creation basically belong to God only. Hence, awareness is not at all God. If you are not hurting any living being, you are like an inert stone. You have to differentiate good and bad unlike the inert object. Then, you should encourage and help the good and discourage and even hurt the bad to control the bad. This differentiation of good and bad and different activities related to good and bad are followed by God also as said in the Gita that protection of good and destruction of bad are the divine duties of God (Paritranaaya saadhunaam).

Sometimes, you have to hurt even your own children to inculcate the discipline. If you become inactive by not hurting anyone, bad grows without control, hurting the good people more and more. In such case, you are indirectly hurting the good people and your basic concept that you should not hurt anyone is failing. Apart from the human beings, you should extend this interpretation to the other living beings also. The soft natured animals like cow should be respected and wild cruel animals should be hunt.

The above concept that you should hurt bad people should not be misused especially for your selfishness. There may be a rich man, who looted the innocent poor people in a region. You can cheat him and steal away his wealth. But, such wealth should not be stored in your house for your selfish advantage. In such case, you are hurting the bad but the result is for your selfishness. You should distribute that wealth to all the poor innocent people in that region. You can also share with them if you are also a poor man. Sometimes, you are becoming angry towards a rich man on some other personal reason.

Now, you interpret him as a sinner in amassing the wealth of the poor people and follow the above procedure. You are superimposing the sin on him for your personal grudge. It is like saying that if you want to beat a person, call him as dog and then beat him! Therefore, the justice and injustice should not be concluded in a hasty way. You should take the help of the ethical scriptures and the help of proper scholars before any conclusion (Atha Yadi te… Dharma vichikitsaa… Veda).

Whenever, any unjust situation taking place in the world comes to your notice, you should stop there and be involved in condemning the injustice as far as possible. You should not go in your own way avoiding the risk in it. If everybody follows this principle, you are not alone to fight against the injustice. You have the support of several such people and hence, you need not fear. God will be pleased with you by such practical involvement since you are doing the duty of God. All your worships, rituals and devotional prayers cannot please God. This is the real way to please the God. God is the deity of justice (Dharmasya Prabhurachyutah). God is honored if the justice is honored. God is insulted if injustice is honored.

If the justice is protected (Pravritti), the society runs with smooth functioning. Then, the spiritual effort (Nivritti) can also take place on smooth basis. The stage should be safe for the drama to run in peaceful way. God is not much bothered about the Nivritti, which is your personal relationship with God. God is highly bothered about Pravritti, which is your behavior to the society. God said that He incarnates on the earth only to protect Pravritti (Dharma Samsthaapanaarthaya – Gita) and not to protect Nivritti. The scriptures of other religions totally deal with this Pravritti only.

Shankara told that you are God (Tattvamasi) even though the reality is that yourself, an imaginable item of creation, cannot be God, the unimaginable creator. Shankara is not ignorant of this truth. The main aim is that you will develop noble divine qualities of God when you think that you are that very God. In such case, Pravritti is tremendously protected since everybody becomes extremely good assuming himself or herself as God. Selfishness vanishes away completely since all this creation is already the property of God i.e., yourself. You need not steal your own property and corruption disappears. Such tremendous wonderful results are seen as the development of a single lie that you are God.

A lie is not a sin and in fact is auspicious act when it gives good results. The mother says to the child that the moon will come down if it eats the food offered by her hand for the good result that the child grows well by eating the food. She is not punished in the hell for that lie. In fact, she is honored in the heaven for that good act. People see Shankara as the Divine Preacher of Nivrutti. He is in the disguise of Nivritti and should be treated as the excellent preacher of Pravritti. Shankara is the incarnation of God and hence, the basic nature of God to protect Pravritti (justice) can be clearly identified in Him in a hidden way. Shankara exploited the ambition of every human being to become the highest God for achieving the best peaceful society.

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May 28, 2005

A devotee asked: Some people try to avoid paying tax to the government because they feel that, by paying tax, their hard-earned money is going into the pockets of corrupt government officials and is not actually reaching the needy. Could You kindly give Your opinion on this?

Swami: If you find an opportunity to not pay tax or minimize paying tax, you can use that saved money for feeding beggars and the poor. But you should also note that there are some good officers in the government, who are not interested in corruption. The best way is to pay tax to the government and also propagate true spiritual knowledge in the world. The propagation of spiritual knowledge will ultimately eradicate corruption. In this program, God will certainly help you. The whole problem of corruption arises due to the lack of spiritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge preaches the existence of the unimaginable, omniscient and omnipotent God, who punishes sinners even if they escape from the law of the land using the influence of powerful people, corruption or clever tricks. If this spiritual knowledge is given importance in the education system as was done in ancient times, there will be no need of the police and courts. Citizens will develop an in-built resistance to sin. They will avoid corruption, not due to the fear of the police and courts, but due to the fear of the omniscient and omnipotent God from whom no one can ever escape. In the absence of such in-built resistance to sin among the citizens, corruption can never be eradicated using only external control in the form of the police and the courts. The external systems of control invariably fail because they too are affected by corruption!


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May 28, 2005
What is the meaning of the inverted tree example in the Gita?

A devotee asked: In a discussion forum, a person asked what is meant by the inverted tree described in the Gita. The tree is said to have its roots above and its branches and leaves growing downward. Could You please explain its meaning?

Swami: O Learned and Devoted Servants of God! The inverted tree represents the creation. The branches, leaves, flowers and fruits represent the world, which is many-fold. The root of the world-tree represents the Creator-God, who is the Cause of the world. God is greater than world and hence, the root is above and the tree grows downward from it. If you worship God, which is like watering the root, all your worldly bonds, which are like the branches, leaves and so on, will flourish. But if you just worship the worldly bonds, it is like directly watering the branches, leaves, and flowers, which is useless and the worldly bonds will dry up and perish. Hence, if your love-water is given to God, who is the Root, all your worldly bonds will be saved and they will remain alive. But if you give your love-water to your worldly bonds, neglecting God who is the Root, it will be of no use and your worldly bonds will not be protected. Wise people pour water at the root and fools, who do not realize how it actually works, pour water on the branches, leaves and flowers. These fools think that the dried leaves and flowers will become green with the water that is directly poured on them. The wise man knows that the dry leaves and flowers will come alive only by pouring water at the root. If you really love your family members, stop loving them because your love is not true love. It is foolish love. If you actually love your family, stop loving it and instead, start loving God so that God will protect them. In doing so, you will be showing true love for your family. When you cannot even protect yourself, how can you protect others?


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May 28, 2005
There are three stages in the spiritual development of any human being in this world. They are duṣpravṛtti(doing bad deeds), pravṛtti(doing justice), and nivṛtti(complete love and surrender to God). They are related to a person’s fascination (overattachment or Moha) to worldly bonds. The three main worldly bonds of a soul are the bond with money, the bond with one’s life-partner and the bond with one’s child. A limited attachment to these worldly bonds is acceptable as long as it does not cross the boundaries of justice. Excessive attachment to these bonds causes the soul to commit injustice.

Duṣpravṛtti is the lowest stage in which the soul is completely affected by the six vices. The six vices are lust, anger, greed, overattachment, ego, and jealousy. Such souls always support injustice and are severely punished by God here as well as after death in hell. They are attached to illegitimate worldly bonds and they often neglect or even cause harm to their legitimate bonds. In other words, they engage in illegitimate relations and illegitimate ways of earning money. Pravṛtti is the middle stage in which the soul possesses good qualities and always supports justice. Such a soul is blessed by God with happiness here and happiness in heaven after death. This soul rejects illegitimate bonds while maintaining a limited attachment to the legitimate bonds.

Nivṛtti is the stage in which the soul is completely filled with the real love for God. Such a soul goes beyond justice and injustice. This soul rejects all worldly bonds, both legitimate and illegitimate, and is totally fascinated with having a single bond with God (Ekabhaktirviśiṣyate—Gita). In this stage, all the worldly bonds drop off naturally, as a result of the divine bond to God. There is not the slightest force involved in this detachment from worldly bonds. Nivṛtti means total detachment since all worldly bonds are totally dropped in this stage.

If a person leaves his lawful wife due to his attraction for a prostitute, he is on the downward journey from pravṛtti to duṣpravṛtti. If a person leaves his lawful wife due to his attraction for God, he is on the upward journey from pravṛtti to nivṛtti. A soul starting from the lowest stage of duṣpravṛtti must first reach the middle stage of pravṛtti before proceeding to nivṛtti. The first part of the journey, from duṣpravṛtti to pravṛtti, is described in the Rāmāyaṇam and the Mahābhāratam. The second part of the journey, from pravṛtti to nivṛtti, is described in the Bhāgavatam. The Bhagavat Gita speaks about both these parts of the journey in both the upward and downward directions. Hence, it is recognized as the total authority for both ethical knowledge (pravṛtti) as well as spiritual knowledge (nivṛtti).
True Nivṛtti

Nivṛtti does not mean the dropping of all bonds since the mind cannot remain without any bond. Nivṛtti means the natural dropping off of all worldly bonds due to the formation of a single, extremely strong bond with God. If the mind is forced to not have any bond, it is both unnatural and impossible. A person’s soul is awareness and the thoughts and qualities in the awareness are the mind. The mind naturally seeks objects and develops bonds. Forcing the mind to be without bonds or thoughts is forcing oneself to become inert, like a stone.
It is a pity that Advaita philosophers take a lot of effort to attain this unnatural forced state. They try to drop all their worldly bonds, feeling that the world is unreal and illusory. If all the worldly bonds drop off naturally due to the strong bond with God, then that state is correct. But these Advaitins do not have any bond with God because they feel that they are already God. Having a bond with oneself is meaningless! They neither have a bond with God nor do they have a bond with the world. This is a forced state of the mind which they call as the state of Advaita or monism. But unfortunately, it is neither the true state of monism nor can it be sustained for a long time.

The Advaita philosopher Totāpuri criticized Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa for His inability to reach this forced state of ‘monism’. Later, one day, Totāpuri developed a severe stomach-ache. It was so unbearable that he even tried to end his life. But even that failed. Then, the universal Divine Mother appeared to him and preached to him the path of devotion to God, which is based on the fundamental dualism between God and the soul. It was the path that Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had followed all along.

Hence, in all the three stages of duṣpravṛtti, pravṛtti, and nivṛtti, the soul always remains in a state of dualism with God. It cannot reach the state of God in which this world becomes unreal to the soul. Therefore, nivṛtti does not simply mean the dropping of all bonds. It only means the dropping of all worldly bonds due to the formation of a very strong bond with God, which is based on a fundamental dualism between God and the soul. From the angle of the soul, this fundamental dualism alone is true at all times. Monism is true only from the angle of the absolute God.
Overcoming the Six Vices in the Journey
Duṣpravṛtti is the result of the attachment to illegitimate sex (kāma), illegitimate anger (krodha) and illegitimate greed (lobha). The three are said to be the three main gates to hell in the Gita. Naturally, pravṛtti means rejecting the above three vices and adopting the opposite good qualities, which are legitimate sex, legitimate anger, and legitimate greed. Overattachment (moha) to illegitimate worldly bonds leads to duṣpravṛtti while limited attachment to legitimate worldly bonds leads to pravṛtti. Excessive attachment even to the legitimate worldly bonds is a danger because it provokes the soul to commit sins.

The attachment to legitimate worldly bonds can be reduced by developing attachment to God. The attachment to illegitimate worldly bonds can be completely eliminated with a combination of the fear of hell and the faith in God. Faith in God, the fear of hell and the development of devotion to God together completely reform the soul. The soul then rises from the first stage of duṣpravṛtti, through the middle state of pravṛtti, all the way to the third stage of nivṛtti.

The last three vices are illegitimate attachment (moha), ego (mada) and jealousy (mātsarya). They automatically get associated with the first three vices which are illegitimate lust, anger and greed. Moha is the overattachment towards worldly bonds. But the worldly bonds are related to lust and greed. So, overattachment is related to lust and greed.
Similarly, one develops pride or ego due to materialistic achievements, which are related to greed. One also develops jealousy (mātsarya) towards fellow humans based on their worldly achievements. So, the last three vices are based on the first three vices. Therefore, only the first three are stressed in the Gita as the three main gates to hell.

Avoid bad side of both good and bad deeds
Let us examine the six so-called bad qualities or vices and see how each of them has both meritorious and sinful sides. Among them, the first three, are responsible for the majority of sins in the world. They are said to be the three main gates to hell as per the Gita.
Lust or sex (kāma):
The meritorious side of sex is to generate issues which form the next generation. Sex with one’s rightful wife to produce children is perfectly justified (Dharmāviruddhaḥ bhūteṣu kāmo’smi—Gita). Even the intense desire for sex, which causes a person to engage in sex with one’s married partner frequently, is also justified. There are several uncertainties arising from gynaecological and other factors in conceiving a child. The time of the release of the ovum is uncertain, the life of sperm is short and so on. Hence, frequent sex becomes necessary for producing children. Thus, lust, which drives a person to have frequent sex, has a good side.
But when a person using his or her freedom, chooses to engage in sex with an unlawful partner, in violation of God’s laws of worldly justice, the sex becomes sinful. It is this sinful side of the sin alone which is to be given up. An ordinary human being on the path of pravṛtti should not blindly give up sex completely without recognizing this internal sub-classification of the good and bad sides to each quality. A very few exceptional souls of the nivṛtti path, like Śaṅkara, Ramakrishna etc., left sex completely. But they did not leave it by any forced effort. It was a natural consequence of their extreme attachment to God. Such exceptional cases are out of the scope of pravṛtti or karmādhikāra. Karmādhikāra means the eligibility to do worldly work. People who follow the rules of justice given by God are said to be eligible to perform worldly work, which is the path of pravṛtti. But the eligibility of these exceptional cases, who are the stars of the nivṛtti path, far exceeds karmādhikāra.
2) Violence or anger (krodha): The originally-created good side of anger or violence is that teachers or parents can show anger towards their students or children, whenever they go on the wrong path. With this quality, teachers and parents can bring their students or children back to the right path in pravṛtti. An Incarnation of God like Krishna killing a devilish soul is the good side of violence (Vināśāya ca duṣkṛtām—Gita). Even a court putting a criminal to death is the good side of violence. However, an individual should not take the law into his own hands. Even God Rama, the embodiment of justice and peace, is described in the Rāmāyaṇam as “Sthānakrodhaḥ prahartā ca,” which means that He showed anger and even killed in the appropriate situation. The sinful side of anger and violence is getting angry with good people and hurting or killing them.
3) Greediness (lobha): Greed causes a person to not share his wealth with others. The original good side of greed is that a person does not donate his precious wealth to undeserving receivers but donates it to only to deserving receivers. The sinful side of greed is donating to undeserving receivers and not donating to deserving receivers. Unless you save money by avoiding undeserved donations, you cannot make well-deserved donations since most people have limited financial resources. Very few people are rich. Even if you are rich, the sinful side of greediness must be avoided and its meritorious side must be practiced. In the Mahābhāratam it is clearly told that both donating to the undeserving and not donating to the deserving are sins.
The fourth, fifth and sixth vices namely moha, mada and mātsarya, also have both good and bad sides. As long as these three are within limits, they are not as dangerous, and they do not yield punishments in hell. But if they cross their boundaries and lead to sinful deeds, they become punishable.
Fascination (moha): Fascination to one’s family is the good side of fascination in pravṛtti. Fascination or moha towards God is even better in pravṛtti, and of course, it is essential in nivṛtti. But moha in unlawful relationships is sin in pravṛtti. Also, having fascination only for the worldly bonds of child, spouse and wealth, without having any bond with God, is the bad side of fascination in both nivṛtti and pravṛtti. Having a fascination only for the worldly bonds is not a punishable sin by itself. It is bad because it stops spiritual progress. But an extreme moha for the worldly bonds without any moha for God may lead the soul to commit punishable sins in pravṛtti. So, on the whole, moha for God is the good side of moha and moha for the worldly bonds is the bad side.
5) Pride (mada): The good side of mada is having self-confidence and the bad side is to have an ego. Limited pride is self-confidence. It is like the normal body temperature. If the pride grows beyond limits, it becomes ego, which is like a fever. If confidence drops down below a certain limit it is like an abnormally low body temperature, which is also dangerous. Low self-confidence makes the person afraid of even doing normal activities. In nivṛtti, a devotee can be proud of being a disciple of God Datta. But this pride should not take the negative direction of looking down upon other forms of God Datta. This is the bad side of pride which results from the ignorance of the spiritual knowledge preached by God Datta.
6) Jealousy (mātsarya): The good side of jealousy is to develop competition with people, who are better than us. It drives us to make efforts to reach their level or even surpass them and become the best. It is said that envy brings growth in knowledge, “Spardhayā vardhate vidyā”. The bad side of jealousy is pulling down those who are better than us, by false blame in order to become equal with them or suppressing others and pushing them below our own level in order to become better than them.
In the cases of ego and jealousy, there is an additional danger. When both are directed to the wrong side in the case of the contemporary Human Incarnation of God, they lead to repulsion from the Incarnation. After passing into the energetic world, the soul also feels repulsion from the Energetic Incarnation. Owing to the repulsion from the Human Incarnation here on earth and the energetic Incarnation in the upper-world, the soul misses the chance to attain God here as well as there. So, avoiding ego and jealousy towards the Incarnation is very important in nivṛtti.
Just as the so-called bad qualities have meritorious and sinful sides, the so-called good qualities also have both sides. Worshipping God is generally a good quality. The good side of this quality is worshipping God out of true love without aspiring for any fruit in return from Him. The bad side of this quality is worshipping God due to artificial love shown for Him. In such a case, the person’s real love is for the fruit that he aspires from God. Serving society is a good quality, which also has both good and bad sides. A politician doing social service to impress the public for the sake of getting votes is bad. His actual intention is to win the election, secure a powerful position and earn sinful money.
The social service done by Mahatmā Gandhi, Mother Theresa etc., with the goal of genuinely helping needy souls, in the name of God, is the good side of social service. In ancient times, yajña was also a form of social service. During the yajña, hungry people were fed, and spiritual discussions and prayers to God were conducted. This is the good side of the yajña. The bad side of yajña is to do the same yajña for achieving heavenly pleasures after death or achieving worldly pleasures in this life, without developing any spiritual knowledge or devotion to God. During the time of Śaṅkara, the Pūrva Mīmāṁsā philosophy had turned to this bad side of yajña, and as a result, it was condemned by Śaṅkara.

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May 28, 2005
Science does not bother about God and is confined to the present life alone. Scientific rationality is confined only to physical knowledge. Even though there are several genuine miracles happening in this world, science does not bother about them. Atheists attempt to examine these miracles like scientists. But they differ from the silent scientists in their invariable strong negation of the miracles at the end of their investigation. Unless miracles are accepted, scientists and atheists will not believe in the existence of the unimaginable God. A scientist may become a believer in God, but an atheist will never believe. For believers in God, miracles are not necessary since they follow the advanced knowledge of nivṛtti.

The unimaginable God is beyond space and time and He remains unimaginable due to this reason only. From the unimaginable God, imaginable space etc., were generated, which form this entire imaginable world. In the worldly logic, there is no single example of generation of imaginable item from unimaginable item because in the imaginable domain (world), there is no unimaginable item at all — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.

The unimaginable God alone is the absolute truth and this world created by Him can’t be equally true with Him. If it is true like Him, it can’t be created or destroyed by Him. One truth can’t create or destroy another truth. Such creation, modification and destruction of worldly items by the unimaginable God are called as miracles or unimaginable events, which are seen in this world indicating His existence directly through scientific analysis. The soul is a part of this untrue world, hence, untrue, can’t stand as equal truth with the unimaginable God. World is not true before God, but, true for the soul — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.

Space is something or subtle energy and not nothing. Nothing can be neither generated nor can disappear. Space is said to be generated by the Veda and is said by Einstein to disappear when all the matter disappears in the world. If it is nothing, it can’t bend along the boundary of the object. This means space is something like the other four subsequent elements, which are air, fire, water and earth. Of course, space is nothing like the other four elements with reference to unimaginable God since world is relatively true with reference to the absolute truth, called as the unimaginable God. Imaginable space can’t exist in its cause or unimaginable God before its generation itself.

If it exists, its generation becomes false. This link between unimaginable God and imaginable space is also unimaginable due to absence of such link in the world. We can find the generation of imaginable item from another imaginable item only in this imaginable world. By this, not only God, but also, His link with space is unimaginable — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.
The space or world looks to be infinite because its boundary is not attained by us even in our imagination. This universe is finite for the omniscient God since nothing is unknown to Him. If we reach the boundary of imaginable space or world, we will certainly touch the starting boundary of different unimaginable God and this can never happen. Due to this reason only, the space or world is constantly expanding so that even angels can’t reach the boundary of this space. Angels having energetic bodies move with tremendous velocity.
The ending boundary of the water of sea is the starting boundary of different region, called as soil. The boundary of the universe exists, but, is unreachable to us, which means infinite, but, does not mean really infinite. If you follow the track of smoke generated from fire, you will touch its cause or fire. Similarly, if we reach the boundary of space, we will reach its cause or unimaginable God. This can never happen since unimaginable God having no space in Him before its generation, is beyond space and is always unimaginable to us — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.
The unimaginable God created subtle energy or space so that an energetic body is created from subtle energy and remaining subtle energy is in the form of space, which is occupied by the created energetic body to be called as absolute space since such first energetic body will never disappear. The unimaginable God enters this first energetic body called as first energetic incarnation or Eshwara or Lord or Father of heaven called as Datta meaning that the unimaginable God is ‘given’ to the world for clear vision. Such incarnation is called as descended God because the omnipotent unimaginable God can alone cross the unimaginable link between God and space to come down.
This first energetic body bound by space can’t cross this link to become ascended body. This first energetic incarnation enters other energetic bodies and human bodies to become energetic and human incarnations respectively in future. This Father of heaven merged by unimaginable God creates the five elements and souls gradually due to His unimaginable power, which form this entire world — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.
Awareness means to know something (result) and also means the nervous energy that causes the knowledge (cause). The unimaginable God knows everything (result), without nervous energy (cause). The awareness of soul knows only little (result) since it is done by the nervous energy (cause). Soul is just a specific work form of inert energy functioning in a specific nervous system. It is only the rule of this creation that anything to know must be nervous energy and this rule doesn’t apply to unimaginable God.
He knows everything (not little like the soul) without being nervous energy. By this speciality, the knowledge of unimaginable God is called as unimaginable awareness. Similarly, He can burn anything without being the fire. Hence, every soul is not unimaginable awareness or unimaginable God. Only the soul of first energetic incarnation and other souls pervaded by Him in the incarnations become unimaginable awareness. A soul becomes unimaginable God by the selection done by God and not by the effort of the soul — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.
When the unimaginable God merges with imaginable medium like energetic or human body, we need not discuss this merge as monism or internal dualism or perfect dualism since these three mechanisms are confined to merge of imaginable items only. Since climax devotees desired to see the unimaginable God with their eyes, God becomes the medium through perfect monism only so that devotees are not discouraged. These climax devotees have no ego and jealousy due to which these devotees can digest the perfect monism. If the devotees have some ego and jealousy, the merge will be simultaneously external monism with internal dualism due to non-isolation of soul from God. If the devotees have full ego and jealousy, the merge will be perfect dualism simultaneously.
This merge is confined to the incarnation only and not to be extended to every soul. However, Shankara applied perfect monism of God to every soul in the case of atheists having full ego and jealousy (I am the light). After sometime, ego and jealousy were reduced and Ramanuja told that soul is a part of God (Part of light is in me). After sometime, ego and jealousy disappeared and Madhva told that the soul is different from God even though both are awareness (I am in the light). The grading done in the incarnation shall be understood with reference to the then existing state of devotees since the real preacher cares more for the uplift of devotees from their existing state than the truth of the concept.
Now, Datta Swami established that awareness or nervous energy is only imaginable soul and not the unimaginable God because today devotees developed excellent scientific analysis to digest the ultimate truth also along with devotion. By this, God became visible as well as unimaginable in nature — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.
The first energetic incarnation along with merged unimaginable God is the common item in every medium and thus, same God is common in all religions even though media differ. Hence, only one God exists in all religions. Religion is the path to please the same one God. Religions differ due to the difference in the level, language, culture, etc., of different souls in different regions. The starting point or soul and ending point or God are same in every religion. Hinduism with many sub-religions is a mini representative model of world with various religions and in both (sub-religions of Hinduism and religions of world), we find internal unity in external diversity — like this, if one realizes, let him belong to Eastern religion or Western religion, such a person is omniscient. This is My logical conclusion.

Science Vs Atheism

Science keeps silent on the unimaginable God because it is unable to explain the unimaginable events called as genuine miracles, the source of which is unimaginable God. In any book of science, you don’t find a chapter called as ‘Refutation of God and Miracles’, whereas the books on atheism have only this one chapter! The silence of science is perfect indicating that God is beyond imagination being beyond space and this point is told by the scriptures also. Atheism blindly says that all miracles are magic without perfect examination and analysis. Ofcourse, certain fraud miracles also exist, which are actually magic and by this you shall not conclude that every miracle is magic. Atheism is always emotional and the intelligence sleeps in emotion. Science is always open to observation and analysis unlike atheism. Science also says that a hypothesis shall be accepted till it is disproved by the subsequent theory. Hence, you shall believe the explanation of the performer of genuine miracles at least till you disprove the genuine miracle also as magic. Science accepts the existence of unimaginable domain by accepting the unimaginable boundary of the universe. The unimaginable boundary of the universe and frequently exhibited unimaginable-genuine miracles establish the existence of unimaginable God, who punishes the sinners through unimaginable ways even if they escape the law here through tricks. By this, pravrutti is protected on which only nivrutti is based.

If an atheist asks you to show the hell in this space, you must give the following argument:-
In this infinite space, I can’t show the existence of hell to you. Similarly, since space is infinite, you can’t take me all around the space and prove the non-existence of hell to me. A 50:50 probability of existence and non-existence results here. A wise person shall select the probability having lesser risk. If you believe in the hell and do not do any sin, you are not lost in any way even if the hell is absent. If you take the other probability of non-existence of hell and do sins, you are totally damaged if the hell exists! Even an atheist shall think about this, if the atheist is wise enough.

Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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