Black People : Is Hillary Clinton a CarpertBagger

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    Carpetbaggers want Florida and Michigan back in game

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    For the non history buffs, the term Carpetbagger may not ring a bell but, after the civil war, this term was used to describe persons who went south to allegedly help rebuild the south. A brief definition would go as follows. An outsider attempting to gain political office or economic advantage, especially in areas (thematically or geographically) to which they previously had no connection.

    If one were to look at Florida , Michigan and actions by the Democratic party, they could apply this term to various individuals. After the party agreed to punish Florida and Michigan for holding early voting, the party is now making back room deals to allow the state's delegates from each of those states into the counting pool for the Presidential Democrat nomination. If a person were of sound mind and body, the individual would think this would be morally wrong.

    On the other hand, if one wants to win at any cost, this move to allow Florida and Michigan into the counting would be ok. Although the two states were not important at the beginning of the nomination race , it appears every delegate counts even if it means putting morals aside and playing with a dirty card in your shoe. This situation does not present itself as a catch twenty two. The situation presents itself as plot to position one self in front at any cost.

    One of the main reason Florida and Michigan wanted to hold early voting was to have influences. If the two states are allowed to have voting again doing this 2008 nomination race or, their delegates counted, there was no reason for the Democratic party to band the two state's delegates from the convention and not allow those delegates votes to count. With the current situation, the two states still are having a political effect on the out come of the Democratic nomination.

    If you are a Democratic, you may have to write Howard Dean and ask him to stop the process but only if you feel it is morally wrong.