Is Drinking Water Natural

Keita Kenyatta

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Feb 7, 2004
Nothing is wrong with veggies. The only issue is when we over cook them...then we lose what ou bodies need. Actually heat kills all food. This is why a "living human body, composed of living cells, living DNA, living blood, tissues and organs" requires LIVING FOOD IN ORDER TO REGENERATE ITSELF. The law is simple; Everything reproduces after its own kind. Life reproduces life....death reproduces death. Want a good example? Have you ever had a craving for a hamburger or some other food? Why is that? Hamburger is dead food...and yet your body was calling for it ! Oh well, there's really more to this, but I grow weary at this time. Got to be up at 4:30 in the day.


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Jun 10, 2004
My My My My My My MY!

I could not wait to get the opportunity to say what I am about say right now!

For starters, I read about 2-3 different articles on Health prior to reading Brotha Keita's Post #4. That post was :darts:! However, before I continue on, allow me to give my response to Brotha Elder's post.

As Brotha Keita mentioned, over-cooking the food destroys the enzymes in it. Cooked food is even more dangerous than we think. Example: Now understand that Our bodies contain tissue. That tissue is very lite, making it, in a way, susceptible to being easily torn away. Now imagine eating a hot plate of grits. (Take note that the grits are very hot of course, and the tissue is very soft.) Now what happens when you pour/dump Hot Grits onto soft tissue? Think about that. Again, it must be mentioned, Cooked food is harmful - not just because of the temperature of the food at consumption, but also because of the fact that the food is [half the time] overcooked, and thereby minus the healthy nutrients, or enzymes. That is one reason why Nut-eaters prefer RAW NUTS over normal commercialized nuts (Planters).

Now onto Brotha Keita.

I am glad you have that Book, because much of what he says is stuff that we do not even consider, but of vital importance, even to the point of saving our lives. For the sake of those who do not have it (I sure wish they invested in it, if possible), I will have to outline some key pointers that need to be known, notwithstanding how accessible the Book is to them.

Brotha Elder wanted to know about the Veggies? This next excerpt I pull out I believe will be of some sort of significance to veggies. Further, it will expound a little on the 'fruitarian' Brotha Keita spoke about.

Here it is:

African Holistic Health
Section 9: Food
Page 200

The life span of animal flesh eaters is short. The age span of an animal increases as the quantity of animal flesh diet decreases. Vegetable consumption increases the age span and this increase is according to diet as follows: breathtarians live the longest, then liquidtarians, fruitarians and vegetarians. (There's your answer Brotha Elder!)

Fruitarians eat the fruit of plants (sweet fruit, non-sweet fruits). The fruitarian eats the highest concentration (largest amount) of nutrition that the plant produces, which is its fruit. This diet has the highest nutrient content because the plant seeds store high amounts of vital nutrients for its offspring in its fruit. Seeds and nuts are classified as fruits. Fruit flesh (meat) contains distilled water. The body distills water (i.e. lungs, intestine, kidney) before it is digested. The fruitarian has a high content of liquid and a very low content of earth minerals. Vegetarian (fruitarian, vegan) diet does not require the killing of the plants and fruit. (Backs up one of your points Brotha Keita.) The food can be eaten raw. No natural vegetarian, animal flesh eater or fruitarian animals eat cooked food, fried foods, sweeten or season foods or mixes many different type of foods together.

The liquidtarian lives basically on a diet of spring or sweet creek water. Some liquidtarians live on a diet of organic raw vegetable or fruit juices and water. The breathtarian lives on a diet of unpolluted air (Where can you find that in these United Snakes?). This diet is the highest on the scale and has the longest life span. They seem to use electromagnetic energy and are biochemically capable of organizing the ions in air in such a way as to produce a energy-food. They use their breath as the breath of life. It is a spirito-physical life. (Whew....Y'talk about Biology...)

The diet should be determined by the diseased or wellness state, type of work (laborer, desk job), social and economic condition (jail, poverty) environment (polluted air, computer, radiation), emotional and social stressors. A diet change requires learning different types of foods, seasonings, recipes, cooking methods and in some cases, changing friends and social lifestyles, losing friends to socialize with, elimination of alcohol and marijuana. It is usually the loneliness, caused by eating health food, junk food addiction, eating disorders, peer pressure and cultural homelessness that keeps Black people on bad diets.

Here is more information on the Breathtarian:

As far as eating Watermelon, Peaches, etc., that is very true. However, it came to my attention from a combination of this post found in this forum and this post over at Sistah Shakur's forum(@ssata) that Grapes are not as safe as thought, neither are peaches. This is all the more reason for us as a People to start investing in planting Our own Gardens. As long as we rely on the consumer-driven commerce-show (commercial) markets, we will be so healthy.



emanuel goodman

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Jun 25, 2006
social worker

Keita said:
Out of sheer curiosity and feedback, which I shall speak on later, how many people think, know or believe that drinking water is natural for humans? Please describe why and if possible, come up with some type of logic, science or plausible reason why you think drinking water is natural for humans.:thinking: :thinking:

Once information and facts are provided they are impossible to ignore. I learned some thing today excellant post and even better responses!! finally some constructive work begins.


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Sep 17, 2005
Ghana, West Africa
Water does not make your stomach growl like crazy. Also, it does not consist of sugar, salt, sodium, protein, fat, making it even more beneficial to the body.

I now know why my stomach is growing.
I drink so much water. I dont know the number of
cups i drink in a day but am always thirsty.
I get thirsty after taking in tea or cereals in the morning.

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