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Jun 10, 2004
Actually, according to a Standard Deviance documentary I encountered (wish I knew the reference off-hand), we really need more water in Our bodies than we think. I would say 10 glasses in good, but I would also further go on to say that some of Our metabolic body compositions are made in such a way that we can not afford to miss a glass - i.e. (that is to say) 5-6 would to too little for some of us. (Perform Own Research to find out)

To answer the question, Naturally drinking water not only helps you physically; it also helps you mentally. Water does not make your stomach growl like crazy. Also, it does not consist of sugar, salt, sodium, protein, fat, making it even more beneficial to the body.

However, water does have some "red signs." For example, not all water is natural, and clean. Tap Water is dangerous, Partially Hydrogenated (susceptible to germs) bottled water is dangerous, whereas on the contrary, Polycarbonated (Hard Plastic) bottled water is good for drinking, I myself drink Purified, Spring Water is healthy, so long as it is not in Partially Hydrogentated plastic. I also heard that Distilled Water is also good for consumption, but it is also recommended that you not drink more than 1 Gallon of it a day.

Dr. Llaila Afrika, who I have quoted numerous times in this here forum, speaks on this, as well as Well water. I will conclude with an excerpt from his Book African Holistic Health.

You may visit his website here: - More Information on Dr. Afrika

African Holistic Health
Section 9:Food
Pages 212-213

Nature's safe drinking water is found in springs, wells, and freshwater creeks. Water is the handmaiden of nutrition. It is a mixture of air, minerals, trace minerals and vitamins. There is always foreign matter floating in water, which is essential to its proper digestion. This matter is usually filtered out by public water purifying works. Water is the main carrier of blood; it helps regulate body temperature and maintains the mineral salt balance of the blood.

There you have it - take it or leave it. (By the way, for further reading, I suggest that you invest in the Book. It can be found in almost any Black Bookstore, in addition to



Keita Kenyatta

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Feb 7, 2004
Actually I have his book....have had it for many years. My question was actually based upon several factors. Biology, diet and anatomy. For instance, man eats meat but our biology and teeth structure clearly reveals that man was never meant to be a meat eater. The very idea that we consume meat goes against science, anatomy and well as the writings of our people in ancient Kemet who considered a person impure even if they ate fish.

Now lets get to the water aspect. My question of sheer curiosity is; "When did humans begin to drink water?" Why is this a question? It's a question because we are not "anatomically built to drink water". In other words, if we look at the animal kingdom, like the deer, the dog, the horse, the goat and many many others, they have a facial or cranial structure whereby they can just go to the river or lake, bend their necks down and drink water. Do you catch my drift?

Humans are the only creatures that require the use of their hands or a cup of some sort to drink water. Now lets take a look at this and see if there is any reason to what I'm saying or am I bordering on insanity.:laugh:

The body is composed of 75% water, so obviously water as we know it is a neccesity. However, is it possible that we began drinking water when we left or migrated from a natural environment that neccesitated drinking water? In a natural environment we would have been fruitarians. Fruit like the human body is composed of 75% water. Not only that but fruit contains all the natural sugars and nutrients as a living food that the body would have required in a natural environment.

Have you ever seen anyone consuming water melon, cantalopes, honey dews, grapes, peaches, and many other fruits, grab a glass of water to drink after eating a bunch of those fruits? More than likely, no. What does this mean? Well for one thing, it means that if we were in a natural environment and were fruitarians, we would probably never drink water.

I conclude that as humans began the process of "degenerating from a fruitarian to a vegetarian on down to a meat eater", they somewhere along the way began to drink water because they were no longer getting it from a natural diet. As their diet changed, so also did their lifespan...with the lowest lifespan being that of the meateater.

Okay, this is my hypothesis on the water issue...any feedback on my thoughts?

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