Black Spirituality Religion : Is Divine Polygamy a part of the Plan to Restore the Divine Black Kingdom?

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    I do not recruit for Divine Polygamy/Polygamy. I discuss it.I have an Inquiring mind.

    Knowing that Divine Polygamy, not the (Flesh only) Polygamy is:

    1. Unconditional Loving
    2. Self sacrificing
    4. Natural and Universal Order.
    5. Divine

    Question: How many of us will be willing to be in such a union?

    Words in Hon. Bob Marley song: Kill them before they grow.

    That is exactly what the enemies want to happen to the Black Male Seed, and the enemies has been using the Black Womb-genders to make sure that the Black Male Seeds do not live and grow.

    Is it Divinely right to say that if there is a Black Male shortage, and the Black Seed needs to continue to be planted and grow, we need all the seed in the Divine Black males we have access too. How else will our Black Kingdom will continue to live on?

    I recall a relationship I was in some years ago. I was finish with birthing children. The person I was involved with asked me if I had a problem with another sister having his seed and we take care of the child. With no hesitation, I said, lets go meet her and see if she is in agreement with what you and I am in agreement with.

    That relationship no longer exist, and it had nothing to do with another sister having his seed.

    I Am a Mother to every Black Child, regardless of who birthed the child in this world.

    Now, IF, Divine Polygamy is a part of the Plan to Retstore the Divine Black Kingdom, I ask.

    Is the Black Womb genders (females), Divine Black Kingdom Builders, or Black Mankillers?

    If Divine Polygamy is a part of the Plan to Restore the Divine Black Kingdom, and those of us Now in the Black Struggle say they could not bring themselves to be in A Divine Polygamy Union (restoration) of the Black family, why stay in the struggle?

    Is Divine Polygamy for everyone or just for some?

    Who is it not for?
    Is it for Black Mankillers.
    Who is it for?
    Is it for Divine Black Womb-Genders Kingdom builders?

    If Divine Polygamy is a part of the Plan to Restore the Divine Black Kingdom, and those who say they are not willing to do it, can we see those who say they are not willing to be in such a union as enemies among us?

    Do others who say they are not willing to be part of the restoration of the Black family, just have another role, such as Just remaining single?

    If we look closely at what all is happening to our black lives today, we may witness a time when what is called the evil forces who will do something to us (SARDINES in A CAN), that will cause us to have no choice but to unite in every way. The human being gods on earth have another plan for us Blacks.

    We are not united now because we are disconnected with the Order in the Universe, Nature and Our Divine Ancestors.

    Who is it among us that do not desire?


    To stay on top, we must look at life from every position, leaving no stones unturned. We must know how to play from every side. We must know what each role each piece on the Chess board plays, down to the littlest pawn.