Black People : Is Chris Rock Getting a Show on CNN?

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    In an attempt to lure their African-American and Latino ratings back from MSNBC, CNN is rumored to be on the hunt for an African-American entertainer to host a primetime show. According to the New York Post, Chris Rock and Aisha Tyler have already been approached for a 7 P.M. slot, a time currently occupied by John King USA.

    Soledad O’Brien reportedly taped a pilot for the 7 P.M. slot, but network insiders told the New York Post that the pilot was deemed "unwatchable," by CNN Worldwide president Jim Walton. However, O’Brien, who has been producing diversity-themed programming for the network for years, is being given a second chance. The network has several African-American anchors and commentators -- including Don Lemon, TJ Holmes, Fredricka Whitfield and Roland Martin – during the day, yet no anchors during primetime.The last time an African-American comedian held a primetime spot was in 2008 with DL Hugley’s show, DL Hugley Breaks the News. The show, which was almost universally panned, was cancelled in less than a year.

    Chris Rock might be good for CNN’s ratings up, but we’re not sure how well the network will be able to tame his outrageous comments and opinions towards white people. If Chris Rock does get his primetime show on CNN, it might be prove his theory that white people have gotten 'less crazy' afterall.