Chief Elder Osiris : Is Black People Obsessed With Want For White People To Love Black people

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    Is Black People Obsessed With Want For White People To Love Black people

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    This is not a question of whether Black People are obsessed with a want to have white people to Love us, it is a demonstrated fact and the fact being the attitude and behavior Black people display in the presence of white people.

    Let me say this up front and you can take it or leave it alone because what you believe about me is immaterial to the fact that many of us Black people are not capable of making a Factual decision about anything or anyone that is not holding to the requirement of white people, those people referring to themselves as Human Beings, so believe about me as you will, when it come to your opinion of me in relationship to how I Think about white people and every other people that have a history of killing and abusing Black people, based on selfish evil desire.

    What I will do is state emphatically that I hate evil, Lies, and acts of deception in order to gain control of somebody else possession, achievement and identity, in this instance I focus on Black People being the victim of such an attitude and behavior, so displayed and acted out by Caucasian, Jewish, and Arab people of power.

    Now, until those Ethnic forces come to acknowledge the evil they have acted out against Black people, I will hate such an evil attitude and behavior until either they, the guilty parties, repent and show a willingness to capitulate to Black people for their evil deeds, or I will fight to the death in an attempt to rectify the damage that has been done to Black people by the use of White, Jewish, and Arab action of evil attitude and behavior, against Black people, because it is the attitude and behavior of evil that I will not embrace in a show of love that express such toward white people and I do not have the Time to separate the Rank and File of White, Arab, and Jewish people, from the Evil that is contained in their relatives of power, they will have to identify themselves to me and convince me that they are real in their show of repentance for what their Mother and Father has done to Black people, other than that, I am justified in maintaining my Mental course of how I Think and act toward those people with a history of killing and abusing Black People.

    Now, it is a given that the Human Being has been successful in conquering the Mind of Black People and they did it with their Religion, as they created a doctrine that would be self condemning if ever not obeyed and they pushed it with all force, into the Mind of Black people, so much so until it over burden Black people Divine Mind and replaced it with the Human Being Mind, a Mind born in Sin and shaped in iniquity, evil to the core of the Evil Being Spirit. ( Action )

    Why is it that Black people act and behave as we do today and now have a deep want of desire to have White, Jewish, and Arabs, to Love us, with no condition coming from us to them, not capable of realizing that those people of power is incapable of loving Black people, as a matter of fact they despise Black people, evidence, run and fetch your mirror and observe the destruction of the Black Nation, a Nation divided and no longer qualified to have a creative independent Thought of our own any more, as we are constantly preoccupied in trying to get those Evil forces, our oppressors, to Love us Black people, as if we should succeed, then we get a star in our Jesus Crown, How weak minded and foolish Black so call Afrikans have become, in these Days and Time we know nothing about today.

    Black people carry a mental disease that prompt us to deny any and all things Divinely True and Real, our life blood has become the want for the love of white people and those others that have a history of abusing Black people, we can not rest with the belief that the Love of white people is what we are to want in order to give our Black Life meaning.

    So what Black people do, we abandon the need for us to Divinely Think and embrace the want to follow every jot and tittle of the white man Doctrinal Religion, submitting religiously to that religious dogma that cause us to practice self-denial, giving no thought of Self and giving all of our belief in Jesus, with hope and faith that we will receive our reward in heaven, for being religiously self denying, an act that is in direct contradiction, and is an act of disobedience to the very instruction Left by our Divine First Way Cosmic Black Ancestors, which is an instruction that inform us, if we are ever to rise to enjoy our Black Life, Divinely so, we must get to Know ourselves again, a teaching that the Human Being religion despise and prevent Black people from obeying.

    Black people are under such a psychotic spell to the extent our every waking hour is about how we can get white people to love us, how we can get white people to change their opinion of our Black selves, as if we are the people that have committed evil against white people and they not against us Black people, such an attitude and behavior coming from victims of evil action against us Black people, serve as evidence that Black people live under a hypnotic spell, acclimated to the voice of white people which serve as our master code of obedience.

    Everything Black people believe about life requirements, come out of the Human Being Mind, everything we do and believe is first checked out and approved by the standards white people have established and so declared to be the laws of life, so what ever come that does not subscribe to those white folks standards of life, we Black folks immediately dismiss as being, in white folks term, wrong, a standard approved and established by white people.

    Black Woman And Man, do you not know that such a Life behavior is not akin to a Divine Mind and such a Mind, you did once possessed, and lived in accordance to to the Harmony, Order, and Balance Action so demonstrated in the Universe, the Infinite Reality, The Perfect Night ?

    Under the influence of the Human Being Mind, Black people can not bring themselves to acknowledge that which is unacceptable to the Black way of living, we are no longer with the knowledge that inform us about the Divinity of God Action, nor are we qualified to identify the attributes which is akin to such Action.

    White people of power love, is the opposite to Divine Love, a love Black people can not identify with anymore, because we no longer know of the Theology of Black people, so it is the religious theology that now dictate to the lesser Mind Black people are now in possession of and it is such a mind that is infested with the Human Being religion, that which fuel white folks evil, when an expression of a love that does what it so desire, having no Harmony, Order, nor Balance to it.

    That is why white people have no respect for Black people and is able to enslave and Colonize an entire black Nation, an evil that run so deep in the Human Being Mind, a Mind Black people operate under, until it has transformed Black people to be depended on the irrational emotion of white people in power, as we now crave white people acceptance and in the mean time, observe the condition of Afrika and those people running around referring to themselves as Human Being Afrikans, needing the evil that flow to us under the claimed expression of white folks Love. ( mind )

    The crave for white folks love is like a drug that squeeze the Life out of the Divine Mind of Black people, causing us to want approval in all we do, from white people, and those others that have oppressed Black people, as we have been conditioned to forget our Black past and disrespect the presence and hope toward white folks future, craving the love and approval from White people and our other oppressors.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks have been conditioned to despise the Divine Truth, because In Its Circle is Harmony, Order and Balance, Such is Despise by evil.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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