Chief Elder Osiris : Is Black People In America, Under Some Form Of Mind Control?

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    Is Black People In America, Under Some Form Of Mind Control?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear you.

    Why is there no mind of urgency among Black people in America, when all signs point to a date with horror to come to America, is it that we most certainly have lost the ability to detect that which is real?

    Is Black people in America under some form of Mind control?

    This is a very serious question as for as I am concerned, and I am concerned, because Black people do not respond in a normal way when someone life is in danger and is taken for granted to be useless in time for action to protect your life.

    I have meditated about the spirit being displayed by Black people today, and what is revealed to me, is that, not even ignorance is a cause for suicidal acts to be allowed to happen in life, and to life.

    The way the Body Biology is assembled, there is an internal synapse that allow that life to know when it is in danger, and the natural response to such an electrical current traveling over the internal junction will have that life to go into self protective mode, that is the biological instinct that show what the knowledge of life will have you to do, when there is a imminent danger to life, which is to do what ever is necessary to protect that life.

    Suicidal behavior reveal a tampering that has been performed with the mind of that body life, and such a spirit in action, does not come from a quality of mind that Think, and Thinking is Divine.

    So Hell yes, my outward questionable thought, about Black people in America, is rationally required, that is if the Love and concern is Divinely sincere for Black people, and mine is.

    So, why the question specify Black people in America, while the Black Afrikans in Afrika are behaving in such a way that verify that a mind with wisdom is in lock down, and the barbaric behavior being displayed in Afrika, where Black folks are implementing internal genocide upon each other, is real.

    We are Black people who have a common bond of racial identity, and is with a related DNA verification of being the same biological Kind of a specie, walking upon this planet call Earth.

    Barbaric killing spirit acted out against each other is a clear and present indication that such a people is with a lost of self identity, and such a self killing action by Black people of one another, verify a Mind in lock down, and the movement of those black bodies against each other, is operating on sense alone, and sense without Mind, give to you Barbaric action.

    Well, what does the barbaric action being performed in Afrika by Afrikans of a common pigment DNA, has to do with the state of Mind of the Black people in America?

    Well, I have often Time shared with you black people in America, you who are here by way of the Middle Passage, it is that experience that qualified you to become with the potential to save Afrika and to bring unity back to the Black Divine Nation.

    A Profane Mind can not see nor can it comprehend such Divine information that has and is being shared with you, about you black people.

    It is all because you black people have been made to believe that there has never been anything of a Greater good to have ever come from black people, most of you Black people believe that saying about you, and with such a spirit display by you about the Black Body life, it give way to justify my question about black people.

    Because, I do not any longer believe, I know of all of the lies been told about Black people, and My life is no longer predicated upon Lucifer history concerning Black people.

    I now use a quality of Mind that allow me to See and to know of the Divine story that reveal the Divine Truth about those people been labeled to be Black and ignorant, based upon the low quality of spirit that emanate out from a people that give off all evidence that the Mind of those black people has been tampered with, so much so, until Black people are incapable of making Divine decisions that are in the Divine interest of the Black body life.

    So, again I apply the question, could it be that the Mind of Black people been tampered with, and that there is evidence that such tampering has been done, concerning the Black mind?

    Well, what is the evidence, first of all, observe the spirit displayed by the descendants a people who was captured and taken away from their Home continent on Earth, and in view of the horrible treatment shown toward our Ancestors, they who became the Chattel slave of another people who have never shown the level of respect to a body life that is of the same energy action that caused all life, To Be.

    All of those descendants Black lives in America, have never shown a a level of respect for self that would cause an action by them to demand their Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, with unending action to verify the seriousness of such a demnd, nor have we given any indication of having a Divine spiritual connection to Mother Afrika, an act that is not normal coming from a people with a story that extend beyond this solar system.

    Observe Black people in America, and you could conclude that there is a people who rejoice in their oppression, and has developed a love for the people who are responsible in contributing to the fall of a once Great Black Nation, and was able to be successful in defusing the Black mind of its Divinity, and to have another mind replaced in the Black body, for mental operation, which is the reason the Black mind now used by Black people, is without the use with ability to Think Divinely, just to believe profanely.

    I have also shared with you as well, that the way the Black Afrikan in America go, so goes the Black Afrikan Race.

    So, the act of barbarism you now witness going on against each other in Afrika, there is a direct correlation to the type of spirit being displayed by the Black Afrikans in America.

    Here you Black people are in America, being warned that there is a great catastrophe event to take place in America, and your only interest is in getting further Social, educational, and economic relief, never a thought enter your Mind to make plan and preparation to get out of America, and the surest way to do that is by an out pouring into America streets demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and by doing so, you send an electrical wave so powerful until it will begin to return the Black Afrika Afrikan to begin to use the Divine mind been made to be nonfunctional, which is why there is a barbaric spirit now being shown and acted out against each other.

    In view of the lack of interest to free themselves, and the dying love and trust that is of Black people toward Lucifer the Human Being, and America, which have control completely over the Lives of Black people,, and with our consent, there is no greater evidence that demonstrate that the Mind of Black people in America has been tampered with, which is why there is complete inaction to be free by Black people in America, here by way of the middle passage

    A Thinking Black Mind is more powerful than Lucifer bombs.

    Be Kind to your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    i been saying this for some time now.....ain't nobody listening