Chief Elder Osiris : Is Black People A Part Of "We The People" In America?

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    Is Black People A Part Of "We The People" in America?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth and Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody black Might hear you.

    Tell me, was Black Afrikans in America revered and respected when the constitution of America was created?

    Is there respect with honor shown when a people become an after thought, an amendment that pretend to give to such a people Rights that are secondary to the primary, We The People of America, who is all white and not Black Afrikan.

    Never have I seen a people like Black people, so determine to become accepted by people who has gone the last mile giving to us their behind to worship and kiss.

    Why Do Black People Have Such an insatiable Impulse to be a part of "We The People", in America

    It take an uncontrollable want, to suppress the quality of proud that would not allow a people with knowledge of self to have no limit of a level that would allow such a people who have suffered the caliber of abuse that has caused those people to no longer function in their lives with no shame, nor with a mind that will cause such a mind to become immune to their own act of self disrespect.

    You have Black Afrikans in America, those who proudly make claim to be Black Afrikan American, and we consider every word those Racist White Men, those who are referred to as the founding fathers, the composers of America constitution, wrote to include the slave we were considered to be.

    There are some Black people that believe the framers of the American Constitution had us Black People in their Racist mind and included us in their, "We The People" vision, as they saw America being the land of the free and home of the brave for white people, a land stolen and claimed to be their own, as Black people in America struggle to become recognized as being a part of those, "We The People American.

    As you observe Black people today in America, and as you observe the unrest being demonstrated today in the world, any reasonable person making such an observation can conclude that there is no effort being made by Black people to demand respect for such Black Afrikan people, not in America nor in Afrika, among Black people.

    The Black people who represent the biggest disgrace to themselves, happen to be Black people in America, those of us who have only one want that verify being a disappointment, which is to be included in the vision of those Racist so call "Founding Fathers" vision , and that is, Black Afrikan in America want to be accepted as a part of "We The People" America, the same America that Enslaved our Afrikan Ancestors and to this day, refuse to pay to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation.

    To the Brand New Black Afrikan American, being accepted as America "We the People," is more of a want to be accepted by America, more so than having a desire to fight for our enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which speak volume about the status of Black American Intelligence, representing having a lack of desire to be free.

    It is the "We The People" syndrome that have Black people believing that being in America is worth the cost of Black people losing our Divine Mind, and being without the desire to see Afrika being for the Afrikan, and the Black Afrikan showing a spirit of a need to be united and free, In Afrika.

    Most Black people in America labor under the illusion of being free and loved by "We The People" Americans, and it is such an illusion that have Black people making claim that America is the country of Black people, just as much as it is of "We The People" Americans.

    Black so call Afrikan people is not just a run of the mill people, as the world have conditioned us to believe about ourselves, belief being a weapon used by a profane mind,

    So, when you have been made to forget the Divine truth about who you are, then you will settle to be who those people telling you who you are, because they are "We The People" Americans , the people you Black people want to be a part of and accepted by.

    In the lives of Black people, want has gone to become viral, infecting the Mind of a people who once were in possession of a Divine Mind, a Mind that has been infected by such viral use of believe, want, faith, and hope, profane principles that have Black people believing that our present lives condition has never been so good, believing that is our life Utopia, Want.

    There is not a life living condition that exceed the comfort and protection by being Divine, and good is no match of comparison, to Divine, but then, Black people are to busy trying to get to be included to be a part of "We The People" Americans, and such a want is what prevent Black people from rising up to demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    Because you must see, such represent freedom away from America and a presence back in Afrika, fighting to free Afrika and unite the Black Afrikan Nation.

    Have you ever seen a people who love to fake freedom other than Black Afrikan people, faking freedom remove the obligation to get up off of your complacent behind and fight for freedom, the one act that Black people can not escape such an obligation, if to become free again.

    Once Free and have it to be taken away from you, you can not faked freedom back to you, because just as freedom was taken away from you, is the way you must regain that freedom, and today, Time declare that it is freedom Time for all that have been living without freedom, but if had freedom taken away from you, then you have to take it back, no exception, not even to a made to be arrogant Black Afrikan People who rather become as the oppressors are, rather than to become as we were, not Black Afrikan Human Beings, but Divine Beings, living in lock step with Freedom.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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    It doesn't matter if black people were part of "we the people" when the United States Constitution was written or signed. The United States Constitution is only words. The question is can black people use those words to do two things;

    (1) Keep from being harmed;
    (2) Get the constructive help that they need when they need it.

    At some point black people have to learn to master words instead of allowing words to master us. Once we are able to master words we will be able to use words to get a job done. And it will not matter if the words are written in a document that is called the United States Constitution or written on a bubble gum wrapper.

    Since the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) is setup to harm black people and keep black people from getting the constructive help they need when they need it...and this is done largely through the use of is only logical that in order to work against the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) black people are gonna hafta use any tool that we can, including the use of words as a tool, to minimize being harmed and to maximize getting constructive help when we need it. By doing so we are working against the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) on that alone.