Black People : Is Black Lit Dead?


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Apr 16, 2001
Where is RIchard Wright, where is Langston Hughes, where the hell is Zora Neal Hurston?

Have we attained such literary freedom as to assume that racism is either in our past or non-existant? What is all this stuff about nothing but relationships and girls coming of age? Do we not have books that are not designed for 15 year old girls? Where is the anger that we should feel? Where the hell is all this religious screwing coming from? Have we drank the poison and called it kool-aid?

I won't even read any of this crap now. I am totally dissapointed by the offerings in black bookstores. Maybe if men would read...
and what do you have to offer...

you're a man, do you have a book to offer?

You are correct, we don't have books for children, mainly teenaged children, maybe this is why they resort to television and music so often.

I remember book by people like judy blume, and whatever that other woman's name is.

Where are the writer's for our daughters and sons.

again, I ask you Wisdomseed, do you have a book?

Actually, I know that you do, just helping a brother do a little promoting. (check is in the mail right).

however, i have a question for you. you wrote a book, and I would have to ask, would you find that the type of book you want you children to read? (((i don't know why I'm asking, i think I know the answer)))
My book, should it ever find a publisher is not for children, although teenagers could read it. The big problem in writing for teenagers is writing something they would read that their parents would let them. They cuold read Dickens, eventhough Dickens was not written for children. My daughter just finished Great Expectations (Yes I was surprised), it is a nice little serial drama (soap opera) written for newspapers in England. Who knows maybe one day CWD will be required reading, like Richard Wright ought to be required reaing now.
You get no argument here.

You know Wisdomseed, I got through high school and never read any Shakespeare. Not that I would have wanted to anyway. I would have welcomed the opportunity to read more african/african american literature. However, we did have a special program for black students that instituted my senior year. We did have some required or suggested reading. I believe that was when i first read, Manchild in the Promise Land. Actually that is a book, teenagers can read. I also read the learning tree, of course their was special interest there, since Gordon Parks has moved and lived here for some time.

I need to get my collection again, there are book my son will be required to read. in addition to the others i named before, makes me wanna holler is another.

One last point, a friend of my is taking a black lit college courses. This should be incorporated before the college level. She has already read some of the books before on her own. But why aren't these books available and part of required reading for our children in school?
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Hello WisdomSeed,

I've been enjoying your posts on the forum and looking forward to more. Thanks for becoming a part of this family. Richard Wright (Native Son) is required reading for my daughter, as well as Tony Morrison (Beloved). There have been a variety of other historical speeches (Martin, Malcolm) she's had to read and report on. While none of these were required reading for me in high school it is encouraging to see that things are/have changing.

I simply love Zora Neal Hurston, brought a smile to my face just seeing her name on this board.

Congratulations on your upcoming book! Please keep us posted on its progress as you are in the midst of several authors in this community. It would be my pleasure to help promote your work once it is published. As a matter of fact, we have a chat scheduled with Delores Thornton tomorrow evening at 9 pm ET in our own chat room. She has provided 4 of her books to be given as prizes. I do hope you can join us.

Again, thanks for your contribution here and please continue ... making yourself as at home as you wanna be.



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