Black People : Iron Sharpens Iron

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    To All of us, me included, because I must cut the first slice before I dish It out. Chief Osiris always says, he is the first student, and so Am I.

    Iron Sharpens Iron

    Religion does not teach the people to BREAK THE CODE to KNOW THYSELF AS Divine SOUL. Their form of spirituality is Mind and Body, and not Mind, Body, and Soul. It is the Divine Soul TRAIN (within) that we need to lead and guide us. They (religions) teaches people to know something or someone else who may or may not existed.

    1. Do we edify each other?

    2. Do we encourage and motivate each other?

    3. Do we equip each other with Truth?

    4. What are we suppose to be thinking each nanosecond of our lives?

    5. What words are we suppose to be speaking constantly/consistently?

    6. Whose standards, classification, description, and methods are we under the influence of?

    This life is not FOR OURSELVES ALONE. What part of that we do not understand/overstand, the FOR, the OURSELVES, or the ALONE? Do we have a comprehension problem if we do not understand/overstand that? We have no Master degree in nothing until we have MASTERED OUR OWN TEMPLE DOMAIN, Knowing Thyself as As Divine Souls. Twice a child once and adult. Who do not desire to go back to where they were born (Divine Minds)?

    Is our purpose on earth is to live a Vain Glory life, being no Universal and earthly good?

    a. What I am gong to get out of it/what's in if for me?
    b. I am going to get mine.

    7. Do we all just get One bite out of this life Apple?
    8. Do we understand/overstand all that we are made of?

    9. Do we overstand/understand that there are two realities to us (physical and Spiritual)?

    9. Do we understand/overstand Divine ENERGY, POWER & SPIRIT (EPS) (All One), and the functions of each?

    If we do understand/overstand the above, is it right to say we would be back in our Right Divine minds, or striving to be in our right Divine minds?

    Is it right to say that when we do not understand/overstand (EPS) we Afrikan/blacks, Once Divine Beings I call us, will never know Harmony, Balance and Order?

    If that be the case, then what are we striving/fighting for? To continue without the Knowing the (EPS), is it right to say we are EGO tripping--Evil Going On wiggling a tongue from a mouth from a mind that is still in captivity by our own choosing, a people who is clothed in water avoiding Truth?

    Did Common Sense die? How many of us attended the funeral when COMMON SENSE was buried? If Common Sense is dead and buried, we better go dig up Common Sense like a Rottweiler chewing on a bone, because we Afrikan/blacks have one foot in the Grave if we do not U-turn our mind-set NOW.

    Are we waiting for the lobotomist (more evil) to arrive and lobotomized us again, keeping us always eating from the Tree that bares rotten fruits (lies and deception)? No. The Corruptors are finished with us older/elder ones. We have already been lobotomized. The CORRUPTORS ARE AFTER OUR CHILDREN. Beloved Ones, what part of the last sentence before this one, we do not understand/overstand. I repeat, the CORRUPTORS ARE AFTER OUR CHILDREN.

    It is truly sick when the parent is the children enemies/oppressors when we do nothing to prevent this for happening.

    I think that Little Richard in all his makeup gives us a profound message when he says, SHUT UP! Words without Power is wasted energy that have no Divine Energy, Power, and Divine Spirit in them. When we are not speaking Truth we have the BAD BREATH of the CORRUPTORS (oppressors).

    We can not afford to keep going on with our (BAD) Buffoonery Attitudes Dying selves.

    WE are what we Think.

    NOW Is the Time to ask ourselves, what is our whole purpose here on Space Ship Earth? What is the purpose is our head serving on our shoulders?

    I long for
    the rays from the Sunrising in Afrika
    to lift my eyelids
    To see Beloved Afrika
    in spite of HER conditions
    SHE is still paradise

    I long to smell
    the sweet, sweet, sweet
    nectar of Afrika's morning Dew

    I long to
    fall asleep
    under the stars
    In Afrika

    I long to
    run with the gazelles

    I long for
    the Way We Were
    When We Were Divine
    Harmony, Balance, and Oder

    Beloved Afrika
    I AM working my way back to you
    It is my desire that your Beloved people
    return to you As One (Divine mind-set)

    For me
    or anyone
    to enter you again Beloved Afrika
    any other way
    other than Divine
    I, they would be adding more scars
    to the scar tissues you already have

    Who is Loving you Afrikan/Blacks, Once Divine and still can be Beings? Goddess Isis do. How do you know SHE is loving you. SHE is using the "T" Word, Truth, and Truth is loving, and the Face of Truth, is what we need to be looking in every nanosecond, instead of all the wrong Human Being faces, lies and deception.

    TO ALL of you who are doing your part for us ALL, I salute and bow to the Divine rightness in you.

    Divine Honor and Respect to my Master Teacher, Chief Elder Osiris.

    Here is loving you/Afrika.

    Goddess Isis
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    I totally agree! :toast: