Black Muslims : Iran's Sakineh Affair

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    Iran’s ‘Sakineh Affair’
    Posted on September 23, 2010
    by rehmat1
    Remember the French essayist Bernard-Henri Levi (born 1948), the Algerian-French Jew ‘Islamophobe’, who early this year defended his fellow Jew rapist Roman Polansky on the bais that Roman being a ‘holocaust survivor’ – has already paid for his future crimes. Levi’s other credentials include support of creation of Bangladesh out of Pakistan, war on Iraq for Israel, banning Tariq Ramadan from entering the US for criticizing Israeli policies and the ‘Jews for Darfur’.

    Bernard-Henri’s latest crusade for his own creation of Sakineh – an Iranian woman being sentenced to ‘stoning’ for adultery (a serious crime punishable with death in Bernard-Henri’s own Jewish religion). He posted an article in the Israeli hasbara mouthpiece, Huffington Post, on September 13, 2010 under the title “Yes We Can (Save Sakineh)” – reasoning that why like in the case of Polansky, he supports Sakineh’s right to use her body whichever way she wants. The same logic behind the Tel Aviv city being home to 280 Jewish brothels.

    Incidently, Bernard-Henri is not alone. he has the full support from the former Mossad informant and the current French President, Nicolas Sarkozy and his model wife.

    Sakineh affair has all the Zionist markings of Neda Agha Soltani’s Scandal to discredit Dr. Ahmadinejad’s land-slide electoral victory in June 2009 election. French political analyst and founder-president of Voltaire Network, Thierry Meyssan, has called Sakineh affair a brainchild of Bernard-Henry Levy and President Nicolas Sarkozy. The Zionist propagandists were having a field-day until French actor an anti-racism activist Dieudonné M’bala M’bala (watch video) while filming in Iran found out the truth – which, as usual, exposed the Zionist filth against Islam and Muslims.

    Writing under the heading The Sakineh Scandal, Thierry Meyssan wrote:

    “French author Bernard-Henri Levy recently alerted the French public to the case of Sakineh Mohammad-Ashtanni, a young Iranian woman reportedly condemned to death by stoning for committing adultery. He launched a signature campaign through the Internet to put pressure on the Iranian authorities, urging them to stop this barbaric act.

    In close touch with both the victim’s son, a resident of Tabriz, and the victim’s lawyer, Javid Hustan Kian, who has recently settled in France to flee the Iranian regime, Mr. Levy didn’t skimp on any of the details: stoning – a practice which was interrupted through a moratorium – has been revived on President Ahmadinejad’s initiative. Ms. Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani could be put to death at the end of Ramadan. Meanwhile, the prison warden, riled by the media scandal, ordered her to be lashed 99 times.

    President Sarkozy endorsed Levy’s allegations during the annual conference of French Ambassadors. After his speech he declared that the condemned woman would henceforth fall under “the responsibility of France”.

    Numerous associations and high-profile personalities quickly joined in the movement and more than 140 000 signatures were collected. France’s Prime Minister François Fillon turned up in the newsroom of the main public television channel to express his feelings of solidarity with Sakineh, “sister of us all”. Meanwhile, former French Secretary for human rights Rama Yade stated that from that moment on France was considering this case as a “personal affair”.

    The French people see the announced stoning of Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani as an outrageous regression. The Islamic Republic of Iran must be a religious regime enforcing the Law of Moses as revised by the Koran, the Sharia. The Mollahs must be a bunch of phallocratic fanatics who repress women’s love affairs outside marriage and keep them subject to men. Blinded by their own obscurantism, they even go so far as to kill them in the most horrible way.

    After overthrowing the dictatorship of Shah Reza Pahlevi, the Islamic Republic made it a priority to put an end to authoritarian abuses by establishing the rule of law in the most rigorous way possible. For those cases tried in a criminal court, an appeal mechanism has existed in the Iranian judicial system for a long time. At any rate, the Court of Appeals, as a rule, automatically verifies the legality of the procedure. In this respect, the Iranian judicial system offers superior guarantees to those of French courts, and the mistakes are far less frequent.

    This being said, the convictions are still particularly harsh. In particular, the death penalty is applied. Instead of diminishing the amount of convictions, the Islamic Republic has chosen to restrict their enforcement. The forgiveness of the victims or their families is enough to obtain the annulment of the execution. Due to the existence of that provision and to its widespread application, the presidential pardon does not exist.

    Capital punishment is often pronounced, but is rarely executed. The Iranian judicial system provides for a delay of 5-years before executing the sentence, trusting that the victim will forgive the offender who will thus be pardoned and immediately liberated. In practice, executions are applied mainly to big drug traffickers, terrorists and child murderers. The death penalty is normally executed by hanging in public.

    There are reasons to hope that the Islamic revolution will continue making progress and may soon abolish the death penalty.

    In any case, it is a fact that the Iranian Constitution recognizes the separation of powers. The judicial system is independent and president Ahmadinejad doesn’t have any say in a judicial decision, whichever it may be.”

    Former Mossad chief (1996-98) and member of Israeli Knesset, Major-General Danny Yatom, on September 12, 2010 soeaking at the Israeli propaganda organ, the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, conference, urged the international community to come together and form a joint air force led by the US to launch massive air strikes across Iran (on behalf of the Zionist regime).
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