The Police : Iowa Newspaper Uses Mugshots for Black Criminals, Formal Pictures for White Criminals


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Sep 12, 2009

By Taylor Miller

The Iowa Gazette printed mugshots and separate stories for the same set of criminals, the only
difference was their race. On March 23, Lee Hermiston reported that three University of Iowa
students had stolen items from homes in Marion, Iowa. The three suspects—Ross Lembeck, Seth
Gross and Logan Ryan—are all 19-year-old White males. Their mugshots for the paper were their
freshman photos featuring the men wearing matching coats and ties.

According to the Gazette, “The three wrestlers were charged with possessing alcohol under the legal
age. Lembeck was charged with drunken driving. Gross was charged with interference with official
acts because he fought with officers, police said. Ryan was cited and released.”

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