Meat Recipe : Intuitive Cooking for Savory and Wholesum Times

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    4 Slabs of Ribs
    Gang of cooking Tomatoes
    Sea Salt
    Red Pepper (substitute Little Elf pepper)
    Black Peppercorn
    Rosemary (Fresh or bottled)
    Garlic cloves
    White Onion
    Olive oil
    Glass dishes oven proof
    or Cast iron pots and pans

    First of all...i like to do a dance with my herbs singing a song and stuff cause it's fun in the kitchen and not too serious which could effect it's overall potentials. Now, the little elf pepper is tricky by the stages of ripeness to mature so pick your hotness!!! Prepare to wash the meat with water as usual and chop in halves or quarters. Tomatoes will be used for the cooking sauce from beginning to ending so make sure you choose the ones suitable for cooking and your taste. Take those tomatoes and blend them or just get out you a bowl that is hard enough like a grinder from the local african shop or online, and get to mashing thinking about those time you was making loves that doved. Sigh. Make sure you add a couple to few tablespoons of honey, olive oil, sea salt, onions, garlic, rosemary, peppers and water. Chop your onions and garlic cloves then set to the side. Get a bowl to mix the herbs to include olive oil and vegetables minus the honey and tomatoes. Poke or stab the meat in between the bones to insert the chopped garlic cloves, white onions and rosemary right. Make sure you get the glass dishes ready cause you want to store this massive amount of meat in the fridge from 24-36 hours and fore ultra savory 48 hours. Okay. Pour the olive oil mixture over the meat then cover container to seal tightly and sit in fridge. Get out the fridge after the limited amount of time right. Get whatever pan and pot ready or glass dish with the meat in it already...pour the tomato mixture in the cooking container of choice (i like the glass dish with this but the cast iron gives it that crisp too) making sure the oven is preheat at 375 then put into the oven at 300-325 and let the soul do the talking from beginning to ending to determine whether or not you want firmness or extra fall off bone. Don't forget to add water throughout the process though with the glass dish you just cover up with a oven proof lid. Cast iron can do the same too if you got that cast iron lid or just hit the native american chimney or homemade grill with it or just make an open fire surrounded by brick to produce an outdoor oven. Cooking i love to do ever since i remember....Peace and don't forget to keep dancing or just write some poetry to be remembered.

    Oh don't forget to invite yo ninjaz over too!!! and and and tell them to bring fruit since you cooking the meat.

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