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    Of Count Volney

    We should first quote from Herodotus before moving into an excerpt of Count Volney’s The Ruins of the Empires

    A video presentation of D.M. Murdock helps explain parts of Volney’s excerpts in part on YouTube, see Zeitgeist the Movie part 1 short version( ) it will blow your mind. One day after posting the above site Youtube and face book took it down but various clips of the same video can be found. I guess I hit a nerve from the monitors.

    “The Egyptians were also the first to assign each month and each day to a particular deity [zodiac], and to foretell by the date of a man’s birth his character, his fortunes, and the day of his death-a discovery which the Greek poets have turned to account” The Histories Book 2:82 also Herodotus wrote that “the encroachment of the river…I think in which Geometry was invented, and passed afterwards into Greece” Book 2:109

    “Should it be asked at what epoch this system [Zodiac symbolism], took its birth, we shall answer on the testimony of the monuments of astronomy itself, that its principles appear with certainty to have been established about 17,000 years ago. And if it be asked to what people it is to be attributed, we shall answer that the same monuments, supported by unanimous traditions, attribute it to the first tribes of Egypt; and when reason finds in that country all the circumstances which could lead to such a system; when it finds there a zone of sky, bordering on the tropic, equally free from the rains of the equator and the frogs of the north; when it finds there a central point of the sphere of the ancients, a salubrious climate, a great, but manageable river, a soil fertile without art of labor, inundated without morbid exhalations, and placed between two seas which communicate with the richest countries, it conceives that the inhabitant of the Nile, addicted to agriculture, from the nature of his soil, to Geometry from the annual necessity of measuring his lands, to commerce from the facility of communications, to astronomy from the state of his sky, always open to observation, must have been the first to pass from the savage to the social state; and consequently to attain the physical and moral sciences necessary to civilized life.

    It was then, on the borders of the Upper Nile, among a Black race of men, that was organized the complicated system of the worship of the stars, considered in relation to the production of the earth and the labors of agriculture; and this first worship characterized by their adoration under their own forms and natural attributes, was a simple proceeding of the human mind…”(quoted from Introduction to African Civilizations By John G. Jackson p.154-156)

    Allow me break from Volney for a second and give a quick brief example. Osiris was depicted in part as a Corn god. So when the black soil/mud from the Nile overflowed on the land Egyptians were able to plant seeds of corn to be later grown. So the Egyptians equated death, life, rebirth through agriculture seasons and symbolic of Osiris as Corn. When Osiris was symbolic of resurrection they put upright Corn stalks on his coffin. Herodotus alludes to this when he states: “The Egyptians they have no need to work with plough or hoe, or to use any other of the ordinary methods of cultivating their land; they merely wait for the river of its own accord to flood their fields; then when the water has receded, each farmer sows his plot, turns pigs [Or Donkeys] into it to tread in the seed, and then waits for the harvest. Pigs (or donkeys) are also used for threshing after which the grain is put into store” Book 2:14. The Bible says the same thing in a different manner: “Jesus replied the hour has come for the son of Man to be glorified. I tell you the truth, unless a corn of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life” John 12:23-25. Osiris receives his eternal life with several corn stalks on his coffin. Its nothing new that Jesus was symbolic of Osiris in birth life and death. John G. Jackson writes: “Another representation of Osiris at the temple of Isis at Philae. In this sculpture we see the body of Osiris with stalks of corn growing out of it; and nearby stands a priest pouring water on the cornstalks from a pitcher…with an inscription reading ‘Osiris springs from the returning waters’. From the above we gather that Osiris was a personification of corn, which sprouts up out of the fields after they have been fertilized by the annual inundation of the Nile. In fact. Osiris was sometimes called the ‘crop’ or ‘harvest’. So we may reasonably conclude that in one aspects this god was a personification of the corn which annually died and came back to life again just like in the parable of Jesus story in John (quoted from Introduction to African Civilizations By John G. Jackson p.129-130)

    Now back to Volney:

    “As soon as this agricultural people began to observe the stars with attention, they found it necessary to individualize or group them; and to assign to each a proper name…A great difficulty must have presented itself…first the heavenly bodies, similar in form, offered no distinguishing characteristics by which to denominate them; and secondly, the language in its infancy and poverty had no expression for so many new and metaphysical ideas. Necessity, the usual stimulus of genius, surmounted everything. Having remarked that in annual revolution, the renewal and periodical appearance of terrestrial productions were constantly associated with the rising and setting of certain stars, and to their position as relative to the sun,…the mind by a natural operation connected in thought the terrestrial and celestial objects, which were connected in fact; and applying to them a common sign, it gave to the stars and their groups, the names of the terrestrial objects to which they answered” (quoted from Introduction to African Civilizations By John G. Jackson p.154-156). And by the way Ezekiel’s wheel is symbolic of the zodiac not a space ship. Don’t be coned into allowing somebody to beam you up it it.

    Another anecdote of information of the Nile flood and its relationship to the Bible is the simple fact that the average height of the Nile flood Herodotus reports as is 24 feet (Book 2:13) which corresponds to Noah’s flood of 15 cubits high (24 feet) see Genesis 7:20. The Noah’s flood is nothing but the Nile Flood from Egypt’s creation story of eight gods being born out of the Nile transformed into 8 souls surviving the flood to repopulate, by their seeds, the earth. And this is the origin of Baptism (rebirth) being dunk into the water and rising out of it. Are you starting to smell the coffee?????

    Last two illustrations:

    “The zodiacal symbolism which we have been discussing is closely connected with the rites and ceremonies of great religious systems, both ancient and modern. For instance in Egypt three thousand years ago, the birthday of the Sun-god was celebrated in the temples on the 25th of December; it was the first day to lengthen obviously after December 21st the day of the winter solstice…the infant (bambino) sun god was said to have been born in a stable (for horses/Donkeys and calf’s). Shining brightly on the meridian was Sirius (the star from the east Isis); while rising in the east was Virgo (The virgin), the line of the horizon passing through her center (+). To the right of Sirius; was Orion (Osiris), the great hunter, with three stars in his belt (Three Magi). These stars lie in a straight line and point toward Sirius star; and in ancient times they were known as the Wise men, or Magi. In the zodiac on the interior of the dome of the temple of Denderah, the constellation Virgo was pictured as a woman with a spike of corn in one hand; and on the adjacent margin the virgin is annotated by a figure of Isis with Horus in her arms” (quoted from Introduction to African Civilizations By John G. Jackson p.144).

    The Christians claim that the NT writings give no birthdate for Jesus and its implied he was born months before December. Additional the Christians claim that the Catholics were trying to woo and appease in the pagan to join Christianity by associating Jesus with Osiris. I don’t buy this because they refuse to accept that the NT writings were trying to woo and appease the followers of Mithra and associating Jesus with the Trinity of three Roman Emperors Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. They advance one theory while rejecting another theology that was rooted in a parody of history. Or woo in the Greeks with Zeus or Romans with Apollo. Why not Jesus being a composite figure to bring in all cultures? They just proved my point because that’s what happened. Please refer to the above YouTube link and the whole charade will be uncovered.

    The Late great Cheikh Anta Diop wrote in The African origin of Civilization p283:

    “Pope Julius I (fourth century) fixed December 25 as the birthday of Christ…what could have inspired Pope Julius to choose that date…from the birthday of Osiris-unless it be the Egyptian tradition perpetuated by the Roman calendar. This becomes evident when the idea of a tree is associated with the birth of Christ. That would seem arbitrary if we did not know that Osiris was also the god vegetation. Sometimes he was even painted green in the image of that vegetation, whose rebirth he symbolized. His symbol was a tree with cut branches set up to announce the resurrection of plant life. ..Also taking our inspiration from Plutarch, we could also establish a relationship between the birth of Nephthys/Elizabeth (sister of Isis/Mary and Osiris), who enters the world through her mother’s ribs, and that of eve, created from the rib of Adam”.

    Notes: A gold coin of Justinian II, Byzantine Emperor from (565-578AD), shows the effigies of Christ and Justinian on opposite sides. Notice the curled pepper-corn hair style of Christ in imitation of a native black. Christ had nappy wool hair like the Egyptians and Ethiopians so the corn style may be symbolic of resurrection just like Osiris had corn on his coffin.

    [​IMG]Christ on left with corn braids


    1. Amen the Ram headed or Aries (Jesus)

    2. Osiris “Bull of eternity” or Taurus (Joseph)

    3. The Twin god Set-Horus or Shu-Tefnut you know as Gemini

    4. Beetleheaded is Kheper-Ptah Crab or Cancer

    5. Atum, the lion face is Leo

    6. Neith the Virgin with Virgo (Mary)

    7. Har-Makhu of the scales Libra

    8. Isis-serqet Scorpio

    9. Shu-Tefnut the archer is Sagittarius

    10. Khnum the goat-headed with Capricorn (Set/Satan)

    11. Menat/Hathor, the divine wetnurse Aquarius (Mary)

    12. Horus of the two crocodiles with sign of Pisces (Jesus)