Brother AACOOLDRE : Introduction to Lukewarm: The Temperature of Justice

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    INRODUCTION TO LUKEWARM: The Temperature of justice

    By Andre Austin

    One of the chief ambassadors to the doctrines of Stoicism was Seneca (4BC-65AD). Their founder of stoicism was Zeno a Phoenician but looked like an Egyptian according to Diogenes Laertius. Seneca spent some considerable time in Egypt studying Meteorology and other subjects. Seneca, the meteorologist studied in part the weather in its temperatures of Hot and Cold. In Seneca’s letters he would use parables and analogies of meteorology to advise his followers to maintain a state of equilibrium, (Lukewarm), no matter the storms and up and downs of Hot & Cold could bring you in life. This Seneca considered a noble life of being “square” and “Level”. These and other words of wisdom would spill over into the New Testament. Most notably in the third chapter of revelations where some church members were deemed to be neither hot or cold but were Lukewarm.

    Seneca may have learned his terminology while in Egypt. For example the Egyptians said: “I shine like Ra daily,

    I establish Maat and expel falsehood

    Iam one who obeys no magic, who is not scorched by fire nor wet by [cold] water.

    I will be like Ra every day

    One who will be fashioned everyday by the

    Sun-folk who saw yesterday…(CT II, 54)

    Mr. Austin was able to slide through the cracks of Spring Arbor University, without having to adopt any of it Methodist teachings, and receive a Bachelor’s of Arts degree. With my own independent study and curiosity I began to put some chinks into the armor and temperature of Christianity.

    The temperamental Martin L. King and the Civil rights movement practiced a form of Stoicism through the teachings of Gandhism. King’s followers refused to retaliate against racist whose hearts were Hot and Cold. Even when the firemen turned on water hose and burned down their churches and homes they never got Hot-headed or cold-hearted with riots and civil unrest. The return for this Stoicism/Gandhism produced Civil rights of equality. When St. Paul faced hostility from negative people he stated that he never would “internally burn”. Jesus told his followers not to return evil for evil and turn cold. And King told the militants of his day that it wasn’t the case of “Burn, Baby Burn” but Love, baby Love.

    All of this squaring up and being level is known as “Lukewarm” which is the temperature of Justice also known as Maat/Tefnut in Egypt. Tefnut was the “Heat of Heaven” that was spit out in ancient Egyptian mythology. Its no coincidence that Lukewarm is spit out in the book of Revelations also.

    In ancient Egypt Souls were placed allegorically on Balance scales. Your heart was on one scale and had to be light as a feather (Maat) on the other side of the scale. Before you could be put on this scale a perquisite of confessing 42 items had to pass muster. One of these 42 things was to say in the negative you didn’t burn in angry. In the Egyptian poetry and in the OT a hot-heart & Hot-head were disqualifications to get the gold medal of Maat to the Olympic Championship of Heaven. Seneca also denounce this Temperament/Temperature he called “White-hot with fury”. Seneca wanted to live a life without the excess or deficiency of Hot or Cold whether it was physical or spiritual. In Egypt we learn this is the same analogy of Justice (Maat).

    All three schools of thought Stoicism, Christianity and ancient Egyptian had the goal of going upstairs to heaven just like the action figure Luke Skywalker. Their styles of language were different but the prize and goals were the same. They all wanted to dress up in white (righteousness) as clouds and vapors that would transport them like a ship to the gates of eternity and eat off of Truth (Maat) all day.

    Lukewarm is the temperature of Justice. So let us learn more about this weather like conditions; or better yet its Meteorological and spiritual assessment.